Going Back to Homecoming

It was some years later that our class was invited back to our college, it was customary for the graduating class to invite another previous class to homecoming. There was the normal type of entertainment, we were invited to instruct some classes and to perform in our schools amateur stage shows.

On Saturday before the big game we were encouraged to participate in the days activities. After some excruciating sprints and touch football, we were allowed the opportunity to shower and dress in Franklin Hall.

As usual I was the last to reach the hall, had to retrieve my bags from the car, the guys were still teasing me about being the last to get in the shower. Every one had left the Hall, or so I thought. I finished showering and was drying off, when I thought I heard some one moaning. I froze and listen intently, there I heard it again.

I quickly dressed and went to investigate, as I moved slowly done the hall I could hear movement in one of the dorm rooms. I found the right door and listened at the jamb, some one was enjoying their self.

I could hear, 'UUUNNNHHH,MMMMMMMM.OOOOOOHHHH,YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS,' I tried the door knob and was surprise that it wasn't locked. I eased the door open and looked in side. The rooms had been remolded and the door open into a small foyer. One closet was to one side the other behind the door when it was open.

I slipped quietly into the room and peered around the corner, on one of the beds were two freshman's. One was on his stomach his legs bent at the knees, his feet up in the air. His toes were clutching and releasing in the throes of

As I watched the two lovers enjoying their selves I began to get aroused. I slipped my hand in to my pants and started to stroke my hardening penis. The guy that was banging the guy on the bottom was definitely into what he was doing. He was stroking in and out of the bottom guy long and strong, the bottom guy was throwing every hit back at the top.

When the top guy shot his load up the bottoms butt, he looked up into the mirror and saw me standing there. At first he was shocked, than he saw my rigid cock on my hand and began to smile. He lowered his body to his pardners back and whispered into his ear. His sexual pardner stopped and listened to what was being said. The top pulled from his lovers behind and turned to face me.

I started to move back when he motioned me to come and join them. I stopped and wondered what to do. The guy on the bottom did not move, he was still on his stomach with one of his legs bent like an inverted "L". His feet forming the lower part of the "L". His other leg trapped under his lover, his lover placid penis oozing cum on to his thigh.

I moved towards the two of them, the top reached for my rigid cock and greedily sucked it into his mouth. As he sucked my rigid tool he loosened my belt, and I let my trousers drop to the floor. Slipping out of my shoes I stepped from my pants, the guy sucking mu cock knew how to work a cock head.

He removed my penis from his very wet mouth, my penile head dripping with his saliva, he stood to the side of the bed. I mounted the young tender bottom, poised my hardened cock head at his reddened anus and plunge down in to his rectum. He squealed from the impalement and clutched at the sheets, biting into the pillow under his head.

I slowly pumped back and forth, giving him time to adjust to the new piece of man meat in his anal opening. Soon as he begin to move his hips I continued my journey to bust through his inner sphincter muscle. The guy that was his top moved swiftly behind me and plunged his now harden cock up my butt.

We got into rhythm and began to pump back and forth, I reached under my bottom guy and twisted his nipples till he began to whimper like a little puppy. He was bouncing up from the bed meeting each thrust just as hard as it was given.

After about thirty minute the guy that had invaded my bottom shot his load in my butt. He slowly pulled from my joyful anus and laid beside us stroking the head and shoulders of the guy I was breeding. When I shot my load of spunk up my willing bottoms butt, he leaned over and kissed him on the lips very passionately.

When I had pulled from the willing but of the young bottom he turned over and quickly moved for my cock head and began to suck gently but urgently on it. His companion quickly joined him and the both of them sucked on my limp dick till it came back to life.

When I was standing straight again, the both of them knelt on the bed their butts stuck in to the air. One dripping the cum from his lover and my self the other invitingly offering an unused butt for my pleasure. i poked my cock head into the used anus and got it wet with the mixture of spunk that was there. Than I moved to the unused butt hole and smeared the spunk on to the waiting anus.

I grasped his hips and gently began to f***e my cock head into his anus, moaning like it was the best he ever had, he began to push his posterior back on to my invading penis. as I was sinking into his anus the other guy raised up and began to lick both my penis and his pardners butt hole.

I began to long stroke the upturned butt that was presented to me, his pardner was greedily licking and sucking on to our copulating genitals. When I would pull back he would suck my shaft and his pardners clenching anal muscle, as I pushed forward he would lick my balls and his pardners balls and butt hole.

The intensity of this action caused me to erupt something awful, spunk was squirting around my shaft from the clenching anal opening and the other guy not letting any drop fall from our sweating body. I pulled out and his pardner quickly engulfed my cock head till I had to f***efully push him away. I dressed watching them go at each other like sex starve nymphs.
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2 years ago
its a never ending tale of lst and erotica
3 years ago
very good, hot story more please
3 years ago
very good, keep it up!
3 years ago
so fucking hot
3 years ago
3 years ago
Very good David, very good.
3 years ago
nice story...carry on!
3 years ago
Very nice. I can't wait to read more.