Surrendering Myself to Sex pt1

It was some months before i went out alone, I was tired of masturbating and not having any fun. so i decided to go visit Horse Dick Harry(Charlie's Uncle Harry).
I was thinking of the last time I was there and the little skinny chick whose cunt I was f***ed to eat.

As I walked up to the door of Harry's home, I began to ask myself if I was hooked on big cocks or if I just like to be abused while having sex. I stepped on to the little stoop and the door flew open.

There stood Harry, with a robe on, 'Why don't you come on in the house. I saw you walking back and forth like a stray cat.' I went past Harry and managed to rub my wrist on to his man hood. Harry grabbed my left butt cheek and squeezed it f***efully.

I turned to face Harry, he looked me in the face and said 'get your little hot ass naked.' I almost swooned as he reached out for my upper arm and led me back to his bed room. I quickly undressed and stood before him as he sat on the bed.

'I heard that you took on a neighborhood, down at the lake the other night.' I looked at his crotch and saw his robe began to bounce a little. 'I didn't do it cause I wanted to, and besides that was two months ago.'

Harry rose from the bed his robe falling from his body 'I don't care about that David, I want you to get on your knees and let me know how much you want me.' I looked down at Harry's massive piece of man meat, that was bobbing up and down. I slowly knelt down and began to lick at his body on my way to his cock, I tried to torture him a little. But my greed for his huge penile head over ruled my mind and I found myself slowly licking his giant cock head.

I tried my best to get that huge head into my mouth, but had to settle on getting his man meat as wet as I could. I moved to the bed and offered my bottom to Harry, he reached under me and gently turned me on my back.
I laid there looking up at him as he moved between my out stretched legs, Harry lifted them and bent both my legs at the knees.

Harry slowly rubbed his massive piece of man meat over my puckering anal opening, causing me to tremble with lustful anticipation. Harry's huge cock head was giving me such a rush that I slowly open my legs as wide as I could, reaching down I place my hands on both my thighs and pulled my legs farther apart.

Harry leaned forward and began to f***e that massive tube of meat into my anus. I was determined to let him take me just like this. I could see the approval on Harry's face as he pushed his fuck tool into my butt hole. I could barely take it, I was panting and moaning from pain and lust as Harry gently f***ed open my butt hole.

Harry's massive head popped past my outer sphincter muscle causing me to flinch in pain. Harry gently took hold of my deflated penis and began to stroke it very gently. He had not done this for some time and it turned me on so much that I found myself undulating my hips trying to get more of his great sex tool up my butt.

Harry whispered 'don't rush, take your time we have all day to enjoy this.' Harry slowly sunk his man tool into my anus a little at a time, when he had got about half his penis into my stretched butt hole, he began to hump back and forth. It was pure torture, having his humongous sex tool slide back and forth in my anus.

I let my legs go and grabbed hold of Harry's upper arms and tried to dig my fingers in to his muscle, I wanted to induce some pain to him as he was to me. Harry didn't seemed to notice what I was doing, he was intent on sinking more of his meat into my guts.

Harry reached down and raised my legs to his shoulders, hooking the hallow of his elbows into the hallow of my knees. I was moaning and groaning as Harry worked his giant fuck tool up my butt. Suddenly my inner sphincter muscle gave way and allowed more of his huge sex tool to invade my innards.

I was becoming delirious with pain and passion as Harry worked his sex tool into my rectum. I was twisting my head from side to side, trying to distribute the pain. Without warning Harry shifted his weight and took hold of my Shoulders, one in each of his hands. His hands was gripping my shoulders from the back, my shoulder blades resting in the palms of his hands, his finger gripping the top of my shoulders keeping me from scooting away from him.

Harry had about three quarters of his huge cock up my butt, and was working it like a pro. My pleasure and lust took over my body my mind surrendered to the fucking I was getting. I was begging Harry to 'fuck me, like I'm your bitch, pleease make me your bitch, Harry,' I begged as he fucked me senseless.

I don't know how long Harry was in me but it was getting dark and there was no lights on in the house. And Harry was still as rigid as he was when we started, I was a babbling fool begging Harry to 'stick your dick up my butt till it come out my mouth, fuck me baby, fuck me good.'

Harry was intent on doing just that, I know he must have shot a couple of loads for my bottom and sheet was soaked in liquid. Harry had closed me up to him so that he was able to nibble on my ears and suck gently on my neck. I was so happy that Harry was enjoying me that I had lost all sense of pain and could only feel the lustful pleasure of his mammoth sex tool.

When Harry had used my body enough to satisfy his cravings, he pulled me in tight to him and screwed that massive piece of man meat deeper up into my butt. By this time I was crying, moaning and babbling out of my mind with lustful delight. I was biting Harry affectionately on his shoulder and upper chest in the throes of ecstasy.

When Harry released his massive load I could feel every squirt of his fluid as it hit the walls of my rectum. I wrapped my legs around Harry's upper body and held him very close as he emptied his baby making juice up my butt.

I held him tight as his huge penis pumped the last of his spunk in my rectum. I could feel every vein in his huge shaft as his giant cock ejaculate his substance. When he was empty, Harry slowly pulled his fuck tool from my anus, I could feel every inch of his very long cock exit my butt.

When I got home, I went to the shower and I could feel his fluid slowly leak from my well used butt. I masturbated as I thought of the next time we have intercourse.
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2 years ago
I wish i had a cock like harry's to do me every once in a while
3 years ago
Very Hot!
3 years ago
That's a great story. It is so hard to stay away from a cock that gives so much pleasure, even though it may be humiliating.