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I was in my freshman year of college, the month of January. This was back when dormitory's were not like they are today. All students had their meals in the cafeteria or off campus. The rooms were multiple students, if you were fortunate you only had one room mate, if not you had three or more. The showers were about mid way the floor and consisted of two sides, one was the toilet. Which had five face bowls and mirrors, six urinals, and four toilet bowls with each in there own stall.
The other side was the showers, twelve shower heads, six on each side of an area that was eight feet wide and sixteen feet long.
It was right after the first of the year the students were returning from Christmas break. I was going to the shower wishing that I had thought of getting a robe instead of wrapping a towel around my waist.
I entered the toilet and heard the water running, I placed my shower kit on the dressing bench and laid my towel on top of it. as I turned into the shower room I saw Tony at the other end.
Tony was about six feet one, not buffed or particular cut, but had a nice build and a very cute tight butt. He was not to light sort of a light tan, a very becoming complexion. He also had a nice head of hair that he kept cut short.
I could not help but admire his body as he washed, I had just turned on the shower head when Tony turned my way. His man meat was standing erect, I raised my head and met his gaze, embarrassed I smiled and turned away, Tony finished showering and left the area.
I finished my shower and dried off, wrapping my towel around my waist, I left the shower room and was walking towards my room when Tony opened his door and called to me, 'David, could you come give me a hand?' I answered 'let me get some clothes on and I'll be right back.' 'It won't take that long.' Tony replied.
I walked past him into his room, Tony closed the door, I turned to face him and asked 'OK, what do you need help with.' Tony locked the door and turned to me dropping his towel to the floor.
I looked down at his waist, his penis was standing straight out in front of him, like a rod, I was mesmerized by the way it was bobbing up and down. He was uncut with a sort of curve to his shaft with a nice purplish head, about ten to twelve inches long, and three to four inches around.
I looked up into his face with my mouth open, Tony stepped over and placed both his hands on my shoulders lowering me to the floor. He spoke to me softly 'I've saw you looking at me in class and the hall ways, I saw the way you were watching me in the shower.'
I was beginning to kneel down before him when I looked up stammering a weak protest. Tony cupped both hands behind my head and gently pulled me towards his penis. As the head of his penis touched my lips they parted allowing his head to slip into my mouth, I could not believe what I was doing. I slowly began to suck on his penis, Tony moved my head around in an circular motion. Gently pulling me closer to him.
Suddenly Tony pulled me away from his penis, I looked up wondering what had happened. Tony lifted me from my kneeling position and led me over to a bed. He guided to me to my stomach and straddled my thighs, Tony removed a jar of something from his table and smeared a big glob of the contents in the crack of my butt.
I mourned softly as his finger slipped into my anus, Tony lowered his self to my buttock slipping his penis head into my crack. He knew what he was doing for as soon as his penis parted my buttocks his head popped into my rectum. I let out a little squeal as Tony worked half his meat into my bottom.
I was mourning and groaning from pain and pleasure, Tony gently and tenderly screwed me like that for about fifth-teen minutes. Tony gently lunged the other half of his man hood into me causing me to give a small yelp. Tony lowered his chest to my back, At the same time he slipped his hands under my shoulders, I raised up on my elbows, he pinched my nipples so sweetly that I let out a little mourn.
Tony took moved his hands up to my shoulders and pulled me to him gently working his man meat in my butt, I lowered myself back to the bed I was enjoying myself as Tony slowly and surely screwed into me. Tony whispered in to my ear how much he wanted to be inside of me from the first time we saw each other.
Tony sucked on my neck and gently nibbled my ear whispering 'David you feel so soft and tight I like the way you are moving.' We continued like this for at least ninety minutes, before Tony began to get larger in my bottom and shot his load deep in my rectum. I tried to push back to him and get as much of his penis up in me as possible.
We laid there together while Tony pumped all his substance into me. As Tony pulled out I lifted my butt, not wanting him to remove that wonderful tool from my bottom. When Tony was out of me he slipped off to my side, I turned to him and he tenderly held me in his arms.
We looked into each others eyes and Tony spoke first 'we can not tell this to any one.' 'OK' I answered, 'It will be our secrete,' 'OK' I answered again. With that he kissed me lightly on the lips, slowly slipping his tongue between them.
I closed me eyes and parted my lips as his tongue found mine I trembled in his arms. I opened my eyes as he spoke 'we will do this again later, you must leave now.' 'OK' I said not wanting to let him go, we slowly released each other.
I wrapped my towel back around my waist and retrieved my shower kit, I exited his room looking back at him laying on his bed propped up on his elbow and slowly closed the door. As I walked down the hall towards the shower, it hit me that I did not look to see if any one was in the hall. I turned quickly only to find no one in the hall behind me and no one in front of me.
As I entered the shower again the water brought me back to reality, what had I done am I crazy had I lost my mind. I dried off and went to my room, as I passed by Tony's door I wondered when we were going to do it again. If I should ask him or wait till he ask me.
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2 years ago
That was just right you got me so wet i came in my panties
3 years ago
very hot story
3 years ago
Very good it wasn't even a quicky it was hot unincumbered sex thanks
3 years ago
Very hot stuff!