Learning How to Earn$$

I have had a hard time trying to figure out what my sexual preference was, if I am gay or straight. Don't get me wrong I do enjoy a good tight cunt, to lick and or screw. However I do enjoy a nice fat dick deep in my butt, oral sex is a given, I like having my dick sucked and I do like licking cunts and sucking clits. I am particular about sucking dicks, if they are big, I will more than likely suck them. If they are uncut and the skin moves freely back over the head, so I can inspect them, I will suck them, with out a rubber on them.
No matter what size they are I will offer my butt to them, especially if their owner is compassionate and romantic. Doesn't matter if they mean it or just putting own a show. Make me feel like you are only thinking of me and satisfaction I spread my legs like a two bit whore. This brings to mind something that happen to me one night.
As I was leaving work, one night, one of our customers stopped me at the corner. He was an elderly gent, maybe forty-five to sixty years old, I didn't ask his age. His name was Ronald, he asked if I wanted a ride home, without thinking I hopped in his car saying 'thanks.'
As we rode he asked if I had a girl friend and if I was taking her to a motel that night. I was startled by his bluntness and yet intrigued by him for asking such a personal question. I told him 'I haven't found the right one yet,besides I don't have enough money for motels,' he looked at me and said 'a good looking young man, like you, should have no problem finding a girl to mess around with. Tell you what let's stop by my crib and I'll show you how to make some extra money, OK.' 'Well,' I started, 'I should get home.' 'It wont take a lot of your time and you could make some nice spending cash, if you do as I tell you to.'
I should have gotten out of the car than, but I decided to go with him, I do like money. When we got to his place, it was on the other side of town, we went in and to the back of his home where he had a nice large room with a large television set. It was huge and it had a VCR hooked up to it, this was back in the day, when things like this wasn't very wide spread.
He offered me a seat and placed a tape in the unit, two people was having sex, a male and female. As I watched Ronald began to tell me how the girl was enjoying what the guy was doing, at this time Ronald began to tell me how much they got paid for doing each act. 'Some get as much as a hundred dollars for thirty minutes of enjoyment,' he said.
Then he asked me if I would think of being in a movie saying 'with your smooth skin and sexy looks you could make a good deal of money, but first you would have to be trained as to how to act.' I looked at him and said 'ain't nothing to screwing some body all you have to do is get hard and put it to her.' Ronald laughed and said 'let me show you how you can make money.'
Without saying anything else Ronald pulled out a wad of money and peeled off five twenty dollar bills and placed them on the table. 'That could be yours tonight if you do as I say,' I looked at the money and asked 'what do I have to do,' Ronald told me to get undress.
As I undressed Ronald opened up the sofa into a bed, he removed his clothing and reminded me 'do as I ask and you can have the money on the table,' I looked at him and thought that he wanted me to screw him. My penis wasn't to excited about screwing an old man, but Ronald had a huge erection at least eight inches long and three inches around, a cut foreskin and huge sacks.
Ronald took my wrist and led me to the sofa bed 'sit down here and suck my dick,' I looked at him and he gently push me to the edge of the bed. With one hand he stroked his penis with the other he pulled my head towards him. I opened my mouth to say something and Ronald stuck his penis through my lips. He moaned and gently began to fuck my face slowly, pushing a little more each time in to my mouth.
After a few minutes Ronald pulled his penis from my lips and told me to lay on my side, he produced a tube of lubricant and rubbed some over the head and shaft of his penis. He took some more and rubbed it into the crack of my butt sticking a finger or two in my anus. Ronald got behind me and inserted his penis into my butt, as his head slipped in I grunted and Ronald moaned softly 'don't fight it let it ease right on in.'
When Ronald had most of his man hood inside my butt, he gently pushed me to my stomach and slowly began to screw his meat deep into my butt. Ronald was larger than I thought and it was very painful having him screw me while I lay on my stomach. Ronald became more excited the more I groaned and moaned, suddenly my inner sphincter muscle released and let the rest of Ronald's penis slide in, this set him off, and he began to ride me furiously.
The pain was so intense that I could not help but whimper as Ronald satisfied his lust. With long deep strokes Ronald screwed me great passion whispering 'yeah, this is good and tight, don't fight it, push it back to me,' I tried to do as he asked. His feet was keeping my legs from closing, He reached between us and pulled apart my buttocks and lunged deeper into me.
I tried to loop my feet around his legs to keep him from pushing more of his man meat in my butt, this only aroused him more. Ronald grunted and huffed above me, panting as he f***ed every inch of his meat in my bottom.
Ronald slowed down, 'you could really make some money if you turned over on your back like a bitch.' I glanced over my shoulder and asked 'what do you mean?' With that Ronald pulled out of me reached for his pants took out five ten dollar bills and said 'hold you legs up and let me fuck you like a bitch and that's yours.'
Before I could decline or accept, Ronald grabbed my ankle turning me to my back lifted my legs and entered me quickly. I bellowed as his penis head pushed past my tender anal muscles and plowed into my rectum. I grabbed him about the mid section, trying to hold him back, and pleaded for him to stop.
Ronald laid his full weight down on me and f***ed his penis balls deep in my butt. He slipped his arms under mine forcing them up to his shoulders, as he punished my tender butt. Tears running down my cheeks as Ronald continued to plow in to my behind. Ronald began to lick the tears from my cheeks, his penis pounding into my rectum, I closed my arms around his neck, and wrapped my legs about his waist, pulling him closer to me, trying to protect my bottom from his onslaught.
Ronald plowed me till he shot his load into my bowels. 'Don't let go,' he whispered as he pumped his man juice deep in me. When Ronald had finished shooting his load, he eased out very slowly. He looked down at me and said 'tonight you made almost two hundred dollars from me, if you want to make more, we can start some thing that will pay very good. I have some friends that will be just as generous as I have and possibly more.'
We cleaned up and I got dressed, Ronald did take me home. As I exited his car he asked 'do you want to make money or stay broke, make your mind up and let me know, here's my number. Call before Thursday so I can set it up, we will start off with just me and two others, till you feel comfortable.' With that he pulled off, leaving me contemplating if I wanted to have old men screwing me...
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2 years ago
I will take that job need to work at least twice a week and i want $ 500.00 for each guy i do no time limit ( not more than 6 hours)
Thanksw Jay
3 years ago
I enjoyed this. I believe everyone who loves cock has at one point or another fantasied of being used for cash (i know i have.)
3 years ago
Noe thats nthe kind ofjob i would loveto have thanks
3 years ago
What a great way to make alittle extra cash. I would be game for that.