Rewarded for Being a Big Cock Slut

It was a Friday night, I had just walked my girl friend, Debra, home. I was on my way home when a car stopped at the light, I was crossing the street when the passenger called out 'David, where you headed,' I looked over and saw Harry waving me over. Harry is Charlies uncle, he has the dubious nick name, Horse Dick Harry, it is well deserved. Harry has a penis that is at least eighteen inches long and close to eight inches around, his cock head is as large as a tennis ball, his testicles hand long and low and about the size of two ripe plums.

I have had the pleasure of experiencing the way Harry welds his man meat, I don't know why but when I think of his gigantic cock invading my tight little anus, I get all horny and want more of him.

I moved to the side of the car staying a few feet away, in the drivers seat was a some what healthy woman, she wasn't fat nor was she small, I would not even say she was ample, but she was a good size woman.

Harry said 'Haven't seen you around in awhile, did you forget about coming to see me every now and than,' I smiled and said 'I've been sorta busy lately.' Harry looked over at the lady and said 'David and I have some good times together, some time I let him join in on my fun, want him to come with us to nite.'

She lowered her head and gave me a big bright smile 'only if he can make me happy,' she chimed. Harry opened the door and pulled his seat forward 'get in David we are going to have our selves some fun to night.' I slid into the back seat before I knew what I was doing.

Harry introduced us 'David this is Gail, Gail that's David,' 'Hi David,' Gail said in very sweet tone, 'Hi Gail,' I replied. When we reached Harry's home we all went down to the basement, the wall behind the bed was covered with mirrors from floor to ceiling, the wall with the bathroom door was covered with the same type of mirrors, the ceiling had mirrors directly above the bed. You could be on the bed and see what was happening with moving so much as to disturb the moment.

Harry began by putting on some sensuous low music, he told us what we were going to do and how we were to do it. 'Everybody is going to get undressed and have a few drinks to loosen up, than David will lay on the bed on his back, I will stick my dick up his butt, Gail you will kneel over his face so David and I can suck and lick your cunt.'

I went to the bed and laid down raising my legs bending them at the knees, harry got between them and lubed up my butt hole, with ample amount of lubricant and applied a generous amount to his huge cock Head. Gail said 'I want to see that dick get in that little ass hole before I do anything else.'

Harry rubbed his enormous cock head up and down the crack of my anus, spreading the lube evenly around my anal opening. I braced for the pain that would come when Harry tried to enter my anus. 'UUUUNNNNHHHUUUHHH,' I moaned as Harry pushed against my outer sphincter muscle 'OOOOOOHHHHHHH,' I groaned as Harry's gigantic cock head invade my butt hole.

Gail said 'DAAAMMMNNNN, I have seen it all now.' She watched as Harry f***ed his huge head into my stretching anal opening. When his cock head slipped into my butt past the ridged on his huge cock head he said 'Gail get your ass up here, you've seen enough,' 'sure thing baby,' she replied.

Gail crawled over my face her cunt just inches above my lips, her legs down beside my head and shoulders. She was on her elbows, her huge tite swaying gently above my head. Harry ordered me 'suck that clit, David,' as he pushed a few inches of his mammoth cock in to my rectum.

Gasping I raised my head up to Gail's waiting cunt and began to suck on her clit. 'OOOOOOOOOOOOWWWEEEEE,' Gail squeald as I sucked her large clit into my lips. Harry leaned forward and slid his tongue from her open cunt lips up the crack of her butt, across her anal opening. Gail lowered her cunt down almost smothering me with it, She was grinding her juicing cunt into my face and mouth like she was trying to f***e me back into the womb.

Harry lifted my ankles and began to grind more of his enormous cock into my rectum. Gail's cunt juices were running down both sides of my face as she grind into my face reaching her orgasm. 'HHHHUUUUMMMMMM, UUUUNNNHHUUUHHH,' I grunted as Harry worked my butt and Gail grind her cunt into my face.

Harry's dick was tearing my butt a new opening when he suddenly pulled from my butt hole. Harry quickly moved up my body gripping Gail's buttocks, he guided his huge cock head straight for her dripping cunt opening. He poised his enormous cock head just at her pussy lips and shoved ten inches up into Gail's cunt as it spasm from the sucking I was giving her clit.

'EEEEEEEYYYYAAAAHHHH, SSSSHHHYYYYTTTTT,' Gail screamed as Harry pounded into her quivering cunt. Harry's huge balls slapping me about the chin, Gail,s cunt juices dripping down into my mouth. Harry punished Gail's cunt as she grind in to my face, I could hardly breath from my mouth and nose being covered by her cunt.

"OOOOOOHHHHHH, HHHHHAAAARRRYYYY,' Gail moaned. Harry pulled from Gail's wet cunt and slid his humongous cock up the crack of her ass, When his cock head met her anal opening Harry lunged deep into her bowels.

'YYYYEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH, SSSHHHHYYYYTTTTT,' Gail screamed as Harry impaled her on his gigantic cock head. Harry fucked her in the ass till she was babbling incoherently 'FFFUUUCCCKKKK MMMMEEEEEE HHHHAAAARRRRYYYY, DAMNIT FFFFUUUUCCCKKKK MMMMMEEEEEEE,' Gail cried. Harry arched his back and shot his huge load up her butt, the flood of his man juice came flooding down over my face. Gail begin to cum like a gusher flooding my mouth as she spasm over me.

Harry pulled from Gail's butt and pulled me from beneath her, Gail fell to her stomach twitching like she was having a fit. 'Get in that pussy David,' Harry ordered. I crawled up between Gail's twitching legs and entered her cunt, she bucked like a wild bull. for about fifteen minutes I pounded her cunt Harry pulled me from her cunt and guided my cock to her bucking ass.

My penis was poised at her anal opening Harry pushed me forward into her quivering butt hole, Harry waited till he was sure that I was lodged into her good, than he mounted me with his huge fuck tool invading my unexpecting butt hole. 'UUUUNNNNHHHUUUHHHUUHNNNHHHN,' I groaned as Harry's enormous cock head burst into my bowels.

The three of us bucked and grind into each other for what seemed like hours before Harry shot another load of baby juice into my bowels. As Harry grind into my butt I shot my load up Gail's spasm butt hole. When we all separated Gail crawled over Harry and I sucking both our flaccid cocks till they stood erect again. Gail squatted over Harry's gigantic cock sliding as much as she could up her cunt. I mounted Gail from the rear and invaded her waiting bung hole.

Harry and I fucked Gail like that till we all came again, and in a slump we all exhausted fell asl**p in a heap, with Harry on the bottom impaled in Gail me on top lodge into Gail's ass.
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Makes me horny for Black!
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you knoiw thius is never ending
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Wow fantastic i just got off my first load of the day thanks
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