Strange Encounter

It was cold and dreary, as I walked home from town, I had went to see the new store that had opened in the city. I decided that I could walk home quicker than wait for the bus, there was no subway at this time and the buses were unusually slow today. If I walked, as "the crow flies," I could probably get there the same time or a little afterwards, I surmised
I found my self walking down the street that Charlie's Uncle Harry lives on, it isn't out of the way and if I cut through I could eliminate a few minutes off my journey.
Curiosity, got the best of me , and since it was cold I walked up and rang the doorbell. Harry opened the door 'long time no see, what you doing out today as cold as it is?' 'I was down town and walked home, thought that I would come by and see if you was home, maybe have some hot chocolate, that is if you aren't busy,' I replied.
Harry stepped back and invited me in, as I entered the living room, there was a young girl sitting on the couch, she looked at me sort of weird like. 'Harry,' she began, 'I ain't playing none of your fucked up games, so don't go getting no ideas in your stupid mind.'
I looked back at Harry and back to the girl, Harry said 'look I told you we were going to freak and that's just what we are going to do,' 'no,' she started 'I ain't doing nothing with the two of you. Harry raised his hand 'you like having your pussy licked and you always said you want to see this dick in a tight ass, today you get both.'
I turned around and looked angrily at Harry 'just what do you think you are going to do?' I shouted. Harry looked at me and said 'you are going to do as you are told, me and my lady wants to have some fun and you showed up. So shut the fuck up and get out of that coat!' I started to protest but Harry was already coming towards me and the look on his face made me think twice about refusing his wishes.
The girl asked 'just what part do he play in this,' Harry answered 'David is gonna eat your pussy while I bust his ass.' 'This better not be any of your shit Harry,' she answered.
Harry took us down to the basement and started the music, he poured them some drinks and gave me a beer. 'I'm only gonna tell you this once, don't mess up my game,' Harry said looking directly at me. 'Get out of those clothes and lay on your stomach!' The girl looked excited and was sipping on her drink as I started to undress, "that means you to Linda,' Harry said.
Linda sit down her drink stood up and slipped out of her clothes quickly and wrapped her arms around Harry and whispered 'make my dreams come true and boy pussy ain't all you get.'
Linda was about five foot three maybe ninety pounds or more, she had a figure that could be a models, her hair was sorta of light brown and her complexion was just this side of high yellow. Her Eyes were hazel like and her tits were the size of small g****fruits
After I had undress and laid on the bed Harry position me so that Linda could sat with her back against the wall of mirrors. Linda's cunt was inches from my face as Harry lubed up my butt, I could see him in the mirror and his mammoth tool was standing half erect and throbbing. Harry slipped two fingers in my butt causing me to flinch, Linda stroked the hair on my head saying 'don't worry you can eat all the pussy you want as long as Harry is fucking you.'
Harry moved between my legs, he raised my waist and placed the two pillows under me, 'this is so you can see better,' he told Linda. As Harry lowered the head of his man meat to my anus Linda squealed 'look how small that hole is, you can't possibly get that dick in to it.'
Harry pushed forward a little letting the tip of his blunt penis head poke in to my butt, I cringed. Linda placed both hands around my head and pulled me to her cunt, the smell of her juices made me excited. Harry said 'start licking that cunt, now.' With that Harry lunged forward and the head popped into my butt, I opened my mouth and started to yell, Linda pulled my face into her cunt. She started to hunch her wet dripping cunt into my face, I had never had a girls cunt in my face before, Linda was f***efully humping my face.
She had arched her cunt up so it was all in my mouth, Harry was working half of his man hood in to my stretching butt hole. Linda was watching him saying 'damn that ass is opening up for you baby, come on suck this pussy, boy.'
Harry screwing me in the butt Linda face fucking me with her cunt, I could not get away and besides I sorta of wanted to be with Harry again. As Harry screwed in to my butt I slipped my hands under Linda and held her buttocks in my hands. This she liked and flooded my mouth and face with her cunt juices.
'Damn, Harry I ain't came like this in a while, put it all in,' Linda said. I tried to say no but with a mouth full of cunt and Lind cumming like a fire hydrant, I could only moan and grunt. This only seemed to spur Harry on and get Linda more excited.
Suddenly Linda said, 'Harry, let me suck his dick while you fuck him,' without saying a word Harry pulled me over to my side as he moved to his.
Linda slipped down with her cunt still at my face and took my penis in to her mouth. As Linda sucked on my penis she told Harry 'I ain't never seen a dick in an ass before, don't hurt him.'
Harry had just enough in my butt to satisfy her and keep her happy. Linda let me pull her cunt to my lips and I sucked on her clit as she sucked my penis. Linda couldn't hold back, she loosed another load of female juices in my face. She was so horny that she went wild, not only sucking my penis, but also licking Harry's penis and balls and my butt hole too as Harry was screwing me.
Harry shot his load in my butt, Linda was sucking on my penis so hard that I thought she might be trying to suck his load out. When Harry pulled out she let my penis go and stretched her mouth around Harry's penis head. Harry tapped me in the back 'fuck that bitch, now.' Linda was on her knees sucking madly on Harry's huge penis head, I moved quickly behind her and entered her cunt. It was wet and slick, I stroked it as hard as I could, as I was bouncing back and forth in her cunt I noticed her anus.
This girl was so horny that as I pulled back her anus was parting and closing, I pulled out of Linda's cunt and stuck my penis in to her anus. She sorta squealed around Harry's dick head, but didn't stop or protest. I rode her like a bucking bull, Harry shot another load down her throat that caused Linda to gag and his juices came shooting from her nose, I shot my load up her butt as she collapse on top of Harry. Linda was cumming so hard that her butt was squeezing around my penis.
We laid there for a moment, than Harry slid us off of him, he came around the bed. While I still had my penis in Linda's butt, Harry slid his massive piece of meat in my butt. With out warning Harry f***ed all his meat up my butt, I could not help but start to holler, Linda raised her head and looked in the mirror and smiled 'get that pussy Harry,' she said.
Harry reached around and grabbed both of her tits, twisting her nipples. Linda began to rotate her waist backing up on my penis, Harry kept humping me into her. Soon we all shot another load.
When we finished and was cleaning up Linda said, 'Harry, you didn't let me down. That was the best fuck I have had in a long time. We are going to have to do this again sometime.'
We got dressed, I left them there, sitting on the sofa, and went home
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2 years ago
this is one of your best so far loved it and i did cum again
3 years ago
Yeh its going to be some time before i jack off again that was three times and noe=w i'm verysore but its a good soreness thanks
3 years ago
awesome. so hot
3 years ago
great :) more please!