Room Mate Sex

The college that I attended, was in the deep south, a well known institution. Many a great man had walked those sacred grounds, I was very proud to be a student at this institution.
The dorm I lived in, Grant's Hall, was built like last century, it was still in use. It has four floors with twenty rooms on each floor, a central shower and toilet area. No cooking in the dorms allowed, yet some of us did have hot plates and space heaters.
The first floor rooms were occupied by three to four students, the second floor was occupied by two to three students and floors three and four were occupied by one or two students. I was on three and had one room mate, his name was Daryl. Daryl spent Sunday through Thursday nights in the dorm room, Friday and Saturday nights you could not find Daryl on campus.
Each Sunday afternoon Daryl would return with his laundry freshly done and on hangers or folded nicely. One other thing, Daryl would get up about five Monday through Friday and do his push ups and sit ups on the floor. I would be awaken by him going 'eighty-six hunh, eighty seven huh, and so on.
One Saturday morning, however, I was disturbed by hearing Daryl doing his thing. This was unusual, I raised up on my elbows and asked if he had 'lost his mind.' Daryl smiled at me and said 'I need to work up a sweat before I go shower.' I replied 'can't you do so quietly, so I can sl**p.' Daryl replied something like 'if I could get some pussy I wouldn't have to make so much noise.' Well this was an all male school, so I got smart and turned over muttering 'good fucking luck with that.'
Daryl jerked the covers off of me suddenly as I turned Daryl had one knee on my bed, his penis sticking out of his boxer shorts. 'Have you gone plain stupid,' I stuttered. I couldn't help but look at Daryl's penis it was long and skinny with a strange looking head. It looked like it was stunted, most penis heads are some what elongated, his was stubby, blunted I guess is a better phrase.
Daryl continued to advance on my bed 'don't you know that Joey can't keep nothing to his self. He told me about you John and him.' I looked up at his face and tried to explain what had happened. Daryl said 'it don't matter, we've been room mates for three months you never even jerked me off let alone had sex.'
Daryl started to push my legs apart as he kept moving up on me, I was still prone on my bed resting on my elbows, Daryl ripped my shorts, making it look like I had on a skirt. I tried to move up farther on the bed but Daryl had hold of my thighs and pulled me back down. Daryl was stronger than he looked and his grip on my thighs told me as much.
As I laid back down with Daryl stomach resting on my stomach, he spoke slowly. 'Joey said that John had to bitch slap you before you let them both fuck you. We aren't going to have that problem are we.' With that he lifted my shirt and slowly began to suck on my nipples. I didn't know if he was just testing me or if he was serious.
Daryl lifted his head and looked me in the face 'I wondered why you had this tube of lubricant here by the bed.' He reached over into my night stand and retrieved the tube like he knew where it was. He put some in his hand and rubbed it on to his penis head than rubbed some between my buttocks.
Before I could stop him Daryl lifted my legs placed my feet on his shoulders and sunk his penis head up my butt, I gasped and grabbed his biceps. 'Nooo, don't do this to me Daryl,' I panted as he wormed his penis deeper into my butt. Daryl whispered 'all these months you been fucking guys and didn't even offer me any head, or even a hand job, I've got to make up for lost time.'
Daryl slipped his hands under my shoulder blades grasping my shoulders, pulling me down on to his man tool. He lowered his lips to my neck and began to suck gently on my neck, I tried to tell him 'please Daryl stop now don't do this.' It was too late already and Daryl knew this, my butt was already screwing back to him. Daryl released my shoulders and let my legs down from his shoulders, I nudged my knees to his sides and slid my arms around his neck stroking his head as he sucked passionately on my neck.
Daryl continued to f***e more and more of his man meat deeper, and deeper into my wanting rectum till he encountered my inner sphincter muscle. Daryl slowly pulled back and started to hump at that muscle 'uh,uuhhh, ooohh!' I moaned. I was enjoying the feeling of this blunted head bumping my innards so gently. My inner sphincter muscle gave way and let Daryl slide more of his penis into me.
I knew that I could not hold out much longer, the sweat from both our bodies was mingling between us causing our skin to slip and slide freely my penis was trapped between us oozing precum and with the sweat and friction from our bodies I couldn't hold back much longer. 'Daryl please stop I can't hold out much longer,' I moaned into his ear. Daryl said 'than don't, let me feel you shoot your load,' with that encouragement I shot a large load between us on our stomachs, my penis jumping and throbbing wildly.
Daryl reached down and took both my buttocks in his hands and began to hump deeper into me again. I felt him as his penis met another of my inner anal muscle rings, this time Daryl didn't keep humping. He started to worm his man meat around in my bottom I could feel his stunted head each time it slipped across the deep opening. I couldn't take it any more I pleaded and begged 'Daryl, please stop, I can't take anymore, please don't...' Daryl cut me off 'don't what, what you don't want me to do?'
I gasped 'Daryl please don't..please don't,' 'go head tell me what you don't want me to do.' I could not help my self, the boy new what he was doing to my insides, I cried softly into his ear 'please, Daryl, please don't stop fucking me, please don't stop.' I didn't think it possible but I was having an anal orgasm, my body was shaking all over. That inner ring that Daryl's blunted penis head was massaging opened up and swallowed his head. I felt it pop through and as he wormed it around I felt every move deep in my rectum, this muscle locked around his penis head and wouldn't let go.
I reached up a grabbed my toes and splayed my legs wide as I could, Daryl took his time and screwed me like a pro. We were sweating and moaning and groaning together like to a****ls in heat, well we were to a****ls in heat. Soon Daryl wrapped his arms around me pulling me closer to him and shot his load deep in my butt. We laid there gathering our breath, me holding him and caressing his body, my legs holding his midsection, my heels gently pulling him to my butt.
We stayed like that till I heard Daryl gently snoring from exhaustion, for abut twenty we stayed that way. Daryl's penis woke first, I could feel it getting firmer in my butt. Slowly Daryl began to come around, he started to screw me slowly as his penis firmed up.
When he was rock hard again, Daryl raised up took my ankles and began to pound into my butt like a mad man, his penis head still locked into that inner sphincter muscle. I tried to hold on to keep him from hurting me, but his a****l lust was over powering and Daryl ****d me for at least twenty more minutes.
I was moaning, groaning, grunting, crying, whimpering, I didn't want to cry out loud. I could here other students moving around in the hall, heading for the toilet or leaving the building. The last thing I wanted was for some one to burst in on us like this.
After about thirty minutes of this, Daryl shot a massive load up my butt, matter of fact he rammed so hard into my butt that my eyes rolled to the back of my head from pain and pleasure, Daryl collapsed down on me whispering 'damn what a fuck, what a fuck.'
As we laid in each other arms Daryl told me we were going to do this more often. After that morning we would engage in sexual relations two to three times a week. If Daryl left on Friday he was back on Saturday night or if he stayed on Friday he was gone on Saturday night. And we had great sex, what can I say, the boy really knew how to use his tool.

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1 year ago
This is so fucking hot my cock is hard as a rock
2 years ago
wow i came again that was so great
3 years ago
why werent you my roommate?