Taken to be a Shemale Lover

I had went to work at the burger joint, when the manager informed me that 'I have too many people on payroll today, I need you to clock out and leave.' This is what happens when you work for a fast food joint, all the k**s that go to school and can get a permit flock to the fast food places. At least you get some training in how to be on time and understand job responsibility.

As I was working towards the park a coral blue car passed by, it pulled into the lot across the street and came speeding back. The driver was a familiar face, Joliet, one of the she-males that enjoyed my restrained body some time ago. 'I thought Tiff that said you worked here, hop in,' 'I'm on my way to work,' I replied. 'No you have been sent home, get in you're on you way to fun now.' Joliet answered.

I looked at Joliet with some what of and undecided expression when Joliet ordered 'you've been sent home for me, I can make sure that you can't go back. Don't piss me off. Get in, I' am not ever going to repeat myself again.' I got into the drivers side and Joliet pulled off.

Joliet has beautiful skin, even in daylight, eyes were deep green and flashed each time they looked my way. We arrived at Joliet's apartment, it was in an upper north side of town. After Joliet check the mail we went in to a sparsely decorated two bed room apartment. Joliet led me to, what she/he referred to as, 'the fun room.'

There was a round bed in the middle of the floor, one wall opened to a balcony, that over looked a large park, with walking paths. Two other walls had full length mirrors that stretched from floor to ceiling, on the ceiling was also mirrors. Joliet pointed to the sliding glass doors, that led to the balcony, and told me that 'the glass is heavily tinted, you can see out but no one can see in unless it't night. Than they would have to be twenty feet tall, Ha, Ha, Ha, Joliet laughed.

Joliet came to me and began to stroke my neck whispering 'when I first saw you all tied up with that ball gag in your mouth, I almost melted away. I could not wait to get you away from that sadistic bitch Tiffany.' I looked at Joliet and could not help but admire Joliet's melon shaped breast, even in a bra and shirt they were alluring.

Joliet slowly undid my belt and slid my trousers and underwear down to my ankles. My penis was standing straight out from my body, Joliet immediately captured it in his/her wet mouth and began to suck gently but securely on my cock head. I let out a small gasp and moan as Joliet worked my dick head with precision.

Joliet stood and said 'we are going to enjoy our self and no one is going to interrupt us. Joliet removed her/his clothing slowly and seductively, teasing me all the way. When Joliet was down to Panties and Bra, she/he turned away from me and removed the panties. When Joliet turned back there was Joliet's penis standing straight out from Joliet's chocolate toned body.

Joliet's penis wasn't very thick but was at least nine, may be, ten inches long, with a penile head that wasn't cut, yet the skin moved smoothly back and forth with out resistance. Joliet reached for my hand and led me to the bed, we sat down and Joliet gently pulled my head to her/his bobbing cock.

I slipped my lips slowly over his/her cock head and sucked gently. Joliet moaned so sweetly as I sucked on her/him. Joliet pulled my lips from her/ his cock head and slowly pushed me to the sheets. Joliet retrieved a small tube of lube and applied some to my anus and to her/his cock.

Joliet moved between my legs and slowly raised them, bending them at the knees and holding on to my ankles. Joliet moved closer to my open butt and slid her'his/ penis the length of my butt crack twice. Each time it went across my anal opening I shuddered with anticipation.

Joliet's penis was rock hard, and Joliet knew how to maneuver it with out having to touch it with her/his hands. Joliet's cock head made contact with my outer anal sphincter muscle and began to f***e it to accept it's advance. I moaned as Joliet's cock head slid pass my outer anal ring. Joliet worked her/his cock slowly into my open butt, taking passionately time, giving me time to adjust to the invading tool.

When Joliet had pushed half the length of her/his cock into me, she/he began to saw back and forth into my butt hole. 'UUUUNNHUH, MMMMMMMM,' I moaned from delight and joy as Joliet worked slowly up my opening anus. Joliet lowered his/her head to my chest, her/ his long silky hair falling down covering her/his head and my chest as she/he gently kissed and sucked my nipples.

Joliet raised up and slowly arched her/his back inward forcing the other half of her/his cock deep into my rectum. My inner sphincter muscle opened and allowed her/him access with much resistance. Joliet slid her/his hands under my butt cheeks and slowly began to screw in a clock wise way grinding the last few inches of manhood up my butt.

Joliet was now balls deep in to my butt and moving with ease as she/he worked my bottom. Joliet kissed my neck as she/he fucked my bottom and was greatly enjoying the experience. Joliet moved her/his hands inside my legs, allowing my feet to poke up in the air. I reached up and entrapped Joliet's head and neck in my arms, Joliet's lips met mine and I passed my tongue to his/her mouth. Joliet sucked gently on my encouraging tongue and worked her/his man hood deeper into my surrendering rectum.

I could feel Joliet's penis began to stiffen and the urgency in her/his movement. Joliet moved her'his hands under my shoulders and grasped the tight from the back. Joliet slowly but yet with urgency lunged back and forth in to my bowels causing me to 'UUUNNNHHUHHH,MMMMMMOOOOOOHHH,' moan with pleasure. Joliet lunge deep into me and I could feel her/his sunk squirting the length of her/his tube and strike the walls of my waiting rectum. We laid there embracing each other in blissful sexual joy.

I drifted off to sl**p with Joliet still up my butt and laying on me, I was awaken by Joliet sucking gently on my cock head. Joliet was laying with her/ his feet towards my head her/his penis just inches from my face. I moved my head and took her/his cock head in to my lips and sucked the rest of her/his man meat into my mouth. Joliet moved over me in a sixty-nine position. We sucked each other like this till Joliet shot her/ his spunk down my throat gagging and retching I swallowed every drop.

Joliet pulled from my penis and knelt over my rigid cock, positioning her/his anus just over the head and impaling her/his anus upon my rock hard cock. Slowly Joliet bounced up and down going lower and lower each time till I was lodged deep up her/his butt. Than Joliet began to squirm around on my embedded penis, rocking back and forth side to side and every now and than squealing with joy as my cock head probed the insides of her/his rectum.

I reached up and began to gently stroke Joliet's cock till it stood erect. Just before I was to shot my load up Joliet's butt, she/he moved off and flipped me to my stomach and plowed her/his fuck meat into my anus causing me to squeal in pain and passion. Joliet fucked me like this till she/he shot her'his spunk up my butt than screwed deep into my allowing the rest of the fluid to flow deep in my bowels.

Joliet pulled from my butt, held me in her/his arms arms and whispered in my ear, we are going to be great lovers, you and I.
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2 years ago
Very erotic work had me cum again wow
3 years ago
Nicely done!
3 years ago
nice story!
3 years ago
Yeh we have todo this again i did jakoff but i'm very hard againt thanks
3 years ago
Great work david