Just Plain Sexual Fulfillment pt3

I was coming back from the park, where I went after the book store. As I went through the side door to the dorm ,Joey was coming down the steps. 'Whoa, were do you think you are going,' Joey asked. 'I'm going to take a shower and go to bed,' I replied. 'Yeah\, you are going to bed alright,' Joey said twisting my arm up behind my back.
We entered the second floor, no one was in the hall Joey pushed, pulled, me down to his room. Me through the door and to the floor, I looked back at him in bewilderment. "Get out of those clothes before I loose my cool, Joey ordered. Before I could get my pants off, Joey was on me like a bee to honey.
Joey flipped me to my stomach and plowed his man meat deep in my butt. With all the cum that was up my butt his penis slipped right in. Joey didn't seemed to mind or notice that my butt was full of spunk. He pushed and pulled that huge tool back and forth till he shot his load deep into my rectum. We laid there on the floor till his penis stop jumping, Joey pulled out and told me to get dress and go shower.
I had reached my room and was heading for the shower, I passed by Tony's door' it was ajar, i reached for the knob to push it open than decided against it. I went on to the shower and cleaned myself up, my butt was oozing spunk from the eight or ten dudes I had let screw me in the park as well as Jerry from the book store, and Joey from two.
What a weird evening this turned out to be I thought, I dried off and slipped into my robe. I was heading back to my room when Tony stepped out of his door, 'I thought that was you going into the shower,' he said. 'Hi,' I whispered, Tony took my hand and pulled me into his room. In side tony closed the door and dropped his pants 'this time I want you to bend over the desk,' Tony said.
I looked at him in disbelief, 'are you serious,' I said. Tony didn't say another word, he removed my robe and bent me over the deck, my aching anus exposed to him and at his mercy, Tony rubbed some lubricant into my butt crack, it was oh so soothing.
Tony rubbed his sweet penis head up and down the crack of my ass till his penis head touched my tender anus. Tony lunged up my butt, causing me to stand on my tip toes and groan something awful. Tony took me by the hips twisting them the opposite way he was twisting his hips.
For about twenty minutes Tony screwed me like this, than he pulled out and pushed me to the floor, lifted my legs and rammed into my waiting butt hole, with such f***e that I was bouncing off of the hard floor with each plunge.
I could barely stand what was happening to me, tony was reaching down hitting that sweet spot that I didn't know was there. The more he plunged into my butt the hornier I became. Finally I could not hold back, I reached up grabbed his head in both of my hands and began to kiss him wildly, begging him to 'fuck me like a bitch.'
Tony didn't stop he reached under my buttocks and plowed into me like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly I was shooting my load between us and Tony was lunging deep into me hitting that inner spot that sent me into a frenzied, frantic abandonment. I grabbed my toes pulled my feet up and stretched them as wide as I could and let Tony have all of me. Tony shot load after, load of his man spunk into me and collapsed down on me. I rolled him over to his back with his penis still stuck up my butt. I bounced up and down on him till he shot another load into my rectum.
Than as I lifted off of him, for no reason I slipped down and took his softening penis into my mouth and sucked him till he shot another load down my throat.
Than as Tony laid there sweating and panting, I retrieved my robe went back to the shower than went to my room locked the door and went to sl**p.
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2 years ago
yes alwas betere to showere and sleep
3 years ago
thats lots of dudes. a day like that would be ,my dream