f***ed to Fuck

I was away for the summer, at sl**p over camp, my parents would send me off when school was out to keep me from getting into trouble. It wasn't the first time that I had went off to sl**p over camp, but this was the first time that I was attacked.

The camp lasted for nine weeks, with a one week recess at the end of each three week period. Each time I would return to camp their would be some new faces as well as familiar ones. Some that was there from the beginning and some that came for only one week.

For some reason I wasn't able to attend the second session, and I had five weeks from camp. When I returned there were some guys that you could tell were trouble, they would always act up and get sent to the bad behavior cabin, cabin thirteen.

We were supposed to have swim lessons before lunch, cabin seven, where I resided, and the bad behavior cabin, cabin thirteen was to have a pull off. That's were you hold on to a rope and pull the other team across a line.

It started off badly for cabin thirteen, they couldn't seem to get their footing. When it became obvious that they were going to be pulled across the line, they resulted in throwing sand.

Being the first one on the rope I was hit square in the face with a hand full of sand, loosing my cool, I jumped the first guy in line. The camp counselors separated us. I was found at fault and was sent to cabin thirteen, the other boy was sent to another cabin.

After dinner and the camp fire activities, we showered and went to our cabins. Our cabin counselor had the hots for another counselor, he made sure that we were in bed and went off to frolic with his inspiration.

I was in twilight sl**p when the seven other boys in the cabin came for me. They had some one at the door for look out, and quickly subdued me. My mouth was gagged and hands tied to some sort of stick. I tried to kick my way free only to have my feet captured.

I was f***ed to my stomach and had my ankles tied to each corner of the cot, my hands were tied to the four or five foot stick and pulled to the cot across the divide in our cabin.

I could not make out what was being said, they were whispering and giggling about what was to happen. I figured that I was going to get whipped with a belt or something.

I felt some one climb up on the cot between my legs, and a finger f***ed into my anus. The first finger was joined by another and another, and another till they were pulling my butt hole open. I could not scream from the way they had f***ed a wet wash cloth into my mouth.

Two or three of my cabin mates spit in to my stretched open anal opening, some one said 'that's enough'. They boy between my legs moved up and placed his hands on each of my butt cheeks pushing down and forcing my buttocks to stretch open.

I felt the rubbery head of a rigid young penis invade between the fingers that held my anus open. It made contact with my inner sphincter muscle and f***efully slid pass it. The fingers were removed and the invading fuck tool was three inches into my rectum.

The young horny, hard penis, worked my butt like it was the last time he would ever fuck. He slammed into me with such f***e that soon his entire length was bedded into my butt. The other boys edged him on till he shot his spunk deep into my spit lubed anus.

He pulled out and another mounted me almost at once, I had no time to relax or recover from the first cock. This boy did not seemed to be in a hurry, he asked once if any one was coming, when told that they could still see the counselor near the camp fire, he began to screw into my like a cork screw. Every now and than he would lunge deep in to my butt.

When he shot his load of spunk another mounted me soon as he vacated. The seven of them took turns on my helpless butt, till the boy spunk in my butt made slurping sounds as the fucked in to my butt.

Suddenly there was commotion, the counselor had returned and was not seen. He burst into the cabin his flashlight striking the scene of me being screwed by one boy and the others with their cocks in their hands. Every body scurried off as the counselor approached my bunk.

He scowled the other guys and walked around shinning his flashlight over the cabin. When his flashlight beam struck my face, he saw that I was tied and gagged and was crying my eyes out.

He examined the way that I was tied and looked sympathetically into my face, 'Ya'll have done it this time,' he said 'you can't use this boy like he was a piece of pussy. He could suffocate from having this rag in his mouth, he loosen the gag and removed it. I tried to speak, he held his finger to his lips 'SHHHHH, don't say a word, we are going to help you out.'

I looked at him in wonderment as he stood up and dropped his shorts, his penis was standing straight out from his body. He ceased my head and placed his penile head to my lips and said 'suck, or I' let them finish what they started.'

I tried to twist my head away but his grip was strong. One of the boys crawled between my legs and plunged back into my butt hole. I reflectively opened my mouth to yell in pain, the counselor pushed his penis into my mouth.

'It's in their now,' he said, 'so you might as well suck on it.' Slowly I started to suck on his cock head, feeling him get harder as I sucked. The boy in my butt rode me till he came. The counselor pulled from my lips and mounted me, he was older and his penis bigger than the rest of the boys.

The counselor rode my for far longer than any of the others, he pounded in to my butt, and screwed in to my butt, and grinned deep in to my butt. He sung all of his man meat up my bowels, I was whimpering and crying as he shot his spunk into my rectum.

He let the rest of the boys have another go at my well lubed rectum. some went two or more times. Just before time for us to get up, the counselor had them release me and than he made each of them to come and suck my penis. Some he had to f***e and one he had to strike about the head. He said 'this way none of you can say that you aren't queer.'

I was glad that the session was over in two days, those two nights were the longest of the camp. Each night they took turns riding my butt and shooting their spunk up my behind.
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