Friends Like These...3

Willie and I laid there on the cushions till we slipped off in peaceful slumber, how long we slept I don't know. I was waken by Willie as he begin to grind his rock hard penis into me again, I stammered weakly '...Willie, please...'He cut me off '...don't worry, I'm gonna fuck again and bust another nutt in your ass...' Willie took his time grinding deep and slow into me as he worked his body over me hunching, grinding and slamming into me causing me to grunt, groan and cry out as he enjoyed his self.

Willie stopped and pulled his still rock hard twitching shaft from my bung hole, grabbing my ankles Willie flipped me over to my back. As I looked between my uplifted legs, I could see Willies shinny nine inches of man hood throbbing up and down as he pushed my legs back to my body.

Willie positioned himself over me and pressed his stiff penis into my aching bung hole, just as his penile glans passed through my stretched anal sphincter muscle ring, I could see the door opening and Willie's step father look through. Frighten and panicking I tried to push Willie up, Willie paid me no attention as he slammed the entire length of his nine inches of teenage male tool deep into my rectum.

The pain was excruciating, I tried to scream out in agony, but Willie covered my mouth with his and stuck his tongue down my throat. It was then I heard the deep throated voice of Willie's stepfather say '...bust that boi pussy open, I'm next...'Willie didn't even slow down he continued to ram into me like a maniac, my knees pressed against my shoulders and my butt lifted up unprotected to his hammering.

I tried to twist my face away but could not as I clawed at Willie's back, for almost twenty-five minutes Willie grind and banged my butt relentlessly. Willie had managed to suck my tongue into his mouth and was viciously sucked it till I felt his penis twitch and felt the warm sensation of his semen fill my rectum.

Willie held me and grind his mid section into me till he was through shooting his load into my bung hole. As he pulled his still rigid tool from my anus I saw his stepfather quickly kneel and guide his grown up penis to my aching stretched bung hole. Exhausted and tired from the sex session Willie had just put on me I could barely brace myself for what was about to happen to me.

Jake slammed into me as if I was nothing, his enormous sex tool ripping past my anal sphincter muscle rings and lodge into my rectum. All I could do was to grab hold to Jake's shoulder and hold on as if he was saving me from drowning.

Jake wasted no time in working over my helpless bung,Jake had to be in his forties or early fifties as he rammed his old penis deep into my butt, I whimpered and begged as he had his way with me. Jake was no way tender as he rammed and slammed his penis into my bung hole trill he too flooded my anus with his load.

As Jake pulled out Willie once again took his place and this time slowly eased his rigid teenage sex tool into my gaped anal opening. MY anal sphincter muscle rings were too tender to allow Willie to enter without causing me much agony, Willie whispered to me '...take this dick, take this dick you're gonna learn to love dick today. I didn't know what he meant until much latter when I found out that his mother was in the hospital and Willie and his stepfather took turns with me all night...

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5 months ago
HOT story! Looks like you enjoyed being double teamed! Sounds like a hot night!