Can You See In the Dark

It was after the finale basket ball game of the season, I was working as ball boy. My duties were to help get the gear put away after the games, just like track, I was a flunky.

As I gathered up the last of the gear, I loaded it on to the trolley to take them to the basement. As I went down the ramp to the storage area the lights begin to flicker. I thought that this is a fine time to have a blackout.

I reached the bottom of the ramp and opened the storage area, this is something I've done countless of times with out incidence, tonight would not be the same.

The lights went and I found myself in utter darkness, all around me was pitched black. I froze waiting fro the emergency lights to blink on, nothing. I slowly turned, I could not see which way I came. I felt along the wall for the hand rail along the ramp.

No matter which way I went there was no ramp, I started to panic as I thought that the whole world had went dark. I knelt down and crawled around on all fours trying to find my way out, I could not see my hand in front of my face.

Suddenly my hands brushed across a shoe, i stopped and wondered 'what is a shoe during out here in the middle of the floor.' I could not imagine how it got there, than I reached for it again. This time it had a foot in it, I recoiled in horror as my hand felt an ankle.

I asked 'who's there,' I felt a breeze and than some one rubbed my head and grabbed my shirt pulling me to my feet. As I stood up the bastard punched me in the stomach so hard that I doubled over in pain as the air escaped from my body.

I was sinking to the floor when a knee knocked me back against the wall, the hand caught me as I fell backward. Fingers floundered around my waist, my pants was loosen and pulled from my body.

I was f***ed to the floor on my stomach, someone stumble over me and laid on my back. Hands fumbled at their waist, their pants were pulled down, a rigid rubbery something parted my buttocks. With out any lube the penis was f***ed into my anus, I tried to cry out as the painful assault proceeded.

I gasped in pain as I tried to catch my breath, who ever it was wanted to fuck something awful. He grunted and blew as he plowed into my butt hole. Tears ran done my checks as the assault continued.

I could not fight back as the pain in my butt was too great. Who ever it was rammed into me for a very long time before he finally shot his load of spunk into my anal cavity. He laid on top of me grinding slowly in my butt, he pulled from my anus and disappeared into the darkness.

I came to my knees, pulling my shorts and pants up from my ankles. I stumbled around in the darkness, the lights came back on. I looked at where I was assaulted except for some body fluid on the floor there was no way to tell what had happened.

I stumbled back up to the gym floor, the other guys were still gathering up their gear and no one looking my way or letting on that they knew anything. I went for the door and started home, with each step I could feel the fluid run down my thighs.
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2 years ago
3 years ago
there's got to be more to this story...right?
3 years ago
That's a rough way to start out; still taking it in the ass?