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Why I post my life experinces

I had never thought of the possibility, that two males could have sex, matter of fact before I was gang ****d, I had not thought of anyone having sexual intercourse.
Cutting class gave me an education I have not forgot and one that some times I wish I never had.
I just found the courage to write about how I was assaulted and abused, for about three of my high school years.
This took place well before cell phones and instant video, but at the time that Polaroid cameras were cutting edge photography.
Yes I am sure that some where out there are pictures of me getting brutalized by Daniel, his cousin Bruce and Charlie, the want to be part of the group.
These three guys manage to find different ways to get me alone and f***e me into having sex with them, some of their f****y members and an assortment of friends.
The statue of legal liability expired some time ago, and yes I changed their names and kept mine(I wont be suing me any time soon).
I hold no malice against them even though I don't consider myself Gay, or a Homosexual, or any other name that may or may not be derogatory.
Your feed back to my posting would be appreciated even though it wont change much just make me feel better.
I do enjoy licking a womans' cunt till she beg me to stop or start babbling unintelligible. And riding a tight cunt for all it's worth...but I digress.
Send me your comments if you like bad or good I would like to hear them.

Posted by d4david 3 years ago
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