f***ed into Submission

I had just entered college, moved to the big city, with neon lights, all night clubs, non stop parties. I thought that this was the life, in my early twenties , enjoying that I could be fucked or fuck who I wanted too. I was just living life to it's fullest.
There was one set back to this life, many young men was being found murdered after they had sexual relations. No one trusted who they did not know, the field of new meat was shrinking. You often found out that you either had just had sex with or was about to have sex with some one that you knew sex partner.
It was on such an occasion that I found myself, It was late night and most of the students were inside. I should add that it was the middle of winter and a strong wind was blowing, being out side after eleven at night was foolish.
As I hurried to my dorm I rounded a corner only to run straight into the best looking body I had ever seen. John, was five feet one, stocky and dark skinned. We both fell to the ground in a heap, getting up apologizing to each other, 'sorry man, I should have been looking where I was going,' 'no It was my fault,' responded.'
Than I realized that I had my hand on his growing piece of man meat, I looked up in shock, thinking that I was going to get floored instead he asked 'like what you are holding.' I released him and stood up. 'My name is David and you are,' I muttered, 'Hi, I'm John I was just trying to get back home before too late.''I live on campus in Grant's hall want to go up to my room and warm up,' said I clumsily.
'Sure,' answered John and off we went, upstairs in a fast pace mainly to get away from the cold and to get out of the hall way before we were seen. Inside my room I turned on the electric heater and put some water on the hotplate for chocolate.
John made himself at ease by sitting on the bed rather than the chair. I took his jacket and skull cap, hung them behind the door along with my coat and hat. We had our Chocolate and as I was putting the cups back on the shelve, John made the next move quickly, he stood behind me embracing me in his arms and searching for my nipples with the fore finger and thumb of each hand. He found them and began to gently twist them, I reached up and grabbed his hands saying 'what do you think you are doing, slow down.' John replied 'sorry I can't afford to do that and let you get away.'
I turned around in his arms and with out a second thought planted a deep passionate kiss right on his lips. John slipped his hands up my shirt, lifting it over my head, tossing it to the floor. Shivering I stepped back and began to remove my pants and underwear, John didn't wait before I could get into bed he was right there with me.
Naked we cuddled shivering in each others arms, I could feel his man meat began to grow. I didn't want to do anything I took hold of his penis, slipped down under the covers and began to suck the head of his penis. He had a good size head, the shaft was at least six inches round, his testicles were huge. John moaned softly and caressed my head, pulling me into him slowly till I had all his meat in my mouth, his pubic hair tickling my nose.
I slowly pulled away from him and turned to my side, John began to rub his man meat up the crack of my butt. As his head met my anal open I couldn't help but push back against his enlarged head. I quickly reach over to the night stand and retrieved some lubricant, speedily I rubbed some on his penis head and my butt hole. Before I could replace the tube to the night stand John had sunk two inches of his meat up my butt. With joy I screwed back and down on to his ready dick and John pumped in to me with urgency.
John moved his leg over mine forcing me over to my stomach, John was on my back plunging inch after inch deep in to me. John wasn't all that long, maybe eight inches but what he had in girth was more than enough to make up what he liked in length.
I was moaning and humping back to him like I was a sex starve teenager, well after all I was a sex starve teenager, I didn't care how I got relief. John was no slouch, he plowed deep into me for what seemed like hours. Gently twisting my nipples, sucking on my neck and nibbling on my ear lobes. We were like two a****ls in heat, before I knew it I was shooting a load of fluid and John was passionately screwing me in the butt.
When John shot his load deep in my butt we laid there catching our breath. John spoke breathlessly into my ear 'damn, I didn't know I could do that,' 'do what silly' I asked. Than John told me 'I just left Joey on two, he wouldn't let me fuck him with out a rubber and I shot pretty quick. Running into you was not in my plans but I wasn't going to pass up a raw fuck if you were willing.
I got mad and tried to buck him off, John got mad slugged me in the back of the head and told me 'I ain't ready to stop yet we just began. I'm going to give you a good fucking tonight and you are going to let me.' John's penis seemed to grown harder with that exchange, he started to pound into my butt harder and harder with each stroke, soon I was groaning and moaning from pain and pleasure.
John shot another load into my butt. He got off as I turned towards him, he reached for the phone on the desk. After he called an inside room I heard him say 'I'm in three zero two, get your ass up here now!' I looked at him wondering who he had called and why, but before I could ask there was a knock at the door. John opened the door and in walked Joey. (I found out later that they had planned on finding some one to **** that night.)
John told Joey 'fuck that bitch like a whore.' I clenched the covers to me as Joey stripped off his clothes. Joey didn't say a word just removed his clothes, that's when I saw this huge piece of meat hanging from Joey's midsection like another arm. (He wasn't as long as Charlie's Uncle Harry, Horse Dick Harry, but just as huge.) Joey and John snatched the covers from me and f***ed me to my stomach, I begged them 'I can't take nothing that big on my stomach, you'll tear me apart,' John said 'you're not only gonna take it in your ass like this but anyway we want you to get it, got it.'
Joey mounted me, with the man juice John had already shot up my butt Joey had little resistance entering my bruised butt, with no rubber on his massive man meat. Joey rode me like there was no tomorrow, I was crying and begging him to take it easy when Joey slammed deep in to my bowels causing me to cry out in pain. He shot a massive load of man juice deep in my butt so much so that it lubed one of my inner sphincter muscle opening and Joey's huge head popped through it.
Joey spoke 'damn, John, I just bust through this bitches bottom, man it's tight.' John told him to pull out and as soon as Joey was out John stuck his meat into my butt. John bounced in and out of my butt so hard so often, that I was in tears and pain when he shot his next load. John didn't get up but kept screwing deep in side of me, as soon as he started to get hard again John began to pound my butt again.
It was about six Saturday morning when Joey shot his last load up my butt. John pulled me up by the ear and made me suck him off and than suck Joey off his long smelly piece of meat was something to behold,I sucked him off with gusto hoping that after he was finished with the **** he might remember the blow job and come back for a more pleasant experience, with that they dressed and left. Joey went out first, John stayed a while and looked at me, 'you gonna do better next time, I'm sure of it,' than John left. I laid back with their man juice leaking from my ruptured butt and a slight smile on my cum soaked lips.
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2 years ago
Wow even when you write about raw sex your great
3 years ago
Great story again. At the beginning of the story I almost thought you would write something loving for a change.. How wrong was I..
3 years ago
Hot! nothing like an unexpected encounter and getting an ass full of cum.