A Country Excursion for Sex

Zachery finished and we got dressed and started towards Buddy's house. I did not know where we were going or how far, as we walked I asked Zachery why he screwed me. His reply was simple 'I don't pass up free pussy, boy or girl, that's open and inviting.' 'I wasn't inviting you to do anything, I was just showing you how they f***ed me into sex.' 'We'',' Zachery said, 'I had to figure out how they managed to get in your butt, without you wanting them too.'

'Well, did you find out,' I asked sarcastically. 'You want to be taken advantage of, you just don't want to let on that you like it. I knew you like dick, when we used to go swimming, I could see how you watched me when I stripped down and dove in naked. Sometime I would wait till I was hard and turn your way, just to see your eyes light up.' Zachery confided.

'So when you told me about your ideal on the phone and said you were coming down I figured out how to get inside of you. You know you enjoyed it so don't try to lie now.' Zachery had me dead to right, I had told him how I had started to like being screwed. But this was after I had been ****d so many times, what was it about me that others could see that I wanted to be fucked, I do want to know?

We had walked about two miles through the forest to get to Buddy's house. When we reached Buddy's house I saw all types of a****ls just wondering around with out fences. I was some what apprehensive on walking through the assortment of pigs, cows, goats, horse's and other farm a****ls.

We walked up on the porch and Buddy came out of the house, Buddy was about six two, maybe one hundred eight pounds or less, no fat was on this guy, nor Zachery. Buddy had on a pair of overalls and no shoes or shirt. The epitome of a country boy.

'Well, hey there Zack, who is this little fellow,' I took notice that Buddy referred to me as a little guy, I was five feet seven and growing, at least one hundred and forty pounds, and I had tennis shoes and a tee shirt.

Zack introduce us and we went walking with Buddy to gather up the a****ls down on the pasture. Zack and Buddy was walking a head of me a little talking in a low voice. I could here them mumbling, mostly in that country short hand that they used. We reached a clearing that was at least a football field wide and so long, that the trees at each end looked small.

Buddy said, 'we will wait here it will start getting dark and they will head this way, we just have to stay here so they can find us.' Buddy turned his attention to me as we sat on the grass 'I hear that you like big cocks.' I was shocked and looked at Zachery, he was sitting looking down at his feet.

I mumbled 'that's personal info that some body should not have told you, without my permission.' "Oh hell, Buddy said, Zack and I have been fucking each other for years.' I looked at Zachery and he was smiling, still looking at his feet.

Buddy stood up and dropped his overalls in a heap around his feet. His penis wasn't fat but boy was it long and uncut, it reached his knees easily, his balls were like two tennis balls, hanging limply behind his hardening penis.

'Come here Zack,' Buddy said, 'show your little cousin how we get down here in the sticks.' Zack ambled over with out looking at me and begin to suck on Buddy's penile head. I was sitting with my mouth wide open at Zachery sucking on Buddy's man meat like it was the best thing since stick candy.

Buddy pushed Zack away and told me to 'show me how you city boys suck cock.' I looked up at Buddy and slowly moved towards Zack and Buddy's long rigid cock. Zack moved to one side licking on Buddy's penile shaft, Zack reached up and pushed my head to Buddy's penile head and said 'take over here, while I work on this.'

Buddy was oozing precum, I licked at it cautiously. Buddy said 'don't be shy we are all friends now,' I sucked his head deep in to my mouth, running my tongue under his penile head. Buddy placed his hand softly on my head and steadied it as he moved back and forth in my mouth.

Buddy was moaning with passion as Zack and I worked on his elongated penis. Buddy said 'alright, enough, time to get busy, pull them clothes off.' I looked at him and he answered my silent question 'no body comes here but me this time of day, so get naked like me.' Without hesitation Zack was naked in less than a minute.

I removed my clothes and folded them neatly and placed them on a near by rock. Buddy told us 'both of ya'll, get on your knees, close together. Zack place your leg over David's leg. Get as close to each other as you can.' Zack and I moved close together, he placing his leg over mine, I put my hand and arm over his and looked at him. Zack suddenly kissed me on the lips quickly and said 'you're going like Buddy.'

Zack was first to feel Buddy's cock, he sunk in so quick that Zack's eyes bulged wide. 'Damn Buddy,' Zack said, 'you do that every time I told you to be careful, don't do David like that.' Buddy was humping into Zack's butt with glee, I looked over my shoulder and saw the expression on Buddy's face, it was plain bliss.

Buddy pulled from Zack's anus and switched to mine. He slid that long piece of man meat into my butt hole with ease. 'Damn Zack,' Buddy said, 'why didn't you tell me you already put some spunk in him already.' Buddy was not thick, but he made up for it in length. He moved his penis around my rectum like he was there before.

Buddy pulled from my butt and told Zack 'I want to see you fuck him some,' Zack quickly mounted me and slipped his penis up my rectum. Zack held my hips and f***ed more and more of his meat into my butt. Buddy moved to our front and took hold of Zack's head. Zack sucked Buddy's cock head for a little, Buddy pulled from Zack's mouth and lifted my head, I sucked on his penis while Zack pounded my butt.

Zack shot his load up mu rectum and screwed into me. When he pulled out Buddy stuck his penis up my anus and began to pound me f***efully. About forty minutes later Buddy, lunged deep in to my bowels and shot his load deep into my rectum. I could feel every flinch of his elongated penis, but Buddy wasn't through. He pulled his penis back from my butt till just the head was left in my butt hole. My sphincter muscle holding his penile head, I could feel him as he shot two spurts that seemed to travel through my anal canal and thump the rear wall of my rectum.

Buddy got a good grip on to my hips, I braced myself for what I knew was coming. Buddy lunged his entire shaft into my open butt, his cock head hit my inner sphincter muscle and plowed through causing me to yell like a wild b**st. We fell to my stomach and Buddy plowed into me with no mercy at all.

Zack was kneeling nearby stroking his man hood from base to head 'see I told you Buddy, David love to be fucked.' I looked at Zack as he said 'let me bust that ass some more Buddy before it get to late.' Buddy said 'only if I can fuck you while you fuck him.'

Buddy pulled from my butt, Zack mounted me little effort, Buddy mounted Zack and the three of us were stacked like logs. Buddy and Zack got in rhythm and proceeded to bounce in sinc, Zack cam first than Buddy shot his load, as we laid there on the ground Buddy asked me 'I don't think you shot a load.' I replied 'I don't like to climax till I get home. Than I get in the shower and think about what happen and masturbate till i shoot.'

Buddy and Zack pounced on me and held me down. Buddy straddling my chest holding my wrist, Zack stroking my deflated penis trying to get me to shoot. Zack said 'I'm going to have to do some mouth to head.' An I felt his wet lips suck on my cock head, Buddy was trying to direct his soft cock into my mouth.

I stop trying to resist and began to suck on Buddy's soft cock, my penis began to react to what Zack was doing. When I was hard Zack began to stroke my cock again, Buddy shot a small amount of spunk in my ,mouth and I sucked the rest from his limp penis. Zack sucked on mu cock till I shot my juice in his mouth, and he would not let up when I was through. He continued to suck on my penis as I begged him to stop.

Buddy moved from my chest and Zack flipped me to my stomach and plowed into my butt hole with vengeance. I was hurting and crying as Zack plowed into my butt, when Zack shot his load into my bowels it felt so soothing and warm. We laid there as we heard the a****ls began to make there way towards us. We dressed and left with the a****ls following us to the barn.
When we had secured the a****ls we all went to the stream and undressed and plunged into the cool water cleaning ourselves from our ordeal.
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real country flavor
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good times thx
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That was a hot one, thank's David.