Teenage Sex Club pt1

It was late August and I was excited about the next school year, my hopes were high and expectations great...then I ran into Daniel and Bruce. At first they seemed friendly, asking how I've been and how great the last session we all had. Daniel began to speak 'Bruce thought that we should ask you if would come alone before I get violent. I told him I would ask you, but you would have no choice. Either you accept what we say or we f***e you, it's still your choice.'

I looked at the two of them like they were from some other planet 'what is it you want of me, and just when and where is this to take place,' I countered. Bruce spoke 'We are getting together a special type of club, it will be an all male club with sexual type entertainment. We know how you can get, so I thought that it would be fun to invite you to our stepping off meeting this weekend.'

Bruce looked at me than at Daniel, Daniel told him to 'keep going, you've told him that much, tell him the rest.' Bruce looked down at the ground 'I sorta really like fucking you, so, we gonna have some guys down in the woods near the lake, you know, where we go to celebrate wins on game night.'

'How many are going to be there and am I going to have to have sex with them all or just you?' I asked. Daniel said 'you may not be the only one getting fucked, but if no one else id there you will be the only one. If you don't come to this meet you will be at another one, like it or not.' Daniel was some what ominous and threatening.

I looked at Daniel and said 'I'll come, if you guarantee that you will protect me and not let any one harm me.' Daniel said ,see you Friday night at the track field, you might want to bring some extra clothing, just in case.' We went our separate ways, I was thinking have I lost my twisted mind.

Friday night came and I had made my excuse to spend the weekend with some of the guys from the track team. Telling my folks that we were going camping on the mountain in the next county for the weekend, I also set up a safe call if I wasn't heard from. Daniel and Bruce was sitting on the bottom bleacher, smoking one of those home grown, roll your own cigs.

We walked down to the creek and followed it for about a mile, Bruce said, 'damn David, I didn't think you would go alone with this after the way we treated you and everything.' I looked at him 'yeah ya'll didn't have to **** me, and f***e me to do any of that. You could have just went your way and let me be but you didn't.' Daniel turned quickly and slugged me up side the head, knocking me to the ground. Bruce pulled me up by the shirt forcing my face into the crotch of his shorts 'bitch suk this dick or we'll kick your ass right here, right now.'

I quickly unzipped his shorts and fished out his penis and began to suck his penile head slowly but with great urgency. Bruce released his grip on me and began to strike the back of my head. Daniel had pulled his giant tool from the confine of his pants and was standing next to Bruce. 'Let that bitch go, Bruce, he's going to suck my dick too. I pulled off of Bruce's dick and took hold of Daniel's huge man tool, slowly I licked the head of his giant tool till he was jumping and throbbing in my hands.

I open my mouth and kissed sucked his huge head into my mouth and began to slowly rotate my head in circles causing Daniel to moan beneath his breath. Bruce said 'we can't stay hear much longer it's almost dark and the guys are going to think that we were lying.

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2 years ago
wow this is going tobe one of your best
3 years ago
Once more you've been up to a great start! Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us this time
3 years ago
Wow now you have all hard and dripping hope you have the next chapter soon thanks
3 years ago
nice start
3 years ago
mmm nice