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I was showering in gym, when I heard some one whistling, I decided that I wasn't going to allow any thing to happen this time. I was surprised to see to new k** that has just transferred from across town. As he entered the shower he was still whistling that odd tune, his back was to me, I could not help but admire his skin tone. He was from some where in the south pacific, Eric is his name, and spoke better English than anyone I knew. As he turned towards me I saw his penis, I could not believe what was happening to me. I got extremely turned on by the way his man hood looked.
He was uncut and massive, with a set of testicles the size of oranges, and his pubic hair appeared to be silky and curly. As I looked at his body I met his gaze and felt very embarrassed. He smiled and asked 'you are David aren't you?' I answered 'yea, how do you like it here so far.' His reply 'I haven't had any fun since I've been here.'
I told him 'you just have to get out more.' Suddenly Eric walked towards me, and instinctively I started to back away. Eric said, 'looks like I'm about to have some fun. Don't worry I locked the upper door when I saw you come down.' I stammered 'what are you talking about,' 'I heard that you are , how they say the local f--k boy here.' I tried to look mean and ask 'what the f--k you mean.'
Eric reached out and pushed me to the wall and slowly began to stroke my penis. I tried to push his hand away when he said 'They told me that you liked to be slapped around, I don't want to have to do that, seeing that the end would be the same. Just relax and enjoy what's about to happen, if not only one of us will have fun, and I want to have fun also.'
I didn't know what to say I muttered something like 'have you lost your mind.' Eric tighten his grip on my shoulder and f***ed me to kneel before him. He took hold of his now erect penis and began to guide it to my face. I tried to turn my head, he took his other hand and f***ed me to face him.
As he rubbed his penis across my lips he told me to 'open your mouth or you will regret what will happen.' Eric stuck his penis in my mouth and began to move back and forth. His penis began to get harder and the precum was exuding from the tip of his c--k. Eric pulled his penis out of my mouth f***ed me to turn around, he took the soap and lathered up the crack of my butt sliding two fingers into my anus.
I started to say some thing only to have him cover my mouth with his hand, he took his other hand and guided his penis into my anus, to my surprise it slipped in easily. Slowly Eric began to pump into my butt, before I could get a grip on what was happening Eric was ramming deep into my butt.
He was gentle to start with than became rough, slamming into me with such f***e that I was whimpering and mourning with pleasure and pain. Eric pulled out of my bottom and flipped me over to my back as he laid down on top of me. I slowly lifted my legs and embraced his body with my legs along his sides.
Eric whispered ' reach down and guide me in, I took his penis in my hand and guided him to my excited anus. When Eric's penis head reached my anal open he lunged forward forcing my had away. I wrapped my arms around his neck and raised me feet to his buttocks, Eric rode me like he hadn't had sex in a year.
I couldn't believe what I was doing, I had raised my legs up so high that I had grabbed my ankles and was allowing Eric to plow into me unhindered. My back was beginning to ache, but the penis in my butt was driving me crazy, I don't know what came over me I was begging Eric to 'f--k me. f--k me.' Eric whispered 'I'm going to bust a nut deep in your bowels' 'Yes go ahead, breed me I'm your bitch now' I couldn't believe that I said that, but I did.
Eric shot his load deep in my bowels and pumped all his man juice into me. we laid there for a very long time before we separated. We got dressed and sneaked out of the school with any one seeing us. After we spent Saturdays at his house an every afternoon possible, I really became his cum receptacle.
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2 years ago
so hot so great
3 years ago
This was hot enjoyed especially jacking off at the end was great thanks
3 years ago