A Sissy Slave for a Transvestite...continuation

Gwendolyn giggled and hung up the phone and begin to grind more exuberantly as her penis harden. Gwendolyn rode me for nearly an hour, my bung hole was full of her seed and made obscene sloppy sounds before she stiffen and flooded my bung hole once again. Gwendolyn laid there for a little while before pulling her flaccid penis from my bung hole and admired her handy work. '...Look at my cum oozing from your pussy, my girls are gonna luv you boy. I've got to get cleaned up, just relax, I'll be back for you in a sec...'

Laying there, feeling Gwendolyn's spunk seep from my ruptured bung hole down between my testicles and thighs, I drifted off. I awoke to find myself in Gwendolyn's arms being carried into the shower. I thought of fleeing but found myself too exhausted to struggle lose.

Gwendolyn placed me gently in the tub of warm water and begin to bathe me slowly and gently. Gwendolyn washed me thoroughly from head to toe. As she rinsed me off Gwendolyn kissed/sucked my nipples, fingers and toes. All the while exploring my aching bung hole with two or more of her fingers.

Once I was dry she lifted me gently from the tub and cradled me in her arms as she carried me back to the bed room. Gwendolyn placed me in the chair and quickly stripped the bed and replaced the sheets. As she was doing this I glanced around the room trying to locate my clothes, where ever they were I was not going to find them in this chair.

Gwendolyn left the room, I tried to spring to my feet only to find my head would still spin as I stood. Gwendolyn returned and looked at me, it was then I could take in her measurements. Gwendolyn stood about six feet tall, weighed nearly two-twenty, had a transvestite figure close to thirty-eight twenty-six thirty-four. Between her legs hung ten to twelve inches of a male sex organ that swayed gently.

Her eyes flashed greenish brown as she snarled her lips at me saying '...I don;'t want to tie you down again, but I will and you want be able to participate in our fun and games. My girls are on their way and they don't care how you are, all they want to do is fuck a fat boy's ass and bust some nutz in it...'

I slowly sunk back into the chair as her expression changed and she walked over to me and straddled my legs and pulled my head to her crotch and demanded '...suck this dick like I like it...'

as I sucked her penis she caressed my head gently and told me how much she like my soft lips on her fuck tool. Then she pulled her penis from my lips and stepped back stroking it slowly saying '...I've got to wait, the girls are almost here and I don't want to be interrupted...'

Gwendolyn walked over to a chest and pulled out a bottle of wine and poured two glasses. She walked back over to me and handed me a glass and said '...don't drink too fast or you may pass out again...'

The doorbell ranged and there was knocks at the door, Gwendolyn said out loud '...those bitches are gonna make me kill them...' Gwendolyn went to the door and let them in.

I was trying to cover my self with the small towel laying on the bed, Gwendolyn came in and said '...girls, this is my slightly used boy toy...' the three of them broke out in laughter. Gwendolyn continued saying '...the tall red bone is Darlene, that tall chocolate drink next to her is Courtney...'

Courtney and Darlene looked at Gwendolyn and said almost together '...but what is his name?...' Gwendolyn looked at them and at me turned back to them and exclaimed '...we've been so busy, I haven't even had time to ask. Just call him pussy and lets fuck...'
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1 year ago
please continue this story as soon as you can, way hot