Strange Shower Encounter pt1

It was late one evening after the track team had timed runs, we were getting ready for a meet, and coach wanted us at our best. This evening the varsity football squad was practicing also, they finished before we did and after some playful joking around they left for the locker room.
As we finished up, I was assigned to help gather up the equipment, Edward was also there and the two of us dutifully placed everything in the teams locker. Edward and I started towards the locker room to shower and lock up for the night.
As we entered the outside shower room we heard the back up quarter back, Steven, singing in the shower.
Steven was so off key that we began to make fun of his singing, I think we got a little to loud and carried away. When we looked up Steven was standing there in the door way dripping wet and mad as hell.
'What the fuck do you two pussies think you are doing,' he bellowed. Edward and I both jumped at the rage in his voice, I also noticed that Steven was having an enormous hard on, his penis was standing straight out from his body and throbbing so hard that it bounced up and down.
Edward stumbled through and apology, and nervously tried to play it off. Steven was not having anything to do with that. He told us to 'shut up and get in the shower and get out of there. Edward grabbed his towel and started towards the shower, as he passed Steven he slipped on the wet floor and grabbed hold of Steven to keep from fallen to the floor.
His hands slipped down Steven's side and across his penis, which bobbed up violently, Steven caught Edward and kept him from hitting the floor. 'Boy' you done did it now,' growled Steven as he pushed Edward towards the shower room. 'Get your ass in here too,' Steven barked at me, I grabbed my towel and scampered in to the shower. Edward was at the far end already lathering up, I stopped about half way and turned on the shower head. Steven growled at Edward 'that's my water bitch,' Edward looked like he was going to run through the wall.
Steven looked at me than at Edward 'you think this shit is funny don't you.' Edward shook his head from side to side, indicating, no. Steven walked towards me and pushed me towards Edward, Edward was already backing into the corner of the shower with soap running down his body.
Steven spoke sternly and f***efully 'both you bitches gonna get fucked, for trying to fuck with me.' Edward started to babble something like 'that ain't gonna happen, you stupid jock.'
Steven reached past me and slapped Edward so hard that he lost his balanced and fell to the floor. Steven looked at me and ordered me to 'get your punk ass in the corner and sit down.' I stepped slowly to the corner watching Edward try to stand rubbing his jaw and crying.
Steven pulled Edward to his knees and f***ed his penis into Edward's anus, the poor boy howled like some one was trying to kill him. I started top move and Steven told me 'don't you move an inch, or you'll be next.' Edward was begging Steven to take it out he was tearing him apart, by now Edward was prone on the floor and Steven was laying on top of him with both legs on each side of Edward.
You could hear Steven's penis slurping in and out of Edwards rectum and Edward hollering and crying like he was being tortured. Edward looked up into my eyes, they were panic filled, he tried to reach out to me. Steven said 'yeah' that's a goof ideal, tag team fucking.' I jumped and started to run for the door, Steven tripped me with his hand. I flew across the floor on my stomach, Steven had gotten up off of Edward, his penis was still rock hard as he pulled me back by my ankle.
Edward was trying to crawl away when Steven stumped him in the small of his back. 'Lay your ass back down, no one told you to move.' Steven said. Steven d**gged me across the shower floor and laid me across Edward's body. He knelt on the floor and elbowed me in the butt so hard that I thought he had broke my butt.
'Open up your ass, fuck boy.' Steven ordered. I could barley move as Steven moved between my knees. He took no time sinking his man hood into my anal opening causing me to yell. Steven f***ed most of his meat into me before pulling back a little and pushing back in.
Steven slapped Edward upside the head and told him 'I didn't want you to thing you were special, so I'm gonna fuck you both.' Edward was straining trying to keep us from smashing him in to the shower floor. Steven pulled out of my butt, to my relief and thought of something that had not crossed my mind.
He pulled me off of Edward and pulled Edward up and looked him in the face 'you fuck him or I'll make him fuck you.' I tried to turn away only to have Steven grab me by the heel don't you move bitch.'
Steven pushed Edward down on my back and ordered him to 'stick your dick up that ass,' Edward started to say something, then raised up and slipped his cock in my stretched open anus. 'David, I'm sorry man, but I've got to,' Edward said as I flinched from his penis entering my behind.
Than Steven laughed and said 'I was just joking I'm still gonna fuck you too.' With that Steven knelt down and mounted Edward, Edward grunted as Steven entered his butt.
Steven and Edward was awkward at first as they both tried to move but soon they got together, Edward's penis became more rigid as he was pushed deeper and deeper into my bottom. Soon Edward shot his load in my butt, Steven raised up and moved Edward aside and plunged his man meat roughly into my bottom.
Steven rode me so hard and f***efully, that Edward was stroking his penis watching us. When Steven shot his load and rose slowly to his knees, Edward moved right between Steven and I and plunged his penis up my sloppy butt hole.
Steven stood confused and dripping man spunk from his penis. Edward whispered in my ear 'you got the tightest ass I ever fucked.' Without saying anything else Edward and Steven switched out on me for about two hours. My butt hole was wide open and so full of their spunk that when they entered me it sounded like the were jumping into a small pool of water.
When they had each shot there loads into me multiple times, I was glad to stand up. Than to my surprise as Steven finished showering and left us alone, Edward dropped down and began to suck my penis like a greedy two bit whore. He would stop, even after I shot my load down his throat, Edward swallowed every drop, he continued to suck me till he was satisfied that I wasn't going to get hard.
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now that was a surprise