What Did I do...

What did I do? This is the question I asked myself as I was gang banged by twenty or more young teenage thugs. I was leaving my third hour class of the day in high school, as I started to go down the stairs to the second floor, Charlie was standing on the landing looking up at me with a wicked smile.

I saw him and hoped he didn't see me, I started to walk back up the stairs when Bruce push gently at my back whispering '...you're going the wrong way, we need you yo go with us or else..." Fear gripped my body as I stumbled into Charlie and he giggled leading me down the stairs. None of my fellow students seemed to pay any attention as to what was happening to me.

As we reached the bottom floor, Charlie stopped and held the door slightly open then turned and said '...don't slow down keep going out the door to the left and across the lot, I'll catch up...' Bruce pushed me roughly through the doors and out into the parking lot. Gripping my wrist he turned to me and said '...keep up bitch or I'll drag your sorry ass across the lot...'

Down through the bush we ran till we reached the third street over from the school. Bruce held my wrist as we walked along till I heard Charlie calling '...slow down no one saw us...' Charlie,m Bruce and Daniel had taken advantage of me some days prior and had sexual inter course with me against my will. It seemed not to matter with the three of them if it was a girl or boy that they had sex with.

I had never had sexual contact with anyone before that tragic day, that I decided to skip class and got involved with those three. The thought of two ma;es having sexual intercourse was no where in my ideology, I only fantasized of having sex with girls when I masturbated.

I did not even know that a male could penetrate the body of a female, yet the three of those brutes, invaded my body repeatedly that day till they were satisfied and then kicked me out. Now I was being dragged to another encounter with them and I was scared!!!

We walked to the projects and went into an area I knew was nothing but trouble, people passed by us and did not make eye contact with us, I was in tears as I was tugged along and told to '...act like you like what we are doing... I had no idea what they meant.

We entered a building and climbed the stairs to the last landing and there was a guy standing in the stair way looking at us saying '...we just about gave you up b*o, hope everything right...' Charlie answered '...we ain't never lied yet...'

I was pulled into the apartment and was quickly overwhelmed by the amount of reefer smoke in the place. Bruce tugged me across the floor and asked '...where is doggie brown...' A voice from the hall way answered '...I've been waiting for my bitch...'

Charlie called out '...I want what we bargained for or we leave...' The door slammed shut and two huge black dudes stood between us and the door Three others stood from the kitchen table and walked towards us, a tall skinny guy emerged from the hall way with a towel wrapped around his waist and said '...not until Browne try the product...'

Charlie nodded and Bruce snatched my wrist and tossed me across the floor and said '...if we got to wait we want to smoke...' The tall guy smirked at me and said '...not much of anything, let them smoke a piece till we get back. Move your sorry ass to the bedroom...'

I stared at him as he snatched my arm and pulled me down the hall way, '...bitch you've got to move your ass if you want to keep it...' Stumbling along I tried to follow along, we reached the bathroom and he turned to me and said '...in there, don't look at me like I'm stupid, get your ass in there and get ready for Browne...'

Dumbfounded I looked into the bathroom and the tall guy pushed me in and followed behind me slamming the door after us. He leaned into me and angrily whispered '...get your ass out of those rags and clean your ass up or I'll have to kick your ass out that window...'

Shaken I begin to undress and was soon in my underwear, the tall guy snatched my boxer band and said '...these too...stick that bottle of douche up your ass or I'll do it for you and you want like it...'

on top of the toilet was a bottle of summers eve, a packet of anal ease, a towel and face cloth. The tall guy explained '...douche with the summers eve, apply the lubricant to your ass hole, and use the face cloth to wipe your face with when Browne shoots his load in your face. Now I'm going in to Browne and try to calm him down while he waits for for your sorry ass, if I have to come get you, Browne will be very displeased...'

The door slammed shut and I was left with my problem, I looked out the window and found up we were very high from the ground and there was no way out there. I peeked out the door and saw Bruce, Charlie and the other dudes in the living room smoking the d**gs that was there.

I closed the door and surrendered to my fate, I rationalized that if Daniel, Charlie and Bruce had used me, I could live through being used by who ever this Browne was if I could get out with being hurt.

When I had done as told I wrapped the towel around my waist ans slowly exited the bathroom, I quickly entered the bedroom where the tall guy had went was overcome by the sight of him giving oral sex to the guy ion the bed.

Browne was a some what huge guy, fat would be the word, yet his penis was as long as my arm and as big as my wrist. The tall guy glance at me as he twisted his lips around the enormous head of Browne' penis. Browne pushed him away and said '...is this my bitch...' The tall guy looked at me and smirked '..that's all they brought...'

Browne asked '...when you started fucking...' I didn't know what to say and the tall guy barked '...how many Niggars done fucked that ass...' Shocked I held up three fingers and Browne tried to get up.

Browne told the tall guy '...I ain't gonna kill no ass get him loosened up and bring him back...' The tall guy stood up his penis standing straight out from his body like a small skinny limb saying '...come with me...'

We went into the living room and the tall guy said to the assembled crew '...Browne wants the bitch loosened up, I'm first...' He pulled me to the sofa and pushed me over, my butt sticking out as he quickly entered my bung hole and begun to slam into me with all his might.

I tried to brace myself and take his punishment, for twenty minutes he slammed into me till he finally pulled from my bung and said '...I ain't ready yet some body else bust this ass. He was quickly replaced by one of the guys that blocked the door. He was much larger and I cried out in pain as he entered and begin to slide his huge penis back and forth.

Ten to fifteen minutes and he was shooting his load deep in my butt, he was replaced rapidly by another of his brood and so the it went until all eight of them had entered me and deposit their load in my rectum.

Their seed was running down my thighs in long ropes of spent sperm, my bung hole felt as if it would never return to normal. The tall guy pulled me to the bedroom, I was barely able to stagger along with him as he opened the door and announced '...the bitch is ready for you Browne, you want me to him up...'

I was to stunned to reject what was going on. I was pulled to the bed and made to straddle Browne' midsection. I could feel his heavy penis as it throbbed and struck my back, the tall guy along with Browne lift me up till I was squatting over Browne' huge penis, spunk was draining from my insides as if from a reservoir.

Browne' enormously huge penile head pressed against my puckering anal opening and was coated with copious amounts of the seed that his henchmen had deposited. Before I could say or do anything The tall guy snatched my left leg from under me and I slipped down on to the huge impaling tool in my rectum.

The pain was so intense I could not manage to utter a cry as much as I tired, The tall guy was behind me lifting my ankles up as he lifted me and lowered me back down on Browne' huge phallus. I could not escape or twist away from the impaling shaft that was rupturing my anus.

Too be continued....
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