Library Quickie

I had found work on campus, in the library restocking the returned books to the shelves and removing periodicals that was out of date. I was working with another freshman, named Derrick, it was about seven in the even when the librarian informed us that she had to leave early and for us to lock up.
Derrick was a playful hulk of a guy, that enjoyed startling you to see your reaction. I had gotten use to him and would not react when he did something silly. He was in the section reserved for deviant behavior examine a magazine and looking puzzled.
I approached him asking 'what's got you so interested,' he showed me a picture of two people having oral sex. I said to him 'you should try it, you make like it.' With that I went on my way replacing books.
I had a cart of out dated mags that was to be placed in the storage closet, this closet was eight feet deep and about six feet wide, with shelves on all sides. As I went into the room the door closed behind me, I switched on the lights and began to empty the cart.
My back was to the door, when I heard it open and close, with out a word Derrick swiftly moved up behind me and in one smooth move he wrapped one arm around my upper body under my arm and started kneading my chest placed the other around my mid section grabbing my crotch and rubbing my penis.
Derrick was kissing the back of my neck when I called to him 'Derrick,' he softly answered 'Shhhhh.' I was getting excited from this attention, my penis started to get erect. Derrick lowered his hand from my chest and pulled my shirt out of my pants and stuck his hand under my shirt gently twisting my hardening nipple.
I whispered to him 'stop we might get caught,' he answered again softly 'Shhhhh.' With the hand on my crotch Derrick undid my belt and loosened my pants. He stuck his hand deep into my underwear grabbing my nut sack and pulled both them and my now erect penis out of my pants.
Derrick stroked my penis gently, pulling my foreskin back exposing my penile head. I whispered urgently 'Derrick, stop now.' he answered 'Shhhh, we might get caught.' He continued to stroke my harden penis till I thought that he would get me to shoot my load.
Suddenly without a word he stopped twisting my nipple and stroking my penis, placed both his hands on my trousers and pulled them down around my ankles. Kneeling down behind me , Derrick kissed both my buttocks and reached around and grabbed my penis turning me towards him. Quickly he put my penis in his mouth and started to suck my penis like a lollipop.
I clutched his head in my hands moaning softly 'Unnnnuhuh.' My penis began to twitch in his mouth when he pulled me out and turned me around facing the shelves behind me. He placed one hand in the small of my back and pushed me slightly forward. I bent over a little poking mu but out, Derrick took both his hands and seized each of my buttocks, sticking his thumbs into them just shy of poking my anal opening.
Derrick leaned forward sticking his wet warm tongue right into anus causing me to moan with pleasure. He raised up behind me quickly saying 'Shhhh, we might get caught.' He moved one hand and guided his penis into my rectum causing me to moan in pain and pleasure 'Unnnnuhuhhhh.'
With a sudden lunge Derrick sunk his man hood deep inside my bottom. His pubic hair rubbing against the crack of my buttock. He reached around and took hold of my penis again and slowly started to stroke it slowly. My mind was spinning around as I enjoyed the feeling of thick cock in my butt and my penis being stroked so sweetly.
I whispered to Derrick 'I'm almost there,' Derrick said to me 'Don't hold back shoot your load.' As if I was waiting for the go ahead I shot a very large load of man juice on the shelves in front of me. At the same time Derrick shot his load of man juice deep in my poked out bottom.
We stayed wrapped up together till Derrick had emptied all his juice into me. Slowly Derrick pulled out of me and knelt down and kissed both my buttock again. Standing he pulled my pants and underwear up till I took them in my hands. We both got dressed and Derrick looked at me, winked, and said 'See you latter.'
With that he went out the door closing it behind him. I finished tucking my shirt in my pants and looked at the shelf where I shot my load and saw that it had landed on the stack of mags I had just placed there. Only the top mag was soiled, so I rolled it up and exited the room.
I looked around the library and did not see Derrick, at the far end was two male students sitting at opposite tables. They glanced my way than looked at each other and sorta smiled and returned to there books and notes.
I went to the toilet and cleaned the man juice that was leaking out of my bottom and finished my task for the even wondering where had Derrick got to.
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2 years ago
That what education is for to learn how to fuck in the libarary
3 years ago
great story makes me want to go to library
3 years ago
Now that was a Hot story. Can't wait to hear more.