Tricked into Sex

After I freed myself, I took a hard look at my sex life. Daniel, Bruce and Charlie would attack me at their will, I would go and give my self to Charlie's Uncle Harry from time to time, just because he had a large, huge, giant, bigger than average piece of man meat.

There were times that I would knowingly allow myself to be ****d, just to have an assortment of hard, rigid cocks at my disposal. Than a light went off in my head, why don't I start my own club, sex club.

My cousin lived in another town not to far away, yet far enough away so that no one where I lived would find out. I could take a intercity bus and get there in about ninety minutes, or get a ride and be there in thirty minutes.

My cousin and I was very close, we spent some summers together as k**s and continue to keep in touch through our high school years. Even now we get together and have some fun.

I didn't know how he would take my concept of fun but I was interested in finding out. I went to visit Zachery the next week end and told him of how I was being abused. Zachery was very sympathetic to my plight and wanted to know the whole story.

We went down into the woods for about a half mile, no roads were near and no body could approach us with out being seen. We sat on a small hill that was surrounded by trees,you could almost say that we were above the trees. The trees were not very dense, you could see everything that moved between the trees.

When I told Zachery about how Daniel, Bruce and Charlie would f***e me to my knees and take advantage of me he asked me to show him. Without thinking I went down to my knees and showed him how, I would be on my hands and knees, when they would have sex with me.

'David, tell me how come you could not get them off of you in that position,' Zachery asked. I tried to explain to him, but to no avail. Finally I said 'come here, and get between my feet,' I instructed him. 'OK, now place your hands under my stomach and pull me back to you,' Zack did as I said, but still could not get the ideal.

'Well, you can't f***e some one off of you when they are naked and you are also,' I said. 'Well, lets get naked and you show me how that works, I just can't imagine how they could f***e you in to sexual acts like that.' I was furious that Zachery wasn't understanding what I was telling him.

I stood up angrily and began to unfasten my shorts 'now take off your pants,' I ordered Zachery. He stood up and removed his pants I knelt back down on my hands and knees, I didn't get that Zachery was poised behind me and his penis was as rigid as could be.

Without thinking I had pulled off my underwear with my shorts, so used to doing it when alone with another male, I didn't think nothing of it. Zachery moved between my legs and placed his hands on my hips. 'Now you see how vulnerable I was.'

Zachery, quickly moved one hand to his rigid penis and immediately f***ed his penis into my unsuspecting butt hole. 'Yeeeeeah, oooowwww, what the fuck you doing,' I screamed. But Zachery was lodged up my butt with one swift move, he had hold of my butt and wasn't going to let me go.

'Zachery, let me go,' I demanded, Zachery just continued to f***e his man meat into my butt. I went to my stomach, trying to escape from this i****tuous act, Zachery followed me to the ground. Zachery pounded my butt with such f***e that I thought he was Daniel, and I began to moan and groan as he pumped my butt.

'OOOOH, Daniel,' I whispered, Zachery said angrily, 'I ain't no damn Daniel, I'm your man know.' Zachery wore my anus out and shot his load up my butt and told me 'damn cuzz, no wonder they ****d you all the time, your ass is tight.'

I rolled over feeling Zachery's spunk ease from my butt hole, he was stroking the last bit of man juice from his penis. 'I bet you could handle the three of them with ease,' he said with a glint in his eye. I reached fro my shorts, Zachery kicked them away and told me 'we ain't done yet, I just wanted to get my second wind, we gonna do it some more than get over to Buddy's house and let him do it too.'

I could not believe what Zachery was saying, he moved forward with his penis sticking out like a tree limb. I started to move away from him only to have him grab one of my feet and pull me back to him. 'Come on David, I'm going to get that boy pussy right, than we go see Buddy and let him get some.'

Zachery moved swiftly between my legs lifting them up into the air, his hardening cock had no trouble slipping into my spunk lubed anal opening. With movements like a farm a****l Zachery was bouncing up and down on my upturned posterior.

It's true, what they say about country boys, they will fuck you till you cave. Zachery was good at what he was doing, with the fierceness of a bull in heat, Zachery bred my butt like I was giving away, well I was giving it away.
I managed to lower my legs around the trunk of his body and wrap my arms around his shoulders, as he plowed into my horny butt.

When Zachery was ready to shoot his load he whispered 'stretch those legs wide open, and let me have natural boy pussy,' I could not help but open my legs and grasp my ankles as he pounded into me for about twenty good minutes. Than he stiffen and slammed into my butt sinking balls deep and shot his massive load of man juice deep in my rectum. As he was shooting the last he screwed his penis up into my anus to make sure none was wasted.

When Zachery pulled from my anus, we dressed and head off to Buddy's house.

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2 years ago
you get me hard while i read your stories and than when who ever cums i try to cum woith them
3 years ago
nice story.
3 years ago
Thats not muchof a thank ou but yopur story was very hot thanks
3 years ago
great story