What a way to have fun...

It was mid summer and I was working half days at the bugger joint, one of our regular customers, that was a college student, came in as I was clocking out. I served him and went to clock out, as I exited the side he pulled up in his car and asked if I was heading home.

He looked at me and smiled and said '...let me drop you off, I've something to ask you any way...' thinking nothing of it I decided to accept the ride home. He introduced himself by saying '...my name is Luther, and keep your jokes about Van Dross...' I laughed and answered '...my name is David...'

Luther looked at me and laughed saying '...let us go over to the park and discuss some things that yo might be interested in...' I settled back and relaxed as Luther drove through the side streets and into the park.

:uther explained to me '...you are a very strong looking fellow and should explore all the ways of making money. How much do you get at the burger joint..?' I answered '...just barely enough for me to afford to help my folks out some...'

Luther looked at me and turned part way towards me saying '...I'm enrolled in the local college and some of my classmates has seen you and have taking great interest in you. Some has even followed you and have seen what you do with old men. I've been asked to invite you to one of our frat houses and see if you would like to be our sexual interest...'

'...we don't have a lot of money but we do have many friends that would be willing to, shall we say, assist you in your financials. What we will do is when you are not working here we will put you up in a room in our frat and let you entertain our fellow mates. What ever you receive from them would be all yours, just that you will have to accommodate the frat members...'

I looked at Luther as he ate his sandwich and weighed what he said, '...how often would I have to do this..?' Luther reached in his pocket and tossed me two keys '...the large key is to the front door the smaller key is to room 4F, it's on the fourth floor in the back. You have the only room with your own private bath. On the bulletin board all you have to do is pin this sign when you are in the building...' I looked at the sign and saw it said "4F home".

'...When do I start...' I ask, Luther looked at me and said '...membership is waiting for you now...' Luther started the car and we left the park and headed for the campus. Just on the out skirts of the campus is fraternity row, all the frat houses are there, the sorority houses are on the other side of campus.

As we entered the building there were ten or more guys sitting around watching a large screen television. Some I recognized as being burger joint regulars and some I didn't.

Luther said to me '...come on twink, I'll show you your room and get you settled in...' The guys begin to high five each other and talk excitedly among there selves. Luther led me up the stairs to the back room that had 4F painted on the door, besides that was a green and red marker. Luther explained that '...green meant come in rad meant occupied...'

Luther flipped it over to red and said '...I'm really going to help you get settled...' I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 11:00am. Luther said don't worry today is just members day, we haven't told no one else yet and I get to be first...'

The room was large with it's own private bath and windows with bars that overlooked the rear of the building which was nothing more than a huge parking lot. Luther locked the door behind us and walked over to the dresser and placed the keys.

He begin to remove his clothes and between his legs hung a rather huge flaccid penis. It was cut with a golf ball size head that was fiery red, Luther stood naked looking at me and said '...when a guy come in and stands here like this you are to undress or get out of bed and come over on you knees and service his man hood till he's ready for you...'

'...Let us say your client will tell you what you are to do and you are to do it with gusto. Any one getting out of hand will be dealt with by the membership and you will be well rewarded for your services...'

I disrobed and went to my knees and crawled over before Luther, his penis started to twitch and rise. From seven inches to nearly twelve inches in length and at least four to six inches in circumference.

Luther took hold of my head gently and guided my face to his throbbing penis and said '...yeah baby, start sucking now...' Slowly I took hold of his massive penis and guided it to my lips and licked at it teasingly as Luther rotated my head around.

I opened my mouth as wide as I could to accept his mammoth tool and barely could accommodate his penile glans. My lips barely closed around his penile ridge as his massive penis throbbed violently in my oral cavity.

Luther was gentle and slowly rotated my head allowing me to accept his penis a little at a time. All the while he was moaning and groaning as I tried to swallow my saliva and his pre-cum.

I thought I would not be able to allow Luther to try and have intercourse with me, I was afraid he would rip me apart. Luther's penis throbbed violently as he held my head and suddenly erupted in powerful squirts of ejaculates. I gagged and coughed as his perm filled my throat and mouth, spurting through my nasal passages and flowing around his enormous penile shaft.

Luther pulled from my lips and lifted me effortless in to the air and carried me over to the bed and laid me gently on the covers. On his knees he lifted my legs and laid down guiding hid semi rigid penis to my bung hole.

Panicking, I stuttered '...lub...lub...lubricant please...' Luther smiled and smeared a copious amounts of a slick substance across and into my anal opening. Luther lowered his body down on mine and whispered '...brace your self...'

What a way to have fun...
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4 months ago
more please
1 year ago
wow, hope this story is a series, yum yum
1 year ago
Very funny spelling mistake in first line........"It was mid summer and I was working half days at the BUGGER joint,"
1 year ago