One Night Encounter

It seemed that there are no secrets in a college dorm, I had to learn this the hard way during my freshman year.
When I get horny and don't want to jerk off, I get mischievous, I don't exactly want to cum, but crave to have sinuous sexual release. I would roam the adult book stores and adult cinemas, seeking anonymous sexual encounters.
I thought that I always carried my self as manly as possible, well there was Tony, but he wanted me as much as I wanted him.
I did not want my sexual encounters to get around, I would go into areas of town that ordinarily I wouldn't be caught dead in. There I would have the best sex that you could have.
It was on one such occasion that I met Jerry. Jerry was in his early thirties, I was merely twenty and experimental, Jerry was at least six feet tall, maybe one hundred-eighty pounds, strikingly good looks, some what stuck up though.
We was in an adult book store, I was checking out some mags featuring huge cocks. as I was flipping through the pages, I noticed Jerry watching from the end of the row. I pretended to be looking at the pictures, while checking him out in the corner of my eyes.
I decided to see what would happen if I went into the back where there were little stalls, that you put money in a slot that you watched scenes from porn movies. I went to the change machine and put in a five dollar bill, it gave me twenty quarters. I went through the curtain and looked at the still pictures on the outsides of the stall. When I reached the end of the row, I glanced back to see if I was being followed.
The curtain partied and Jerry walked through, he headed straight towards me. This cause me to get apprehensive, you didn't just walk straight up to guys in book stores like that, unless you were law enf***ement or store security. I looked back at the pictures and decided to enter and start watching the movie.
As soon as I dropped in the first dollar of quarters, the curtain partied. Jerry stepped right up to me, pushed me to the wall and whispered into my ear.
'Drop you pants quick and bend over,' I was flabbergasted, 'What,' I muttered.
Jerry spun me around undid my belt pulled my pants down and began to stick his cock up the crack of my butt. 'Wait we need some lubricant,' I stammered, 'we need nothing but for you to do as you are told,' Jerry shot back. With that Jerry placed his hand between my shoulder blades and push me forward and down. My unlube butt poking back at him, Jerry slipped on a rubber, parted my buttocks, found my anal opening and sunk his entire shaft up my butt. I started to squeal, he covered my mouth 'don't be stupid,' he said.
Jerry's penis wasn't very long, but it was fat and rigid, for five minutes Jerry rammed into me, the movie stopped he told me 'put six more quarters in,' I did. As I was dropping them in he whispered 'my name is Jerry, while I fuck you whisper my name to me.' I thought that odd, when the last coin hit the bottom, Jerry began to pound into me again. I looked back over my shoulder and whispered 'Oh Jerry, Jerry, you so big baby.' Jerry seemed to like that and sped up punching his cock into my butt.
just before the movie ended Jerry reached around under my shirt and twisted my nipple with one hand and squeezing my penis with the other. He pulled me back to him and began to unload into the rubber, when he had finished he pulled out of me ripped off the rubber exited the stall and disappeared.
I quickly pulled up my pants straighten out my clothes and tried to catch up to him. When I went through the curtain into the book store there was no body there except the sl**py clerk behind the counter. I retreated back into the room with the stalls. I peeped into each one, there was no one there but me, I know it was no dream for in the last stall, where we were, the fresh used rubber was laying against the wall, besides my butt hole was still throbbing from the sex.
As I left the book store, I headed down to the local park, it was known as a cursing spot.

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