f***ed to Suck pt1

I was exiting the shower, in my high school gym, when I heard a familiar voice 'Hi, David, I see that you still shower alone,' startled I turned to see Eric standing naked with a towel wrapped around his mid section.
I wanted to go over to him, but he hasn't been available for a couple of Saturdays and was never home when I would go by to see him. Still seeing him standing there was enough to make me horny again.

'Yeah, sometimes it's better this way,' I responded. Eric walked towards me as I went to my locker. I stopped and turned to face him. 'Just what is it that you want,' I started, 'you took what you wanted and when you were satisfied you dumped me like a...,' I couldn't think of how to finish.

Eric looked at me with his greenish eyes, and sweet smile, fine hair, and skin the color of an early morning sunrise. I could not help but notice the way the towel moved and new that his man hood was stirring.

'You enjoyed it as much as I did,' Eric began, 'and besides I did not f***e you to do any thing that you did not want to do,' now this has some truth in it. Our first meeting was in this same shower room, Eric came into the shower as I was finishing. He did tell me he didn't want to f***e me to have sex, and we did have sex. More times than once, in the shower, on the track field under the bleaches, at his home, even at my home. But for the past two months he has always been busy.

I stood looking at him wishing that I could knock the living daylights out of him. When he took hold of my hand and dropped his towel and placed his man hood into my open hand. He knew that I was weak for him and he took advantage of it. Hell I was just a mixed up s*******n year old teenager, what did I know about anything.

I stroked his man hood feeling him jump and throb in my grip, he moaned softly. He reached up to my chest and took one of my nipples in his fingers and twisted it f***efully, yet gently. Eric, still holding my nipple, pulled it towards the floor, I slipped down licking the trunk of his body as I went to my knees.

When I was kneeling before him I sucked gently on his man hood, just like you would a lollipop. Eric was moaning and slowly thrusting into my mouth, I thought, what the hell are you doing, I stopped and pulled his penis from my mouth and stood up 'that's all you will get from me,' I said contemptuously and tried to walk away.

Eric reached out quickly and slapped me so hard that I fell to the floor in a heap. As I tried to rise Eric pounced on me like some wild a****l, he beat me viciously about the head and shoulders. I tried to cover my head and face to protect them from his angry onslaught.

'You little bitch, you're going to fuck and never refuse me again, DO YOU HEAR ME,' Eric yelled at the top of his voice. I whimpered 'you just can't fuck me when you want to and than don't want to be bothered with me.' I countered.

Eric replied 'that's just what I will do, and you will let me or I will beat your ass every time.' He began to hit me again till I begged him to stop 'OK, Eric, I'll do what you want please stop, I'll do just as you ask.'
Eric stopped hitting me and f***ed me over the dressing bench, he went to my rear and rammed his man hood into my unprepared butt hole, no lube just his rigid cock. 'OOOOWUNNNHUH,' I howled as he f***ed his meat past my outer anal ring. With his penile head entering my anus, Eric lunged back and forth till I began to generate butt juice.

As his precum and my own anal juices began to lube my rectum, Eric lunge more of his tool into my butt. I cried out in pain as his ravaged my poor aching butt hole. 'Pleeease, Eric, not so ruff, you can fuck me when you want, I don't care,' I cried. 'Bitch you better care or you want get no more of this dick,' Eric replied.

I tried to adjust so it would not be so painful, but Eric was mad with lust, he just kept lunging f***efully into my behind. Eric reached up and grabbed me under the chin pulling me back in a reverse chin lock. I tried to pull his hands from my throat, my butt poked up in the air, my back arched inward, my head pulled back almost between my shoulder blades, but Eric had me at his mercy, he pounded me like that till I was delirious.

I was begging him through clenched teeth to 'fuck me like you want to, please, fuck me like you want to,' as if Eric needed any encroachment. Just before he shot his load he pulled from my butt hole and stuck his penis into my mouth. Holding my head in both his hands he ordered 'now bitch, finish what you started.' Eric kept knocking my hands away, so that I had to let him f***e all his meat into my mouth, Eric's pubic hair, silk and smooth tickling my nose.

As Eric shot his load in to my mouth he plunged into my throat 'swallow every ounce, you better not loose one drop, SUCK, I said,' Eric yelled. Eric pumped his spunk in to my mouth and throat and was holding my head, so that I could not move away. I had little choice but to swallow his spunk, when I gagged, he pushed his penis into my throat. His penile head went pass the sphincter muscle in the back of my throat.

His cock head was caught in the gag reflex of my throat, he was shocked as my throat gagged on his penile head. I heard him say 'damn your fucking throat is milking my cock, yeaaah.' My eyes was bugging and my hands were frantically trying to dislodge him from my throat, all the while Eric was still pumping his spunk down my throat.

When Eric did pull from my throat, I fell to the floor in exhaustion, his spunk flowing from my fetching throat. Eric stood over me and said 'every Monday morning you are going to come and give me head just like that, don't forget.'
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2 years ago
Wow that was so erotic and heavy
3 years ago
Damn I love your stories.