Taking Care of My Lovers Cousin

Joliet picked me up from school on Friday, as usual, Joliet was my shemale lover, 'I have a surprise for you to night,' Joliet said, 'my cousin is in town and will be joining us, I want you to be on your best behavior and welcome him, no matter what he wants.' I glanced at Joliet wondering why I was being given this information.

When we reached Joliets home, there was a black sports car parked in the drive, 'James is here already,' said Joliet. We entered and Joliet moved swiftly to the dining room where James was sitting and gave him a huge hug. James stood looking down at me with a smile.

James was at least seven feet tall wide enough to fill a door way, 'so you are David,' his voice deep and graveling shook me as he spoke, 'Yes, I am David,' I managed. Joliet laughed and said 'I want you two to get along, David, James will be here for the month, when I am gone I want you to make him feel at home, James already knows that you are my toy and he want break you so play nicely together.'

Joliet and I went to the bedroom and began to undress, Joliet has a ten to twelve inch cock that seems to always be hard. Joliet turned to me and asked 'what are you waiting for, get out of those clothes. I have to go to work, but before I go I want something to enjoy.'

I undressed and Joliet began to lick my body, kiss sucking my nipples gently and moving down my body taking my penis into her/his mouth and gently pushing me back on the bed. Joliet crawled up between my legs, kissing and sucking my body as she/he progress. Joliet retrieved the tube of lube that was kept by the bed and applied some to my anus and to the head of her/his fuck tool.

Joliet raised my my legs and rubbed his/her penis between the crack of my buttocks. When Joliet's penis met my anus she/he pushed gently yet f***efully pushed into my butt causing me to gasp as she/he entered me. Joliet humped into my butt till she/he shot his/her load of spunk into me. Joliet laid there and whispered in my ear 'I didn't want to have to wait till I came home for that.'

Joliet showered and dressed, giving me kiss on the lips 'I'll get some more when I get home, but you know I have work to do, don't wait up, I'll wake you when I return.' With that Joliet was out the door, I heard Joliet drive off spinning the wheels as usual. I went to the shower and cleaned my self up, being in no rush, I took my time stroking my penis as I showered and thinking what Joliet and I would do when he/she gets home.

I knew that Joliet was an e****t, and made money from that and tips and that when Joliet gets home she/he would be very horny. I dried off and exited the shower. Drying my hair with the towel I was stark naked, When I reached the mirror and lowered the towel I was shocked to see James laying on the bed with only a smile on.

I turned quickly, my eyes focusing directly onto James massive piece of man meat. The boy was huge, as he laid on his back his penis hanging down by his testicles, even though his cock was flaccid, he was close to six inches in circumference and eight inches long. His hazel eyes looking at me enticingly.

'Joliet said I could watch some porn on the tube,' James said, 'I was hoping you would join me.' I looked at the screen and saw two people involved in passionate sex. As I looked back at James I was shocked to hear my voice crying 'OOOOOHHH JOLIET, FUCK ME, FUCK ME.' I turned back and than realized that Joliet had filmed one of our sex session and James was watching it.

At first I was mad, but as I watched I could see that Joliet had the camera placed in such a manner that it could be manipulated, remotely, to focus in close. My legs were wrapped around Joliet's waist, and you could see Joliet's cock entering and exiting my up turned butt. My sphincter muscle clinging to Joliet's rigid cock as it pumped in my anus.

James reached down and began to stroke his huge piece of meat 'now you don't want me to tell my cousin that you didn't make me feel at home.' I looked at James as he stroked his cock and shuddered at the thought of him having sex with me. The more he stroked his mammoth tool, the bigger it got.

'Just what do you want,' I asked timidly. 'I don't know yet, but why don't you start by sucking on my baby here,' James said. I slowly moved to the bed 'come at me from the bottom, I did like to see you crawl up between my legs and suck my cock,' James directed.

I crawled up from his feet till I was over his massive cock head, I licked my tongue out and stroked his massive cock head. His body shook violently as my tongue glided over his huge penile head. I stretched my lips around that huge head, it was as large as a tennis ball, rubbery but very firm. I manage to get my lips around it, his huge penile head ring just passing my teeth. I could barely move up and down on his cock head so I decide to try and suck on it like you would a lollipop.

James huge hands engulfed my head and f***ed me down causing me to reflectively to gag. I tried to pull back but James held me firm, his humongous cock head twitched in my mouth. James arched his back up, holding me firmly to his cock as he shot a capacious amount of baby making juice into my mouth. I tried to swallow, but could not manage the huge amount, the spunk spewed from my nostrils and from around the fuck tool stuck in my mouth. James would not let me up but thrust up into my throat, in self defense I grabbed his huge shaft and pulled his cock from my lips. Gasping for breath I rolled across his leg and tried to get off the bed.

James encased my arm in his tremendous grip and pulled me back to the mattress. I foolishly tried to turn from him, only to have him move on top of me and f***e me to my stomach. Realizing what I had down I cried out 'NOOOO, James, please don't not like this.' James was already on my back his huge penile head crushing into my body just between my testicles and anal opening, that part referred to as taint, it's not ass nor pussy.

James moved just enough to allow his cock head to slip up to my puckering butt hole. I began to beg James as I felt that enormous cock head poking at my anal opening 'James, James, listen,' I pleaded. 'You will tear me apart trying to screw me like this, I want be able to take you, pleeeeaaase, listen to what I am saying.'

I was struggling to keep James from getting a direct aim at my little ass hole, but James was filled with lust and was trying to f***e his giant cock head up my butt. James reached for the lube on the bed stand with one hand, I tried to squirm away only to have that enormous cock head poke at my tight anal opening. I twisted away from it as James squeezed an amount of lubricant into the crack of my ass.

James Placed one of his big hands in the small of my back, his hands so big he engulfed my entire waist. I could feel his thumb on one side and his fingers on my other side, as he f***ed me down into the bed. He took hold of his enormous cock and rubbed that huge head up and down between my buttocks, smearing the lubricant over my defenseless ass hole.

'EEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOHHHHH, I squealed as his cock head stretched my anal opening to it's limits. I could feel him as he f***ed each little bit into my butt hole. 'OOOOOHHHH, JAMES, PLLLLEEEEAAASSS,' I cried. James didn't say nothing just kept forcing his giant cock head into my behind. With an audible pop his enormous cock head lodged into my anus. My outer sphincter muscle snapping tight around his cock head just below the huge ring of his cock.

I was whimpering like a little puppy 'James, James,' I cried breathlessly , 'pleeasse, be careful don't goooo any fuuurthhhere.' Slowly James began to screw that humongous head around in my ass. My legs trembling from the pain of the invading member that had stretched my anus to it's breaking point.

My inner sphincter muscle was straining to keep the large invader from going any further. 'OOOOOHHHHHH, MMMMMMMMMMMHHHHUUHHH,' I moaned as James continued to punish my butt hole. With a sudden lunge James f***ed his huge cock head through my inner anal sphincter muscle 'YEEEEEAAAAHHHHH, SSSHHHHYYYYTTTT,' I cried as James lodged his humongous tool deep into my butt.

I was at his mercy and James didn't mind or care what happen to my anal cavity. 'UUNNNHH, UUUNNNHHHH, UUUUNNNNHHHH,' I grunted as James worked his man meat into my behind. James, caught up in the moment of lustful desire, began to hump into my bottom merciless. 'OOOOUUUNNNHHHUUHUH,' I cried with tears running down my face to the sheets beneath, James continued to f***e the bulk his massive fuck tool into my ass.

With maddening lust James plunged deep into my ripping butt hole shooting his man spunk into me. I could feel him as his huge tool shot each spurt and felt it slap the insides of my ruptured rectum. MMMMMMMMMMHHHHHHHUUHHH, OOOOOOHHHHUHHH, I groaned as James unloaded into my butt. Each time his giant head would twitch I could feel it through my entire body.

James lowered his hulking body to my back, his huge hand stroking my hair and wiping the tears from my cheeks 'David, that was the best fuck I've had in a long time,' James whispered into my ear. His humongous fuck tool throbbing in my ass like a tooth ache. Each time his tool would throb it shot a squirt of spunk into my butt.

James laid on top of me slowly screwing his giant tool into my rectum, I pleaded with him 'Ja, Ja, James, pleeessse, take it out, IIIIIII can't do any more.' James paid my pleads no attention. He continued to slowly screw into my but, his huge fuck tool lodge deep into my rectum. I felt him began to firm up and begged him 'James, please, don't fuck me any more, I can't take any more you are too big, please James, I'll jack or suck you off, please don't fuck me any more.'

James was intent on getting off one more nutt, he began to pick up the pace. With his large body laying on me and his gigantic cock lodged in my butt, I could do nothing but surrender to his will. UUUUUUUUNNNNHHHHUHHHU, OOOOOOOOHHHHHH, JJJJJJAAAAMMMMEEESSSS,' I was moaning as he slowly screwed his massive cock head into my bowels. I tried with all I could to resist the rising urge of lust that was building in me, Slowly I started to screw back as James screwed into me.

For about two hours we were stuck together in lustful sex, me pinned beneath this giant of a man and his enormous fuck tool lodge deep in my rectum. When James shot his last load into my already flooded anus, he slowly with drew his massive man meat from my widely stretched anus. 'UUUUUUUUMMUUMMUMMHHUH,' I moaned as James pulled his softening fuck tool from my rectum. With a wetly sounding plop, his massive head came from my anus.

Exhausted, I crawled on top of James' upper body and rested my head holding onto his huge chest as he breathed slowly in and out. James wrapped his huge arm around my shoulder, wiping the tears from my cheek. I timidly reached down and took his softening cock in my hand, even limp it was heavy and bulky, I could still not close my fingers around it.

When Joliet came home, Joliet climbed in bed with us. Slipping her/his stiff cock into my spunk fill, lubricated, anus. Joliet whispered into my ear 'Thanks, for making my cousin feel at home.' Joliet fucked me slowly and tenderly from the rear while I was nestled in James arms as he slept. When Joliet had shot his/her load into my stretched butt she/he didn't pull out but held me close and we went to sl**p.
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2 years ago
Well sometime we have to make sacrafices and yo9u did a big one
3 years ago
Very hot!
3 years ago
I love all your stories. I always cum more when I read them ;)
3 years ago
Well that was a love fuck andthan a couple dut fucks and fininally a love fuck well i just have to clean up form all my own cum thanks