A Secrete Affair...that went wrong!!!

Robert had become my secrete sex partner, he's somewhat kinky. He only wants to engage in sex acts out doors or in basements. We both were students in the same urban college, but resided in different dorms. Not once had we ever had sex in our respective dorm rooms.

Robert stood 5'8" tall and weighed close to 190lbs, he wasn't heavily built, yet he was well defined. His penis was average, about seven or eight inches long and 1 to 1 1/2 inches wide, balls the size of a peach stone that hung in two lose sack of skin beneath his man hood.

Robert is very shy and stammers when the conversation of sex comes up. One of the things that Robert enjoys is for us to find a secluded spot and strip naked and for me to expertly manipulate his sex tool with my oral cavity. I would kneel before him and lick his penis teasing him till his man meat begin to throb, then I would gently suck on his penile glans till I was deep throat him completely.

I always knew when Robert was about to come, he would aggressively grip my head and hold me tightly to his crotch till he emptied his load and I would swallow as much as I could. If I wanted Robert to enter me anally I would keep hold of his penis sucking ever so gently till he harden up again.

It was on one of these occasions that Robert and I had stole our way into one of our favorite meeting places. The old boiler room on the main campus, we would agree on meeting and I would watch as Robert entered and wait a few minutes to make sure no one was watching then I would enter.

In the old boiler room was an old mattress and some sheets along with a huge chair and sofa. Once I was in I would secure the door from the inside and make my way farther into the boiler room. Once Robert saw me he would smile and start to undress. Without saying a word we both got out of our clothes and I would begin to service him.

It had been almost a month since we had last met and I was happy to receive his not asking me to meet him. I found me a spot beneath the old oak and acted as if I was reading a novel, Robert walked past and went straight to the boiler room and entered. I waited about ten minutes and gathered up my things and walked around the building entering after him.

Hurrying to secure the door I quickly made my way back to where Robert was, as soon as our eyes met Robert stood and begin to remove his clothing. I quickly followed suit and knelt before him, Robert looked up at the ceiling as I took hold of his rigid man hood and begin to lick and suck gently.

It wasn't long before I had his tube of man meat deep in my mouth and he was cradling my head in his hands. Robert moaned as I manipulated him to completion and was rewarded with the spurts of his thick substance down my throat. Being extra horny I continued to lick and suck his man hood inviting him to get hard again.

As soon as Robert was rock hard I went over to the mattress and got on all fours, Robert knelt behind me and spit into my butt crack. Robert smeared his spit around my waiting anus, poising his tool against my anal opening Robert would press steadily till his rubbery head enter my outer anal sphincter muscle ring.

Gasping, I panted for air as Robert waited for me to adjust to his entrance, slowly Robert begin to rock back and forth causing his rigid tool to slide back and forth in my anal canal. We got lost in our passion for sometime between our starting and to where we were, with Robert slamming into me with all his might, voices spoke.

Startled we both turned to see five huge guys standing just inside the doorway of the room. Robert pulled from my bung quickly and was sized by two of the hoods, I was grabbed by the other two as the fifth close the door to the room we were all in.

I looked up at Robert as he struggled to get loose and I tried to twist away from my captors, Robert and I was both sweating heavily from our sex session so holding on to us was no easy matter. The fifth guy saw Robert struggling and moved quickly to him and slugged him as hard as he could.

The sound was almost deafening as he connected with Roberts chin and Robert's knees went slack, he quickly moved to me and gripped my face in a powerful clench. His words were like death it's self '...if you don';t want the same you better stop fighting and be still...' I looked over at Robert and saw that he was hanging between the other two hood supported by their hands, his head hung limp between his shoulders.

I felt so helpless as I looked at him, I pleaded '...please don't hurt him, we have no money, lets us go...' The guy holding my chin said '..I don't want no money, y'all want some money...' The four of them answered '...we don't want no money either, we want to fuck...'

Terror filed my soul as I looked up at my tormentor '...that's right, we gonna fuck both of you...' Looking back at Robert my heart broke as I said '...don';t hurt him, I'll do what you want just don't hurt him...'

The five of them laughed as I was thrown over to the wall '...so you're gonna let all of us fuck your sissy ass...' I looked up and tried to sound submissive '...I'll suck all of you if you lets us go...' '...No you'll suck and fuck us all if you don't want us to beat hell out of your sissy ass friend...'

I pleaded '...please don't hurt him, I'll do what you want, just be easy and don't hurt us...' The one that was holding my chin undid his pants and pulled out his flaccid penis and said '...alright bitch, get over here and suck this dick like it's the best dick you ever had...'

Submissively I crawled over to him on my knees, as I reached up for his penis he slapped my hand away and said '...you'll only use your lips tongue mouth and better not let either of us feel any teeth. I looked up at him as he took hold of my head and pulled me to his crotch.

The musty smell of his crotch almost made me gag it was so strong, yet as I neared his tool it took on a life of it's on and started to stiffen and stand out. I stuck out my tongue and begin to lick his penile head softly, he admonished me '...I ain't no sissy punk, suck my dick like it's a damn lollipop. Suck it bitch, and don't let me tell you that again.

I opened my mouth and enveloped his throbbing penile head and tried as hard as I could not to gag. I sucked on his man hood as greedily as I could till he held my head still and squirted his substance into my mouth. '...Don't stop bitch suck it all out and swallow every damn drop...'

A Secrete Affair...
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