Bruce and His friends...

As I left school for the day, the rains came, it was a terrific down pour. The water fell so hard and fast that I ran into the first door way I saw. The building was dark and quiet at first, I sat on the stairs and watched the rain tell it started to blow inwards.

Moving back farther into the building I was startled out of my mind by hands grabbing hold of me. a familiar voice called out '...David, David it's me Bruce stop before you get hurt...' Scared witless I turned and absent mindlessly embraced him.

Voice began to laugh and I looked at who I was holding, to my surprise it wasn't Bruce but another young teen that was similar in size. Bruce stood behind him laughing with the rest of them, I tried to push away when Bruce said '...too late now bitch, you proved me true...'

Another voice chided '...I admit you didn't lie, you said you knew that bitch and we all was in for some good fucking. Know ll you have to do is provide the fucking...' Again they all begin to laugh. It was at this time that some one slammed the door.

The guy holding me twisted me around till I faced Bruce, Bruce came closer and halved whispered '...these are my friends and I was telling them how much you like being fucked in the ass...and guess what, just as if on cue you bounced your little hot ass in here....'

'...David you know what happens when you don't please me, remember what happened the last time we were together. My thirty year old cousin stop us from fucking and bust your ass his self. Now these are my friends and you going to let them fuck you tell they say enough. Or you can put up a fight and still get fucked...your call...'

The guy holding me was already grinding against my buttocks and the other three was rubbing their penis through their jeans. Bruce reached out and stroked my face and said ' I'll lket you start with me, let him go, he's gonna drop down and start to suck my dick...'

The guy holding me let go of my arms so suddenly I fell to the floor. They all laughed as some one said '..look a there that bitch can't wait...' again laughter. Bruce stepped closer pulling his semi hard penis from his jeans. I shook my head, only to have the guy behind me kick me in the back.

As I fell below Bruce knees he said '...don't do that, David's gonna do just as we say and give up his ass, Ain't you David...? I had my arms around his knees to keep me from hitting the floor, Bruce took my head in his hands and pushed me back till I was on my knees.

Bruce pulled my head forward as I looked up at him pleadingly with my eyes and he said '...suck me and I'll make sure they treat you right...' Dejectedly I opened my mouth and started to suck gently on his penis as the four other guys started to strip.

Bruce slowly rotated my head in and small circular motion as I held his penis in my mouth. I could see the other four as they stroked their man hood and begin to harden. Once they all was undressed Bruce pushed me away and said ' better get out of your clothes too, besides you're all wet...' They all laughed again.

Two of the guys lifted me to my feet saying '...his ass hole may not be wet yet, but when we are through he'll be running like a dripping faucet...' again laughter. I started to unbutton my shirt as I looked around for an avenue of escape.

The two guys that helped me off my knees took charge and stripped me of my clothes before I could put up a protest. Once naked I was made to bend over at the waist and open my mnouth and take one penis in my mouth.

Some one behind me spit in my buttcrack and slid his penis up and down my butt crack as the first guy held my head tight in his grip advising me '... bite me and you loose your teeth...start sucking my dick bitch...!'

Trying to balance my self, I had to reach out and take hold of his thighs, he moaned and the guy behind me found my tightly closed bung hole and pressed harshly against my outer sphincter muscle ring.

He pulled back and spit again into my buttcrack and this time I heard him spit again, but didn't feel impact. I guess he spit on his penis, cause this time his head begin to probe deeper into my anus. I tried to cry out around the tube of man meat in my mouth only to have it's owner push more of his rigid penis into my throat.

Gagging I tried to pull away only to have him hold me tight as he undulated his tool around the entrance to my throat. The guy behind me lunged forth and sunk his head past my outer anal sphincter muscle ring.
. i tried to scream out in pain and terror only to have my head pulled up to the other guys pelvic. And have him grind deep into my throat till he erupted and shot copious amounts of his sperm into my throat.

Penile head lodged in my bung hole and rigid penis lodged in my throat as I gagged and choked, one penis would go deeper into my anus as it involuntarily relaxed and the other shot sperm into my throat.

They both must too have been coming at the same time for as soon as the penis in my mouth pulled out the one in my anus. I started to stand only to be pushed against the wall as another guy inserted his penis into my now well lubed bung hole.

He called out to no one particular '... I'm a rectum raider and I'll show you how to bust open a ass hole...' with that he rammed half his huge penis up my bung causing me cry out and try to stand on my tip toes. With on foot he kicked my feet apart and I settled down on his huge rock hard weapon.

The guy kept ramming into me till his entire penile log was lodged deep in my bung and he was bouncing me off the wall. After nearly twenty minutes he cried out '...I'm busting this ass hole wide open...' I felt his tool get harder and sturdier till he slammed hard into me and I felt his penis erupt and a warm substance fill my anal channel.

As he pulled out another guy grabbed my wrist and twisted me around, he pressed me against the wall and held me their with his body as he took hold of my thighs and lifted them up till he had the hollow of my knees in the crook of his elbow.

In fear I looked at him as I felt him guide his penile head to my dripping anal opening. It was then I realized that he was going to enter my bung with me suspended like that. With deft like movement he seated his penile head and lowered me down onto his solid rock hard tool.

I could do nothing but embrace his shoulders and neck to try and keep him from rupturing my bung as his massive head entered my rectum. He chided the other guy saying '..all you did was get it wet I'm the original ass pirate and I'm raiding this ass hole...'

As I held on to him he said to me '... don't worry baby I'm down with the brown...nothing I like better than tight boy pussy...when I finish you gonna be begging me to fuck you again and again...'

I held on for dear life as he rammed his thick penis up deeper and deeper into my anal channel. The obscene sounds of the previous cum deposits along with his penis was so embarrassingly that I tried to bury my face into his shoulder.

After twenty or thirty minutes he panted '...when I pull out I'm gonna drop you to the floor and I want you to immediately grab my dick and suck it dry...hear me...' I was fucked silly by now and could only nod agreement to him.

Without another word he drop me to the floor, I quickly reached up and took hold of his penis and begin to suck greedily on to it as he shot his load of spunk into mu mouth. Once he was satisfied he pulled away and slapped me across the face viciously.

The fourth guy came over and snatched my ankle pulling me away from the wall and pushing my ankles over his shoulders he entered me there on the floor. His penis felt much larger than the other three and I cried out in agony as his bulbous head burst past my outer anal sphincter muscle ring as stretched as it was.

My mind was spinning now from agony and sexual excitement as he slammed deeper and deeper into my bung. The three loads of splooge was being f***ed around the enormous anal invader till half his length was in my bung.

With my legs over his shoulders he gripped neck in sort of a chock hold and slammed into me so hard I partially blacked out. When I came to my self I was begging him not to stop. I pleaded with him to fuck me, to make me carry his baby.

I was totally out of my mind as he destroyed my anus. Bruce came over and took hold of my ankles and pulled them farther back till my back was almost bent into a pretzel. I heard Bruce say '...bust that pussy open, make him beg, make him beg...'

Bruce and His friends...
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8 months ago
wow so erotic and even fantastic