A Different Kind of Woman pt1

As I was leaving work, a car stopped at the corner in the drivers seat was the most sexiest woman that I have ever seen. She had a pair of breast that was to die for, and legs that seemed to stretch for ever, and a smile that would bend steel. She saw me looking at her, probably with my mouth hanging open, she smiled and sorta of waved than drove off. I could not get her out of my mind, when I got home I jerked off thinking about her.
Two nights later I was at the corner waiting for the light to change, the same car pulled up, as I stepped into the streets, she moved forward just a little, I stepped back she stopped, I stepped out, she moved forward. I stopped and waved her on, she smiled at me as she went by and this time she really did wave her hand at me.
The following week I was running a little late for the bus, and as I reached the corner, I saw the tail lights of the bus pull off. I started to run for, this was the last, bus. The same car pulled along side me and she asked me if I needed to catch that bus, 'I answered that's why I'm running, 'she said hop in smarty, I'll give you a lift.' We caught up to the bus in about two blocks, I got out and said 'thank you so much,' she smiled and drove off.
The next night, as I left work, she was parked in the parking lot. As I exited the restaurant, she flashed her lights at me, I walked over to the drivers side she said, get in I'll drop you home.' She introduced herself as 'Tiffany,' I told her my name 'David Ross.'
I went to the passengers side and got in to the car, as we left the lot I looked at her legs, she had a dress on with a split that went up to her waist. Not only could I see her leg but also her right thigh. My penis was throbbing like a tooth ache, I told her how to reach my home. When we were a block away she confided that she lived about two miles past my home in another neighborhood. She did not turn down my street but let me out at the corner, with a wave she was gone.
The next week she was back in the parking lot, I walked over and sat in the passenger seat admiring her beauty. She asked me if I ever spent 'the night over to a friends house,' I told her 'sometimes.' She asked if I would like to spend the night with her sometimes, I stuttered 'sure,' she giggled and said 'do you think you could do so this week end.' I was in hog heaven 'yes, all I have to do is let my friend Rob know that I will be at his house just in case my parents check up on me,' I blurted out.
She smiled and said 'come on I'll drop you home,' as we rode I could not help but think what a lucky guy I was. This sexy woman who had to be at least twenty-five, and wanted to me to spend the night with her. After all, I was only s*******n.
That Friday she was in the lot waiting as I exited the building, we went straight to her home. It was in a very nice neighborhood and was nicely decorated. as we entered the front door she said 'excuse the mess, I haven't been home to straighten up yet,' I don't know what she was talking about the place was spotless.
She said 'I don't entertain many people here and when I am here I spend most of my time in my bedroom, come on back.' I followed her trying not to run past her, my heart was beating like a bass drum, my penis was straining trying to burst through my jeans.
When we reached her bedroom she turned on a lamp and started to pick up items on the floor. She moved a pile of clothes from a recliner and a magazine fell to the floor. I reached down and picked it up, as I did so I could not help but see the picture of a woman tied to a bed and a guy licking her cunt.
I looked up to see Tiffany staring at me 'sorry about that,' she said. 'But sometimes I get lonely and fantasize about those pictures .' I said 'yeah, they are stimulating.' She said let me show you something.
She disappeared into her walk in closet, I heard her rummaging around for something. She called out 'alright now, close your eyes and no peeking.' I said alright. She said 'you can open them now,' I looked and there she was with leather boots black fishnet stockings a black g-string and black bra on. I know my mouth fell wide open.
She had her hand behind her back, as she brought her hand out I saw she had a cat-o-nine in her hands. I jumped and she said 'don't worry I just wanted to see how you would react,' with that she started to laugh really hard. She tossed the whip back into the closet and strutted towards me saying 'let's get these clothes off of you. I was undressing as fast as I could when she stopped me at my boxers. 'Let me take them off when I'm ready,' she had hold of my penis through my shorts and was stroking it back and forth.
'Come on let me have my fantasy come true,' she said, we moved to the bed where we laid down on our sides she reached behind the bed and produced a pair of cuffs. 'Let me bind you with these please,' asked so sweetly I couldn't refuse. With my hands bond one at one o'clock and the other at eleven o'clock, Tiffany began to lick and kiss my chest and nipples, she licked up one side of my body and down the other.
I was trembling like jello as she reached my boxers and pulled them down slowly. My penis was rock hard and throbbing something awful., Tiffany licked my penile head gently, and licked my balls softly. She raised her head looking me in the eyes 'have you ever had a girl one lick you in the butt before,' I shook my head no, cause I couldn't speak my penis was shaking like it was going to explode.
Tiffany lifted my legs and began to wetly lick my butt hole, sticking her tongue in every now and than. I was shaking all over by now. Tiffany raised up and told me 'I can't keep this up much more,' 'neither can I,' said I. She moved up between my legs licking my calves and thighs as she came up when she had my legs sticking up in the air. She said. 'you are ripe now for fun,' I smiled at her cute eyes not looking at what she was doing with her hands.
She was removing the g-string, from around her mid section, as the cloth dropped away she reached between her legs and pulled out about nine inches of dick. I was shocked into dumbness, I had never seen a woman with a penis before, her tits were real her body was to die for and instead of a pussy she had a huge hard on.
Before I could move Tiffany had plunged her/his penis into my anus and was slowly screwing deeper into me. All the while saying 'I wanted to tell you but I didn't want you to leave, I'm inside of you now so let me finish.' I was in another world. This beautiful woman that had just been sucking and licking my body, rubbing her tits all over me was now sticking a good size penis up my butt.
Not only that but she was still stroking my rigid cock with precision, keeping it hard and erect as she was screwing me in the ass with her dick. Tiffany slowly picked up the pace moving deeper and deeper in side of my rectum. I couldn't get my mind to register as to what was happening. Tiffany was moaning as she/he wormed her/his penis into my butt.
Suddenly Tiffany started to hump deeper into me and stroke my penis harder, I was on the verge of shooting my load straight up into her/his face, when she/he suddenly stopped and pulled out of my behind.
'Not right now,' Tiffany said, I've got plans for you and this fine piece of man meat.' With that she/he bent down and gave me a sucking kiss right on the head of my penis. Than she produced a ball gag and stuck in into my mouth and from a box by the bed a huge butt plug and rammed it up my butt.
Tiffany went over and dialed a number on the phone, 'Hi Joliet, this is Tiffany, I have our boy toy for the night. Get Bambi and come on over,,' looking back at me on the bed Tiffany said 'I'm sure he will keep, I just have to keep my hands off of him,' with that she/he began to laugh hysterically and hang the phone up.
Tiffany returned to the bed and started to stroke my penis again saying 'don't worry I'm not going to hurt you or let anyone else hurt you, but us girls are going to have some good fun with you tonight, I know you will enjoy it.'
Tiffany sucked gently on the head of my penis, than removed the butt plug and began to screw me again all the while stroking my penis...
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3 years ago
Very arousing
3 years ago
looking forward to pt 2
3 years ago
very hot
3 years ago
Very,very good story. I have always wanted to hook up with a real shemale and be her toy for the night.