A Different Kind of Woman pt2

My hands were at one and eleven o'clock tied to the bed, the beautiful creature that I was so infatuated with turned out to be a shemale and I was at her/his mercy. Tiffany was working her/his penis up my butt with precision all the while stroking my penis keeping me rigid hard. Each time I thought I was about to shoot Tiffany would stop long enough for me to calm down.
Tiffany had called some body named 'Joliet' and told her(?) to bring 'Bambi' with her(?). Tiffany was having her/his self a fantasy come true pumping her/his penis deep into my butt, all I could do was grunt and groan with the ball gag in my mouth.
Tiffany let my penis go and began to stroke his/her penis faster into my butt. Tiffany lunge deep in me a shot her/his load in my rectum, as Tiffany was shooting into me she/he gently stroked my penis keeping me on edge but not letting me shoot.
The doorbell rang, and Tiffany jump off the bed and went to the door. I laid there with Tiffany's spunk draining from my butt, when Tiffany and two very attractive women came through the door 'see I told you I had us a boy toy for the night,'
'Say hi to David, David this is Joliet, Joliet this is David.' Joliet was a tall chocolate skinned beauty well proportioned, with long silky legs and straight shoulder length hair, tits like honey dew melons, and green flashing eyes.
'Bambi, say Hi to David, David this is Bambi,' Bambi was sleek and slender blonde hair, deep blue eyes, soft cream toned skin, and just as well endowed in the breast as well.
'Alright girls,' said Tiffany get out of those clothes and let's have some fun. Joliet walked over to the bed and gently stroked my penis 'Tiff, you gonna have to show me how you do it every time, you can keep a dick hard no matter what.' Bambi came over and saw precum oozing from the tip of my penis 'I just adore me some young cum.' Bambi licked the fluid from my penis.
'Come on girls let's have fun,' Tiffany demanded, Joliet lifted my leg and said 'girl, you already been having fun, this boy pussy is ready,' Joliet said.
Joliet and Bambi removed their clothes only to reveal two long huge pieces of man meat that was attached to their body. The three of them were she-males and their penis was hard and ready to work. The three of them descended upon my body licking sucking and stroking me every where all at once.
Joliet asked Tiffany 'come on girl show us how you kept that dick hard.' Tiffany came over lifted my legs to her/his shoulders and began to gently stroke my penis. Joliet and Bambi leaned down to see Tiffany place her/his penis at the opening of my anus and watched as Tiffany slowly sunk that wonderful piece of meat up my butt. When the head had popped into my butt Tiffany slowly began to stroke my penis while worming her/his penis up in to my butt.
'The object is to not let him shot till you want him to, I can screw him all I want and not let his dick go soft.' 'Here Bambi' suck this head...very slowly now or he'll blow your head off,' With a squeal Bambi dropped down on my penis like she/he had not seen dick before. 'Slow down girl.' said Tiffany I don't want him to shoot yet.
With that Bambi slowed her/his sucking, they were driving me crazy with pleasure. Joliet asked Tiffany 'can I take that damn ball out his mouth, I've got something else to replace it with.' 'Go on, you're going do it anyway.'
Joliet removed the ball gag and promptly stuck her/his penis in my mouth. 'Suck this right and I might get you off,' said Joliet. I was so horny I sucked the head of that penis like it was a all day sucker. Joliet was moaning and groaning so that Tiffany pulled her/his penis from my mouth.
'Bitch, you are having to much fun, joked Tiffany as Joliet and Bambi laughed. Bambi told Tiffany 'let us get some of that boy pussy, now.' Tiffany pulled out Bambi scrambled around and popped her/his penis up my butt. Bambi screwed me like she/he hadn't had sex in a while. Joliet said 'that's what happens when you just let your clients fuck you and you don't fuck them, you go wild when you get some for your self.'
Tiffany and Joliet sat back stroking each others penis watching Bambi pound into my bottom. 'Look at that bitch work up a sweat, she's wearing that pussy out.' Tiffany and Joliet was enjoying there self watching Bambi have her/his way with my bottom. I couldn't help but moan and groan from pain and pleasure, trying hard to maintain a sense of where I was and what was happening to me.
The three of them took turns plunging deep into my bottom, they shot load after load of spunk into my butt. I didn't believe that they would ever get tired or allow me to release the loads of energy that was being bottled up inside of me.
Tiffany was screwing me in the butt, Bambi was licking and kiss sucking my erect penis and Joliet was sucking and kissing my nipples. Tiffany said watch out girls I think he's going to explode. Bambi was sucking on one of my testicles, Joliet was putting her/his penis into my mouth, when I shot my built up load. It went at least four feet into the air. Joliet screamed 'what a load of cum,' Bambi let go of my testicle and tried to get her/his mouth on to my squirting penis.
Tiffany bent my legs back and worked my anus with gusto till he \/she erupted in my anus. When Tiffany pulled out Joliet went in holding my legs back just like Tiffany had down and plowed into my bottom. After Joliet shot into my rectum Bambi reluctantly released my penis from her/his lips and mounted me in like manner bouncing into me till she/he let go of her/his load of spunk.
With exhaustion we were all laid out on the bed, Joliet was trying to get me to suck her/his penis, Bambi was sucking the last drops of spunk from my softening penis, Tiffany had formed a "T" between my legs humping into my tender anal opening.
It was a wild week end, the likes I've never experienced again. I did have encounters with Bambi, Joliet and Tiffany again but I made sure that they were not together. Each one would pick me up from work from time to time some times for a quickie, some times for and all night fuck, life was fun.
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2 years ago
this was so hot OMG i just came agian
3 years ago
what a great weekend was had by all
3 years ago
very good
3 years ago
Wew, That was good, That is one of my fantacies, to be used by a group of shemales. Thank's for sharing.