Teenage Sex Club pt2

When we had reached the clearing, I was suddenly restrained by Bruce and Charlie, I automatically tried to free myself from their grasp. Daniel walked to the other side of the clearing and produce an awful looking contraption. It was one of those devices you find at dog kennels, that's used to breed female dogs. This one must to have been built for something like the Mastiff breed or some other large canine.

I struggled as they dragged my towards this sinister device 'Bruce, Charlie , what are ya'll doing. You don't need to do this let me go,' I cried. The two of them said nothing except to pull me to this thing.

Daniel wasn't saying any thing nor making eye contact with me. They bind me to the device and began to remove my pants and underwear. After they had stripped my bottom and secured my ankles and legs to the contraption, Charlie and Bruce disrobed from the waist down. Daniel took a seat on and old chair that was at one end of the clearing, and was stroking his massive piece of man meat. I knew what was about to happen to me I just didn't know why they were treating me like this.

Bruce and Charlie was taking turns rubbing their rigid penis's up and down the crack of my buttocks. One of them had spread a small amount of lubricant into my crack, just enough to ease the friction of their cocks sliding between my stretch open butt. Each time one of their penis would cross my anal opening I would tremble with expectation.

There was movement in the bush that caught every ones attention, I looked on horrified at what might come into view. Out of the bush came five other guys that walked around me looking at and examining the spectacle that was before them.

One of the guys exclaimed 'damn ya'll don't be lying when you said come bitch fuck some ass, do you!!!' The other guys began to high five one another like they were at a sporting event. Charlie reached into his pants pocket that was by the chair where sat Daniel, and retrieved a ball gag. As he walked towards me I clenched my teeth and tried to wiggle loose. Bruce gave Charlie an assist as he f***ed the ball gag into my mouth.

I was in a comprising position, unable to protect myself from any attack or assault. The five other guys quickly joined Bruce and Charlie in their state of undress. The new guys weren't very large, Daniel still had the largest cock there, but they all was rigid as hell.

I was strapped face down on this wicked device, it had a hole in it that my penis and testicles were placed through. My legs were bent at the knees and secured to the sides of this evil contraption. My hands were stretched forward and bent at the elbows, attached at the wrist to each side. I could move my head freely, although there were restraints near my head, they weren't used.

Some one poured some liquid into my butt crack, it had a sweet enticing smell to it. Daniel began to speak 'we brought you our first offering to our sex club, each week you are to bring some entertainment that we all can share and enjoy. This weeks entertainment theme is helpless fuck. You can have all the ass you want, do not damage the property beyond use,' they all laughed so loud that I cringed in fear.

The first guy came up behind me and slowly sunk his man meat up my anus 'UUUNNNNGGHUH,' was all I could get out around this tennis size ball gag. I tried to clench down and refuse him access, but the cock was hard and rigid the liquid was very slick and hid cock slid in with little effort.

As he was humping back and forth into my defenseless butt hole, Daniel rummage around in a bag that was brought by one of the new guys. He pulled from it a large ring with straps attached, Daniel walked towards me his rigid cock swaying in front of him. He released the ball gag from my mouth 'OOOOOHHHPLEEEEASE, don't let them do this Daniel,' I cried.

Daniel signaled Bruce and he and another guy came up to my sides and took hold of my head. One had the top and back the other had my nose and chin, they f***ed open my mouth and Daniel told the guy with his cock in my butt 'ram all the way in,' as he did that I could not help but try to yell out in pain. Daniel quickly placed the ring into my mouth, just behind my teeth, I could not close my mouth, and he secured it with the straps attached to it.

Daniel than took his penis in hand and guided it into the opening formed by the ring and my mouth. As he pushed his penis into my open mouth, I tried to keep it from going to far by trying to block the back of my mouth with my tongue. This seemed only to cause a tighter orifice for Daniel to fuck.

I could not prevent him from going deeper, the guy pounding my butt picked up the pace causing me to react by trying to yell. Daniel pushed past my tongue and was gagging me with his massive penis. He humped back and forth holding my head still, I was slobbering globs of mucus mixed with Daniel's man juice.

When the guy in my anus shot his load he rammed as far up my rectum as he could and Daniel f***ed his penile head into my throat causing my to gag to the point of vomiting. Daniel shot a huge stream of man juice into my throat, between gagging and trying to breath, I could not help but swallow most of it.

Two other guys replaced Daniel and the first guy to enter my butt. They were none to gentile with me. I was pounded back and forth on this insane contraption like a ping pong ball. This went on till each one had been satisfied several times. Just when I thought that I was about to be released four guys emerged from the bush stroking there cocks.

'Is this a private or can any one come in,' Daniel looked around at the guys that were getting dressed and said 'go a head, when you finish let him go, he'll find his way home,' they all laughed as the left me there at the mercy of the four new comers.

These four guys were hung like small horses, I was scared as to what would happen when they entered my dripping butt hole. One of the found some underwear that was left and wiped some of the copious amounts of spunk and lube from my opened butt. As soon as this was done, they went too work, each one with his huge humongous cock rode me for at least another four or five hours.

They only justice was that the ring in my mouth was too small for them to f***e their cock into my mouth. It was not till they had all screwed me in the butt, depositing their fluids along with the others, that they thought of taking the oval from my mouth.

My jaws were aching as they f***ed their huge penis's into my mouth. The fucked my head with precision and when they shot their loads they held my head in such a way that I had no other choice but to swallow most of their spunk.

When they had finished they laughed at me and left me tied to that bitch breeder for some one else to find me and release me after they had me to perform for them. It was a long night in the dark, I lost count, but some where between thirty and sixty guys had sexed my butt and shot their loads in my anus and down my throat.

When I was able to free myself, one of the last guys loosened my wrist so I could work free. My butt was dripping man spunk like a stream. I had so much baby making fluid in my stomach that each time I threw up, it was nothing but sperm.
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2 years ago
That was hot.I would have loved to be thereto help you with some of those cocks.
2 years ago
W2ow what a sex club can i be the next victim
3 years ago
3 years ago
Great story its hot and very hard just onequestion how many time did you cum thanks
3 years ago
Cant wait for part 3
3 years ago
Nice story keep them coming