Be Careful for What You Ask pt1

During my college years, I tried very hard to keep my private life secret. There were things that I did alone that I would not do around my friends. Yes i had along time girlfriend, we went out on dates and had sexual encounters that we both enjoyed. But there were times that I wanted to be held and have some one treat me sinuously. I like having my nipples sucked, body licked, and some rigid man meat sunk into my behind.
I would often go to neighboring cities and get a motel or hotel room, and search for strangers to return and have sex with. Sometimes it went well sometimes it went wrong, I'm going to tell both, but which one is which it's hard to tell.
It was on a Thursday, classes were out till Monday, I decided to go off on one of my quest. I went to a metropolitan city, about one hundred miles south of my college town, I had visited the city on numerous occasions and sought out the adult book stores and quietly inquired as to where to go to enjoy myself at, always explaining that I was in town on business or some other matter.
I was at one of the book stores when I was approached by a somewhat heavy set guy, well, he did have a gut that drooped over his belt a little. He asked 'do you think that his cock is that long,' referring to the picture on the front of the book I was examining. 'I guess that it could be,' was my answer. 'I think it was shot with some sort of trick camera,' he countered.
I decided to push the limits of the conversation 'even so, I wouldn't mind having that for a night,' I said. The guy didn't flinch instead he moved closer and lowered his head closer to the cover of the book and whispered 'what would you do if your cock was that big.' I quickly countered 'I wouldn't mind if my cock was that big, but I would sure like to feel something like that in my butt.'
'My name is Frank, I have a studio not far from here, if you want, we can go there and see if you can handle something like that.' I looked at Frank and thought that he was just wishful thinking or at least trying to brag. 'OK, I am David,how far away is it,' I asked, 'about six blocks north and two blocks east, we can walk there easily, if you want.'
We exited the store walking towards Frank's studio along the way Frank was pointing out the local sites, and telling me the history of the city. We reached his studio, it was in a reconditioned warehouse that had been turned into mixed business and residential use. We went up to the top floor his studio was on the north side with large windows that gave a fantastic view of the surrounding city.
I was mesmerized by the spectacle of seeing the nights lights spreading out below us. The large room was bathed in indirect lighting, no curtains or blinds on the very large windows, in the middle of the floor was a king size bed, with no head board, it was raised on a eight inch pedestal. There were three sofas off to one side arranged in a U shape, behind there was a low table that was about six feet long and three feet wide with chairs in a circle around it.
I turned to ask Frank a question and was amazed that he had stripped down to his boxers, his penis was beginning to stiffen. Frank said in a soft voice 'let's see if you can handle what you saw on the book cover.' With that he reached into the slit on his boxers and pulled out his cock. I was some what taken back by the size of it, below his stomach was at least twelve inches of man meat that was hardening with each stroke of his hand. I looked up and Frank told me 'don't back down now, let's see if you can handle this.'
I stuttered 'what is it you want me to do,' 'get out of those clothes first, than get on your knees and kiss the head of my baby here,'Frank said. I slowly removed my shoes and clothes watching Frank as he stood at arms length and stroked his massive cock slowly. When I was naked, except for my socks, I knelt and watched as Frank moved towards me.
I reached up and took hold of Franks man tool, it throbbed in my hand as I grasped it. 'Go on, kiss the head of baby,' Frank encouraged. I leaned forward and kissed the head of his cock, it jumped as soon as my lips touched it. I gently sucked the tip of that huge tool in to my mouth, Frank gently placed on hand on the top of my head allowing me to take his tool at my own pace.
Frank moaned sweetly as his head slid back and forth over my tongue. I pulled back till just the head was in my mouth, and started to do semi-circles on it. Frank groaned 'damn, that's good.' He pulled out of my mouth and said 'you wanted this inside of your butt, that's where it goes, not just your greedy mouth.'
With that Frank took me by the upper arm and guided me to the bed, from a stand on the way he picked up a tube of lubricant. As we reached the bed I laid on my back as Frank moved between my legs, I opened them and bent my knees to my stomach, Frank took some of the lube and rubbed it in to my butt hole, slipping a finger deep into it. Than he applied some lubricant to the head of his giant penis and along the shaft.
Frank moved closer to my butt and rubbed his rigid rubbery penile head across my butt hole, my entire body shuddered from delight and fearful expectation. My mind flash back, to other painful experiences, and I wondered if I could take a vicious attack by this, preposterous, piece of man meat poised at my tender anal opening.
Frank slowly eased forward, allowing my anus to accept his tool, slowly his rubbery penile head parted began to part my butt hole. The pain was intense, but bearable, slowly Frank eased more and more of that massive head in to my anus till suddenly it slipped through, causing me to give a small shriek as my outer sphincter muscle open to let it in and closed to keep it there.
Frank stopped and stroked my thighs whispering 'relax, take it easy, we have all night. I'm just going to let you have a little at a time, till you get used to it.' 'OK,' I whimpered through clinch teeth. Frank slowly pulled back till my sphincter relaxed, than pushed another half inch up my butt.
This went on till Frank had sunk about three quarters of his massive man meat, with it's huge head, and enormous shaft up my rectum. I was gasping and breathing shallow as he started to saw back and forth with that monster snake in my butt.
The pain was more than I could handle and keep to my self 'Frank, UNNH, please slow down, UNNNNNH, don't go any deeper. I can't take any UNH UNH UNH, more of you inside, please slow down, UNNNNNHHHHUH,' tears were beginning to form in my eyes. I could see Frank's face as he continued to frantically moved his tool up and back in my ass.
Frank didn't try to get any closer to me, he kept his hands on my thighs, pulling them back to him and pushing them to my stomach as he worked his cock in my butt. The pain was not as I expected, Frank worked his man tool for his satisfaction and his alone. I didn't think he intended to do any harm to me, but he wasn't going to stop because I was uncomfortable after getting in my butt.
'This is good boy pussy,' Frank said as he continued to punish my tender behind. The look in his eyes were bordering on maniacal, I was starting to panic and tried to slid from under his onslaught, only to have him pull me back to him, I was glad I decided to lay on my back in stead of my stomach.
'Please, Frank, UUUNNHOOOOHHH, I can't take any more, go head HUUUHUUNH, shoot your spunk in me,' I pleaded. Frank seemed to not hear or pay any attention to me, he just kept up the rhythm he had. 'Oh, Frank, Oh Frank, OOOWWWW, come on man you are tearing my ass up, let me rest,' I begged.
Frank looked down at me and I could see rage fill his eyes, I got scared at what he was going to do. Frank reached around my up stretched legs, placing a hand on each shoulder, using his huge body to f***e my legs back to my body. My butt was f***ed up off the bed, I glanced down and saw this white froth coming out of my anus as Frank plowed his meat into my butt.
I realized that he had already shot a load of spunk up my butt, and he wasn't as yet satisfied. I grasped his arms just below his elbow, trying to hold him back, his massive man tool was getting deeper and deeper, I could see how much more of it went in, as he relentless went about his pleasure.
Tears were flowing from both my eyes making the pillow under my head wet, both our bodies were drenched with sweat. My penis had shrunk and seemed like a little nipple as it bounced up and down on my pubic bone. I was frantically crying and begging Frank, pleading for him to stop and save my rectum from destruction.
I could stand no more of this attack, I scratched at Franks arms and tired to dig my fingers into his arms and back. 'Frannnk,' I cried, 'UUUNNNNHHUHU, please stop you are killing meeee,' I yelled. Frank continued to plunge that massive meat into my anus.
I could feel Frank's massive head pounding against the rear wall of my rectum, his pubic hair was resting on my testicles as he screwed deeper into my bowels. Frank was grunting like a wild a****l as he enjoyed his fuck, 'UHH,UNNNNH, please cum nooooow, Frank shoot you stuff, please,' I begged.
It was after midnight and Frank had been screwing me in the butt for at least three hours straight, without stopping or resting. His cum was running from my anus like a stream of baby making juice, he had shot so many times and wasn't yet ready to stop. His cock was still just as rigid as when he started, my legs were aching and throbbing from being held up in that unusual position.
I was twisting my head from side to side crying like a little bitch, biting into Franks wrist, hands, scratching at his arms and back, pulling at his hair on his head. Nothing helped, Frank was going to screw me till he was satisfied and nothing was going to stop him, I laid there on my back, Frank still plowing his massive piece of man meat into my rectum, crying and pleading, begging for Frank to stop.
Frank moved his hands to my throat, I panic, Frank lowered his entire body to mine, as he squeezed his hands tight around my throat, cutting off the little air I was getting, he suddenly lunge as deep into me as possible, whimpering like a little puppy, Frank began to shot, tremendously, huge amounts of baby juice in my bowels.
I could feel his entire cock throb and every squirt of juice as it flowed through his tube on the bottom of his giant tool and shot out the tip of his penile head and collide with the rear wall of my rectum.
I was trying to pull his hands from my throat, thinking that he was attempting to end my life. Frank, grunting deeply like some wild a****l, slowly released my throat, screwing his meat slowly up my butt as he continued to pump that stream of fluid into my anus.
He turned his head to my ear, sweat running from both our bodies, my legs aching in pain along with my poor stretched butt hole. 'Sorry, I got cried away whispered Frank as he gulped air. I don't get to do that often, so I had to take advantage and enjoy my self.
Frank rolled off of me, his man meat slowly pulling form my anus, like a snake from a hole in the ground. I turned with him to my side moving from the bed, stumbling to the floor, Frank pointed to a door,'you'll find a shower in there.'
I quickly showered and dressed, when I came from the shower room, Frank was sitting at the table with another man, I looked quizzically at the two of them. Frank pointed to an envelope at the end of the table and said 'sign the release from and you can go, leave your name and address if you want a copy of the film.
I looked at the form and around the room more thoroughly, that's when I saw the cameras in the ceiling and mounted at different angles from the poles that hung from the ceiling, in the envelope, was twenty, fifty dollar bills. His friend said 'the door is open, as you exit the building go to your left it will take you to the main street.'
The bastard had filmed us having sex and according to the form, it was a release. Giving Frank and some LLC the sole rights to what we had just done, also acknowledging that he use of a popular erectile d**g was being used and promoted in this film, I signed the paper and hurriedly left the building.
It was some months later in another adult book store, I saw a clip of a familiar scene under the heading 'black twink fucked by huge cock.'
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2 years ago
Just a question the stories you write are fiction or real life?
3 years ago
great story!
3 years ago
You're a wonderful writer, love your stories!
3 years ago
Wow is all I can say.