Game Day Fuck

It was the night of the big game, all the dorms were quiet, no one was roaming or out, all the TV's in the common areas were tuned to the game. Even in the rooms that had their own TY sets, the game was own.

In our dorm room, where Daryl and I resided, the set was own the big game, with one exception, I was on my knees between Daryl's knees sucking his cock. Daryl enjoyed having his cock sucked while he relaxed and watched the tube.

The phone rang, Daryl answered and told the person on the other end 'come over if you want but I can't promise you nothing.' I looked up at Daryl inquisitively, Daryl told me 'Chuck wants to come over and fuck, you heard what I told him. If you don't want to you don't have to, Chuck likes to be the big guy in the group and will spend what ever he needs too. In other words if you need some cash and don't mind getting fucked Chuck is the dude to put out for.'

Daryl stroked my hair as I listened to him explain what Chuck would like and sucked gently on his cock head as he explained. It wasn't much later that there was a knock at the door, Daryl opened the door and this squat stocky black guy came in.

He was dressed in sweats and tennis shoes, exceptionally clean, well groomed and carrying a bottle of whiskey and a case of beer. Chuck came in and Daryl took the beer and placed it in the small fridge in our room. Chuck produced some pills and spread them on the desk.

'Don't take more than two at time, I can't promise that you will have the same high, but you might get awesome horny and can't get satisfied,' Chuck warned. Daryl picked up two and swallowed them with a gulp of beer, I was sitting on my bed in a pair of shorts and t-shirt.

We all had beer or whiskey and watched the game for a while, Daryl moved over to my bed and began to stroke my thigh. Chuck sitting at the desk, I saw him as he rubbed his crotch. Daryl pulled his erect cock from his pants and placed my hand on his penile shaft, I stroked Daryl's cock slowly as we watched the game.

Daryl gently placed his hand behind behind my head and pulled me to his cock. I parted my lips and began to suck gently on Daryl's rigid cock head. I saw Chuck stand and drop his pants and shorts, his cock was like his body, squat and fat, possibly five inches long and four inches around uncut.

Daryl pulled my butt around till I was on my elbows and knees between his out stretched legs. Chuck moved to the bed and knelt between my legs, he rubbed his cock head up and down between my buttocks. Daryl told him 'there's a tube of slick shit on the stand there.'

Chuck squeezed some between my butt crack and slid his cock head up and down, spreading the lube between my buttocks. Chuck's cock head rubbed my anal opening and he started to push against my restraining anal sphincter muscle. 'Damn Daryl,I can't get my dick in this ass,' complained Chuck.

Daryl quickly pushed my head away and moved to where chuck was at 'you all ways want to rush, take your time and ease your cock in like this,' Daryl said. Slowly Daryl pushed his cock head through my outer anal sphincter muscle, I gasped as Daryl's cock head popped into my anus.

Chuck was kneeling beside my up turned butt looking intently as Daryl's cock slid in and out of my butt hole. Daryl pulled out and Chuck moved back between my legs, his rigid cock head ready to explore my opened anus.

As Chuck pushed his squat cock into my anus I could not help but feel the different between the girth of his cock and Daryl's. Chuck cock head was smaller than his penile shaft, my anal muscle did not slip around his cock head. Instead my sphincter muscle continued to stretch allowing his fat shaft work into my rectum.

Chuck began to work his cock in and out of my butt rapidly. With each thrust I gasped and grunted as he plowed into my butt. Daryl sat at the desk stroking his cock as Chuck fucked my upturned butt. For about thirty minute Chuck plunged into my butt till he shot a load of spunk into my butt.

Daryl came over and stood at the bed 'let me show you how to fuck a good tight ass,' Daryl said. With that Daryl pushed me over to my back and lifted my legs over his shoulders, the flood of spunk Chuck had deposited in my anus began to leak out.

Using Chuck's baby making fluid as lube, Daryl slid his cock into my guts. Knowing that Daryl wanted to put on a show for Chuck, I reached up and embraced Daryl's bald head in my hands. Wrapping my ankles around Daryl's neck and offering my open anus to him, Daryl entered me and began to hump viciously back and forth.

Moaning and groaning as Daryl fuck my butt, I saw Chuck massaging his cock furiously as he watched Daryl work my butt. For nearly two hours Daryl plowed into my butt with my feet d****d over his buttocks, when Daryl stiffened and shot his massive load of man spunk in my butt Chuck smiled as he looked closely at what was happening.

When Daryl pulled from my sore butt, Chuck quickly mounted me and lifted my feet to his shoulders. Chuck was like a wedge plowing into my butt, his cock head was smaller than his cock shaft causing my anus to spread to accept him but not contracting around his cock head.

Chuck had got his second breath and worked my butt for almost four hours before he shot his second load. I had to actually f***e Chuck off of my aching butt hole after he shot his second load. Chuck was still stiff but was spent, even if I let him ride me the rest of the night, he would not manage to shot another load if he did not take a rest.

Before I could get off the bed Daryl leaped on me and flipped me to my stomach and invaded my well lubed butt hole. Grasping me by the shoulders, Daryl pulled me up from the bed, inverting my spine as he plowed into my rectum.

I must admit that I got scared as Daryl plunged into my helpless ass, with abandonment he plowed my butt like a man possessed till he shot a huge load of baby making juice into me.

With tears running down my cheeks, I allowed Chuck and Daryl to abuse my tender all night. Alternating between the two of them was pure torture, as they tried to out due each other.

When Chuck finally decide to leave, some where around eleven the next day, he pulled out his wallet and threw a wad of cash in my face. 'That's for the fucking I gave you, see you next time,' Chuck said as he went through the door. Daryl swept the bills off the bed to the floor and laid on top of me sucking my nipples viciously. Lifting my legs he slipped his cock into my anus and fucked me till twelve thirty collapsing on top of me and sucking gently on my neck and ear lobes.
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2 years ago
I want to get fucked like this.
3 years ago
Wow, I need a roomie like you!