Shopping for jeans

It was some time after i had the run in with the guy that thought I was some one else, I made sure that I made the bus when I worked late. Anyway, I went down town to spend some of my first pay check, feeling good about having my own money was exciting. I was in this very cool store looking at some jeans, the sales clerk asked 'do you want to try on your purchase now?' I replied 'I haven't made up my mind yet.'
'That's how you decide,' the clerk replied. I noticed his name tag on his belt was Carlton. I replied 'thanks, Carlton. And followed him to the back of the store, down some stairs, where the changing rooms were. Carlton showed me to a stall and said 'I'll be right out side when you finish.' After I put on the jeans I stepped to the mirror to see how they looked. As I was admiring myself, I noticed that Carlton was just out side the curtain glancing my way. I thought, well he do have to make sure I'm not stealing.
When I went back into the stall to remove the jeans Carl called out to me from out side the stall. 'Alright, you need to step out here now!' Startled I said 'what are you talking about?' Than another voice, older and more authoritative spoke 'you heard us, get out here now!!!'
I peeked out to see Carlton dwarfed by a man towering over him. I said 'let me get dressed.' At that time the older man reached through the curtain and jerked me out in my shirt and underwear. I looked at Carlton and asked 'didn't you tell him it was alright for me to be here.'
The large guy spoke 'I'm going to have to search you for merchandise!' I started to say something when he pushed me around and against the wall. 'Hey' can't you see I don't have anything on me.' I stammered out. It was than that this guy ripped my shorts off, 'what the___,' was all I got out when he rammed a finger up my butt.
I yelled in surprise and pain, looking back over my shoulder at Carlton, I was shocked to see him naked from the waist down. Carlton said 'Richard, let him down, don't hurt him...yet.' Richard had lifted me to my toes with his finger in my butt, Richard lowered me to my feet but continued to worm his finger up my butt, followed by another, and another till he had three huge fingers up my butt.
Richard turned me away from the wall towards Carlton, as soon as I was face to face with Carlton, he dropped to his knees and swallowed my penis down his throat. I could not help but let out a mourn, I heard Richard zip down his pants. Carlton ran his hands up the out sides of my thighs and took each of my buttocks in his hands and pulled them open, while pulling me deeper into his mouth.
Richard removed his fingers and began to search for my butt hole with his penis. When he had found his mark he eased the head of his man meat deep in my anus, I had Carlton by the head mourning and groaning from pain and delight as Richard worked his meat into me.
Carlton slipped my penis from his lips, Richard bent me over, Carlton took my shoulders and guided my head to his penis. I open my mouth and began to suck his penis. Richard continued to worm his man meat deeper into my butt, I was holding onto Carlton's hips, his penis hitting the back of my throat each time Richard humped into me.
Carlton grasped me by the head as he shot his load in my mouth, I could not help but swallow as Carlton squirted his man juice. Richard groaned and I felt his penis swell in my butt, suddenly I felt Richard lunge forward sinking the last few inches of his man meat up my rectum and a flood of man juice washed my anus and flowed out from around his penis and drip to the floor between my feet.
When Richard had shot all his load he pulled out of me, I went down on my knees from exhaustion. Carlton wasted no time running around behind me and sticking his penis into my gaping anal cavity. I winched from the pain as Carlton rode my butt, like I was a bulking bull. When he shot his load he slipped from my butt with a sigh, I sunk down to the floor in a sweet blissful state.
Carlton shook me awake, 'get dressed and get your slutty ass out of here, now.' Carlton ordered. Confused I dressed and left the store in my new jeans
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2 years ago
Where that story gota buy some jeans
3 years ago
Wow what a way to buy jeans i would do it thanks
3 years ago
Very nice :)