I almost had it my way

Life is so strange, you think you understand and know who you are only to find out you don't know nothing about yourself. I found my self seeking out Charlie's Uncle Harry, the one the hoes call 'horse dick Harry.' Yes, I did allow Harry to have sex with me, although I don't know why.
Charlie and his Uncle Harry did f***e me to have sex with both of them, and Harry did sorta of take advantage, by going to sl**ping with his mammoth penis lodge deep in my rectum and screwing me in his sl**p. I do know why they call him 'horse dick Harry,' the man is well built. No, Harry is about six feet-one, maybe one hundred eighty to two hundred pounds and no fat just one lean big dick muther f--ker!!!
I could not take having sex with Harry on a regular time frame, he's just too big. That man would rip me apart, but for occasions he is just what I wanted.
After our second encounter, I could not help but to fantasies as to how the sex would be if I could manage what was happening.
Harry could be gentle, but for some reason he wanted to portray his self as rough and tough. When Harry was gentle, like when he went to sl**p with that huge piece of man meat deep in my butt. And would screw me in his sl**p was really sweet, yeah, I enjoyed it, and wanted it to happen again. I just wanted it to be him and me, locked in the basement alone.
But it had to wait, for the next week as I was heading home from practice, Daniel, Bruce and Charlie, cornered me at the bridge. With no where to run I decided to face them and hope for the best.
'Heard that you've been doing what we told you not to do' said Daniel, 'yeah,' added Bruce 'you've been f--king Charlie and his big dick Uncle, haven't you.' I looked at Charlie, who was standing behind Daniel and Bruce, 'so what is it to you if I did,' I responded.
The look on their faces was worth it, Daniel began to stutter, Charlie's mouth was stuck open and Bruce just looked from Daniel to Charlie than at me. I walked between them and held my breath as I passed through. I was about ten feet pass them when Daniel called 'David, wait up man, we've got to talk.'
I let out a deep breath, I thought that they would surely jump me for my impertinence, but they were just running behind me like little puppies. I stopped and turned to face them again. This time Bruce spoke, 'look we don't like to hit you, I mean we want to, you know.' I looked at them in wonderment and replied, 'no, I don't know what you mean.' I started to leave when Charlie touched my arm 'look man, we want you to come with us we want to, you know, have sex.'
'Now just where do you think you are going to drag me off to, and what make you think that I want to have sex with any of you.' I asked. Daniel walked up close to me, I was starting to get scared as to what I had just done, when Daniel reached out took my hand and rubbed it against his stiff penis 'I know you like getting f--ked, and that's all we want to do, but if you want we can beat the s--t out of you and still f--k you, so which do you want to do.'
I looked around nervously trying to figure out what do I do now, when Charlie said 'come on lets go in the warehouse.' There was an abandoned warehouse at the end of the bridge and without another word the four of us started in that direction. We sneaked in side and went up to the deserted offices on the landing above the large open space.
We climbed the stairs and found a room that looked out on the open parking lot and you could see the doors that we sneaked through. Daniel took my bag and laid it on the floor, Bruce pulled my shirt up and over my head. Charlie led me over to some card board that he had spread on the floor. He guided me to my knees and gently pushed me to the mat. Charlie removed my shoes and my pants and underwear, Bruce and Daniel stripped off their pants and shorts, their penises swaying out from their bodies. Bruce turned me over on my stomach and spread my feet and legs apart, I heard him spit and felt him lower his stiff penis to the crack of my buttocks. He rubbed the wet head of his penis up and down the crack of my butt tell he parted them.
Slowly he searched for my anus and when his penis found my waiting opening he eased his head into my butt hole. Charlie had removed his pants and was sitting spread leg in front of me his penis standing stiff and erect, he grasped my head gently and lowered me to his shaft which sprang to life as soon as my lips touched his head. I parted my lips and began to suck him like he had told me before, like sucking a lollipop.
Charlie began to moan as Bruce screwed his penis deep in my butt. After some time Bruce began to hump me furiously and shot a load of man juice in my bowels. Charlie replaced Bruce, and lunged deep into me causing me to grunt from the pain. Charlie was a little larger than Bruce and knew how to use it, it was no time at all before I was groaning and moaning with pleasure. Charlie was so deep in me, that his balls was bouncing against mine. Charlie unloaded his load in me and kept screwing my behind squirting his man juice with each movement.
When Charlie pulled out Daniel came over and turned me to my back, he straddled my legs and lifted my head to face his mammoth piece of man meat. Daniel was huge, but not as large as Harry, Daniel could do some damage if you angered him.
I tried to get all his head in my mouth, but could only get half of it in Daniel seemed to understand that I could not open my mouth any wider after a little licking and kissing his head Daniel pushed me back, lifting my legs, causing the man juice already there to leak out from my ready anus.
Daniel paused his massive head at my anal opening allowing me to adjust to his size, Daniel lunged and his head popped into my butt, I gasp and moan from pain and pleasure. Bruce came over and took my ankles in his hands and pulled them back over my head Daniel placed his hands on the back of my thighs and began to squeeze them with his hands. Than without warning he plunged half his penis into me, I could not help but to scream.
Daniel pumped into my butt for what seemed like hours, while he was pounding my butt, Bruce and Charlie would slip their penis into my mouth forcing me to suck them. They alternated like this till Bruce shot his load over my face, Charlie quickly placed his penis head in my mouth and f--ked it till he shot another load in my mouth.
Daniel continued to pound my butt sinking more and more of his meat in my butt, groaning and moaning turned to begging and pleading for Daniel to shot his load in my a--. Daniel had me where he wanted me and all I could do was beg. Daniel finally shot his load and it was massive, I could feel it hit the wall of my rectum and feel the over flow of their combine man juice leak from my anus down the crack of my butt. Daniel laid down on top of me forcing my legs back to my head,taking my ankles in each hand he f***ed my toes to touch the floor. He whispered to me 'this is how we are going to have you from now on.'
When Daniel finally got up, his big d--k slipping from deep in my bowels, I was relieved. We all dressed and left, me with a butt full of cum leaking down my thighs. And Daniel, Bruce and Charlie expecting our next meeting.
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2 years ago
Wow i bet you were sore for a while
3 years ago
Lucky you! Another very hot story, thank you for sharing.