Very Strange Story

It was late April, we at school was looking for summer jobs. This was before computers were affordable and the internet was abundant. We had to search the newspaper ads for job openings.
My buddy mike and I was challenging each other at to who would find work first. Mike found an ad that offered six days work at top pay for the right applicant. "Applications would be taken on Fridays only and be prepared for follow up interview same day for qualified applicants, call for appointment."
Mike said that he would call first and I could do so the next Friday. This was Wednesday and mike got an appointment for four Friday afternoon. We agreed that Mike would go and get all the info and give me a heads up as to the particulars about the company.
Friday came and went, no word from Mike, Saturday, Mike did not show up at the park nor was he at any activities on Sunday. Monday at school I saw Mike hurrying down the hall and raced to catch up to him. 'What's up, Mike,' 'Nothing,' was his reply. I ask 'Hey man, what happened Friday, did you get the info.'
Mike froze and look like some one had kicked him in the gut. 'I'll tell you later, got to get to class now.'
I waited for Mike after school and we went to the park. The following is our conversation...
Mike began 'David it was awful I thought that I would die,' 'What happen?' I ask. David I went to the address just south of town in the warehouse district, The office was in one of those newer buildings. The only sign was a hand written sign that said "open". The windows were dark, you could not see inside.
I went into the entrance, there was nothing there but a desk a chair behind the desk and a sofa along one of the walls. On the desk was a legal pad with a large note saying "sign in please". There was other names and the times they arrived and the time they left.
The last applicant before me, left two minutes before I opened the door. I should have left than, but I did not think much of it.'
'Alright', I said 'what happened.'
'When I sat down a small skinny looking man came out, looked at my name on the pad, opened the drawer and told me to fill out the paper work and push the door bell on the door he disappeared into. When I finished I ranged the door bell, the fellow came back quickly and began to ask about my application. He offered me a cup of tea as we talked. I took a couple of sips, and everything went black.'
"You lie", I said. Mike continued, 'when I came too, I was strapped to this wooden horse, my clothes removed. I lifted my head and looked around to see about two dozen men both black and white some older than others. And all naked, stroking their man hood.'
I tried to free my self but I couldn't, the skinny guy was standing by a big screen. He said our guest is ready please put your donations in the jar now. I watched as these men walked by me dropping wads of bills into the jar near my head. I looked at the skinny guy wanting to ask what was going on when one of the first to pass by took me by the chin and f***ed his penis in my mouth.
I than felt someone smear something in the crack of my butt. I tried to get loose but I could not. I don'y know how to tell this except that those old men f***ed me to have sex with them! They pushed their penis inside me one by one some shooting their load in me and some pulling out coming back later.
I looked at him to see if he was serious, the look of pain and fear told me he wasn't lying. 'What else happen,' I asked.
They continued all night taking advantage of me, The white guys were gentile, but the black guys were rough and brutal. The blacks just pounded into my bottom tell they shoot their load than moved off and stroked their penis tell they got hard than came back again.
I could not move from the position that I was in tell some time late Saturday. The skinny guy let me loos when the last guy left. He counted the money in the jar as I laid on the floor, the flood of man juice pouring from my bottom.
I left there with almost eight hundred dollars, I could barely walk all day Sunday. My bottom still ache like hell, and I haven't had a bowel movement all weekend. That's what happen to me, I called the police as soon as I got home, we went back to the address and the office was all board up like no one was ever there.
The police think I lied my parents think I stole the money, but they would not let the police know they about the money, nor let me have it.'
I know this story has to be true, when I told mike he could not prove any thing he just told me. He stood up dropped his pants and showed me his still bleeding and bruised butt hole. So I believe you??

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2 years ago
I find this hard to belive but than again anything is posible
3 years ago
I have never seen another ad like...If I had not seen the end (pardon the pun)results I would not have believed him either.
3 years ago
D4David i do belive him anything is possible now a days very interesting story i bet your friend hurt for a couple of weeks one question did you ever see another add like this?