What a Foot ball Game I

I had worked the morning shift, one Saturday, as I was heading for the corner bus stop, Mr. Ronald pulled up beside me. Mr. Ronald was a constant customer at the burger joint I worked at, he had expressed his desire to help me make some money if I wanted too. I had been avoiding him since the night that he showed me how much I could make.
'Come, I have some friends that want to meet you,' he said. I looked at him and smiled, 'sorry I've got to get home,' I began to say, lot's of home work to catch up on.' Mr. Ronald said very sternly, 'my friends think that I was telling tall tales about our little session, if you make me a liar I won't be so nice about you stealing my money.' I stopped in my tracks and leaned into the passenger window 'you sick bastard, you gave me that money for forcing me to have sex with you,' I angrily declared.
Mr. Ronald replied 'who do you think people will believe a little punk like you, or a mature elder gentleman like me. Besides I do know your manger and I will bet that she would not keep you on the payroll if she thought that you were a thief.'
I could not believe what he was saying,'so you are going to make me ride with you even if I don't want to,' I ask. Mr. Ronald replied 'do what you want, I'm going where you want to go, if not I'm going to go have me a burger, so what you want to do?'
I reluctantly got into the passenger side of the car and we drove off. Mr. Ronald told me what was expected of me. 'The game will be on in a little while, my friends want some entertainment. You will put on what I have laid out on the bed and not refused any of their request. They have already paid for your services, I will give you your cut when we have finished. don't ask for any more money, if they want to give you more for doing something they think you need encouragement for take it and do as they ask. In other words make them happy and I will be happy.'
I sat there in silence, as we headed for the suburbs, it was a house on a very nice street. Each lawn was so nicely cut and the trees shaded the yards so lovely. We pulled into a winding drive way that lead to a two story house, the place was huge. We entered through a side door Mr. Ronald took me into one of the bedrooms, on the bed was a cloth full head mask. With openings for the eyes, mouth and nose, and a wrap around towel that just covered my mid section.
Mr. Ronald admired how I looked in my get up, 'this shows your nice shapely legs and provide access to the important parts of the entertainment. Come we are a little late!'
We went down the stairs to the basement, there were at least twenty elderly men sitting or standing around talking about the game that was coming up.
About time you getting here one said, another remarked,'so that's the piece of boy pussy you have for us?' 'Don't get your ass on your shoulder,' Mr. Ronald barked. 'I told you the rules. No more than two at a time, wash before you go from ass to mouth. No v******e, and no f***e. Public area in the corner private area in the walk in closet for a fee, who shall be first, let the party began.'
I looked around thinking that I must look like some slut with this towel wrap and a full head mask. One of the guys reached over and lifted my towel 'damn, it is a dude under there,' he said to no one in particular. a few of the guys already in short pants began to remove their sandals or shoes. One grey head fellow came towards me dropping his pants, his penis was standing erect and oozing precum already.
Mr. Ronald slipped a couple of fingers of lube up the crack of my behind and said 'I knew you would lead the way,' to the grey head fellow. The gentleman turned me around and bent me over a bad stool. His penis was a lot harder than I thought it would be, he rammed his sex tool up my butt with no mercy, I cried out in pure pain, my butt hole wasn't ready to be tortured like that.
Another gentleman came around to my head adjusted my face and stuck his wrinkle penis in my mouth and demanded 'suck this here dick, boy.' I was gasping and groaning from the rear attack as he pushed his soft penis in my mouth. I looked at Mr. Ronald as he nodded his head at me, telling me to go ahead and suck. I reached out to steady my self, when the guy knocked my hands away, 'don't touch me just suck, damn't.'
I sucked on his old penis and he began to harden, the guy in my butt shot his load quickly, too quickly, and complained that he had been tricked out of his money. Mr. Ronald laughed and told him 'so the ass is good and you shot a load of spunk in it, get a drink and come back later. Now don't no body else try to spoil the fun, some one get in that ass before it closes.'
Those old men act like they had not had sex in some time, I was worried that one of them might have a heart attack or something, the way they plunged into my ass hole was no joke. It seemed like when the commercials were on they tried to fuck as fast as possible. And who ever was in my ass when the game resumed just took his time, unless his team made a good play, or if his team was loosing. Either way whoever it was tried to punish my butt for it.
I was fucked on my stomach, on my knees, laying on my back, Two of them had came over and one pulled my legs over my head while the other knelt at my butt and pounded my unprotected ass hole. When others saw this they too wanted some of the action.
Only one wanted me to go into the walk-in closet with him. He gave Mr. Ronald some extra money, when we were inside Mr. Ronald told him 'no more than twenty minutes.' 'What if I want more,' asked the gentleman. Mr. Ronald replied 'you will have to wait an hour while the others are taking of, you know the rules.
In the closet, the guy told me to suck him till he tell me to stop and than get on my knees with my ass in the air, and I better really enjoy it.' As i knelt down he took hold of the back of my head and face fucked me till I was slobbering like a wild dog. My spit and his man juices dripping from my chin, I thought that at times he was trying to f***e his man meat down my throat. He kept trying to push all his cock into my throat. Each time his pubis hair would tickle my nose I tried to pull my head away, but he held me close until I gagged and slob came out of my mouth.
When He finally pulled from my mouth he kicked my legs around and I lowered my head to the floor lifting my ass high in the air. He straddled my buttocks and rammed his cock deep in to my bottom. Holding me by the waist keeping me from going down to the floor, he continued till he shot his load deep in my rectum. When he finished he dropped three twenty dollars bills on the floor and said 'that's for you, I like a bitch that obeys.
By the time the game was over, and I was glad it did not go into over time, I had been in the closet three more times, each gentleman was very generous with their compensation. I had made six hundred dollars in the closet alone.
When the last guy had left Mr. Ronald let me shower and clean myself up. When I came from the shower Mr. Ronald was standing in the room naked 'now let us have some fun.' With that Mr. Ronald laid me on my back and lifted my ankles to his shoulders and tried to tear my tender butt hole apart. After twenty or so minutes he shot a huge load of his man juice up my butt and laid their with my legs in the air till his penis shrunk and slid out of my anus.
He got up and told me to dress 'let my cum stay in your ass till you get home,' he said. He pulled a box from the table drawer and started to count out bills on the table while I dressed. He counted me out twelve hundred dollars and said I could have done better if it was a better game.
He dropped me a block from home and said 'I will get in touch with you for the next game, expect a bigger crowed. Things like this spread with word of mouth.' He was laughing out loud as he drove off. I started walking home, his man juice running down my legs from my stretched butt hole.
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1 year ago
May be some day i will do that for some one game
1 year ago
I need to do that one day
2 years ago
Wow you must have beed totality drained but what a way to make some really quick cash
3 years ago
Totally suprising story. Great work