There are Few Secrets in a Dormitory

After my little tryst with Tony, I found myself very popular with some of the guys on our floor. It seemed that more of them new my name than before, this was about three to four weeks later. Gary and Mike was coming down the hall, they shared a room at the far end of the hall. It seemed strange that they would be using the stairs at this end of the building, rumor had it that they were more than just room mates, besides, you didn't have certain stairs you must use
Gary spoke first 'hi David, doing anything later,' 'nothing special,' I replied. 'Then come on down to our room we've got some new movies you haven't seen yet.' It 's known that they did have a VCR and a nineteen inch television set. I started off with them looking furlong as we passed by Tony's room.
We got comfortable sitting around watching the latest Hitchcock movie, have way through we were all on pins and needles as to what would happen next, when suddenly there was a brown out. These things happened often, at this time of year, and always at the most inconvenient times.
Gary produced a candle, the light wasn't very bright but was like a hundred watt bulb in the darkness. As we sat there Mike produced a bottle of wine, that they were saving for a special occasion. Gary said 'nothing like the present to bust this open.' 'You know that's against the rules, don't you,' I said, 'well we better finish it before some one finds out about it,' chimed Gary.
This wine must to have been the cheapest in the store, after half a glass I was light in the head. Mike and Gary began to play around, laughing and joking with each other. They were tussling on one of the beds when they fell off on me, I had been sitting on the throw rug there on the floor.
As we fell over Gary was sitting on my thighs with his legs stretched out on each side of me. Mike had rolled across my head as we went down and was laughing deeply.
Mike took hold of my head asking if I was alright, Gary moved swiftly pulling down my sweats exposing my penis and immediately swallowed my penis head. Before I could react Mike spoke 'we know about you and Tony, we saw you go in and we peeked through the transom, now it's our turn.'
It must have been the cheap wine, Gary was doing a decent job giving head. I let Mike remove my shirt with no argument, he began to suck my nipples oh so gently. I was moaning softly as the two of them worked over me so smoothly. They kissed and licked up and down both my sides at the same time, I was getting so horny.
Gary finally moved between my legs and lifted them and began to lick my butt hole, this sent shivers up my spine. Once he had gotten me thoroughly wet, he told Mike that was his first.
Mike moved and blew out the candle, he slipped between my legs and I could feel the rubbery head of his penis searching for my anus. When they met Mike waste no time in getting his penis up my butt. I let out a small muffled cry as he f***ed his meat deep into my bottom. With my legs on his thighs Mike worked his man hood like a pro, screwing deeper and deeper into me.
Gary would lick and suck my nipples as I would hold his head, he would raise up every now and then and slip his penis in my mouth. When Gary had got erect he told Mike 'let me get some of that boy pussy now, before I get jealous.' Mike pulled out and Gary went right to work. His penis was some what thicker than Mike, and he didn't take me gently.
After a few strokes Gary turned me to my stomach and began to plow my butt like a farm boy, he had pushed me up on my knees and had hold of each of my buttocks. He rammed into me like this for about ten minutes, Mike sat before me and lifted my head so I could suck his penis.
After about thirty or more minutes of the two of them switching out, Mike said 'Gary get on the bed let David have some tight ass now.' Gary replied 'I thought you would not let him.' With that Gary got on the bed on his stomach, Mike rubbed some lube into his crack and told me 'there David stick you dick in that tight ass.'
I got between Gary's legs and stuck my penis in his butt, Gary started to hump back as hard and fast as I was humping into him. Gary moved up on his knees and told me to 'fuck this pussy like you want to,' Mike got behind me pushed me down on Gary's back and inserted his penis into my butt.
The three of us switched places until we had each screwed each other and had at least shot our loads in each other more than once. When we were thoroughly spent and laying on the floor in a daisy chain the lights came back on.
Down in the horse shoe, we could hear our fellow students cheer that the lights were back on. Gary and Mike both spoke at the same time 'they must be cheering us.' With that we quickly dressed and joined the crowd from different directions.
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2 years ago
have you ever tryed sex after an earth quake its fantastic
3 years ago
very hot... again
3 years ago
Another hot story, thank's for sharing it.