All Day Sex Session...

It was a rainy dreary day that I decided to cut class, I met up with a fellow class mate, Willie E. We left school together and went to his home. It was an apartment in the lower class of the city that was shared by him his mother, step dad and two older siblings.

I had no reason to be apprehensive, all we were going to do was to hang out at Willie E. home and wait for school to get out. As soon as we arrive Willie E. started to want to wrestle.

I managed to fringe off most of his advances, Willie E. finally settled down and we started to do home work. After a while Willie E. suggested that we drink a can of his step dads beer.

I had only had small amounts of alcohol up to that point, before then I only had small amounts to ward off colds and flu that my grand mother would administer to us before bedtime.

After drinking half the can of beer I was feeling a buzz, Willie started to wrestle again. This time I participated, tussling with Willie on the bed and floor. It seemed so innocent at first, we would tussle and than relax and rest talking about our favorite wrestler.

During one of our bouts Willie E. pinned me to the bed and started to grind against me. I tried to push Willie E. off and free myself, but after a few minutes it started to feel good and I became some what aroused.

Willie E. was skillful and knew just how to maneuver around to get the desired results. Willie E. had managed to get my shirt unbutton and was gently sucking on one of my nipples before i realized what was going on.

Once I understood what he was during I grabbed hold of his head and tried to pull him away from my chest. Willie E. responded by biting my nipple with his teeth and saying through gritted teeth '...stop or I'll bite it off...'

I froze, and held his head in my grasp. Willie released his bite and resumed sucking my nipple. I pleaded '...Willie, stop, I don't want to do this let me up.' Willie E. breathed '...just relax and enjoy. You like what I'm doing, if you didn't your nipple wouldn't be getting hard.'

Willie E. moved his lips from my left nipple to my neck and down to my right nipple. I was still holding his head as he made this move and Willie E. took this for my acceptance of what he was during.

Before I knew it Willie E. was pushing my trousers down pass my buttocks and grinding against my now exposed penis. I protested again '...Willie stop, you can't do this.' Willie E. did not pay me any attention and continued to maneuver my pants down pass my knees.

I knew that there was no way for him to get my pants off unless he got up off me. But Willie E. was skillful in what he was during, once my trousers were down below my knees, he undid his pants and exposed his solid rock hard penis and placed it between my thighs saying '...I just want bust a nut, keep your legs together so I can feel the tightness of your fake pussy.'

Wanting him to hurry up and finish, I did as he said. Willie E. grind slowly his penis throbbing between my thighs with such f***e that my thighs jump with each throb of his penis.

With a quick movement, Willie e. shifted and lifted my thighs, my pants were around my ankles and pulled my feet together. With a swift movement Willie E. had placed his rock hard penis right against my bung hole and pressed forward quickly.
Before I could react Willie e. had penetrated my outer anal muscle ring and his rubbery hard penile head was lodged in my anus. Willie E. and I both grunted at the same time with Willie E. saying '...damn you're tight as hell, yet I'm in your ass. Shit you just as well let me finish now.'

I tried to pull Willie E. off by grabbing hie hair, it was so short that I could not get a good grip. Willie E. wasted no time in grinding into my invade bung hole. With my pants trapping my ankles and Willie E. pressing down on me with his shoulders and holding my thighs up, his penis slipped deeper into my invaded bung hole with each throb of his penis and exuding pre-cum as lubricant.

In no time at all Willie e. had sunk half the length of his penis into my bung. I gripped his head and held it close to my chest as he grind viciously into my butt. Once I figured that I was holding his head I release it and tried to push his shoulders away.

Mortified, I could do nothing to extricate myself from his impaling monstrous member, Willie said to me ' sense in fighting any more I'm in this ass now so just relax and let me go.'

Wilie E. slowed his pace but kept up his grinding reassuring me '...just relax, this some good pussy you got here. Damn it's some good pussy.' Willie E. penis begin to throb violently and than shot a copious amount of his sperm into my anus. With each squirt his rock hard penis slipped another two or three inches till every inch of his penis was inside my bung hole and his testicles were resting against my buttocks.

Willie E. nestled his head between my shoulder and neck and kissed/sucked my neck ever so gently saying '...yeah, you my bitch now, you mine now. Pussy like this is too good to keep to myself. I got to share it with my boys.' I panic as I heard him moaning his desires and tried to push him up. Willie E. said '...too late for that shit, you done let me breed this ass now it's mine and I can do what I want with it.'

Willie E. pulled his still hard penis from my aching bung hole and took hold of my trousers. I reached down to get hold of them Willie E. seized my hand and said sternly ' don't want to do that, this shit comes off now.' I pleaded with Willie E. '...Willie, don't do this we made a mistake let me go and I'll forget you did this.' Willie E. smiled at me and said ' might forget, but I ain't gonna forget shit. You're my bitch now and I'm gonna share this boi pussy with my posse. So get ready to give it up.'

Willie E removed my tennis and trousers and tossed them over in the corner and said to me '...get out of that shirt keep your t-shirt on for now.' Willie E. went over to the phone and called some one telling them '...yeah get...' un intelligently '...and hurry over here, I've got the best pussy waiting you ever had. Naw it ain't going now where, but you hurry up and get here, I'm gonna hit again till y'all come.'

I was still laying on the bed when Willie E. turned back to me, he shook his head and came over and pulled my shirt over my head as IO laid there and allowed him too. Willie E. stood and removed his clothes, his penis waving out from his body like a tree limb in the wind.

Willie E. climbed back on the bed and pushed apart my feet and poised his throbbing penis at my dripping anal opening. Willie E. pressed against my aching hole till his penile head popped into my bung again. I jumped and took a deep breath as Willie E. manage to seat his entire length of his penis into my bung hole. Willie moaned softly as he pushed and pulled his penis back and forth in and out of my bung hole.

My knees were nestled in the hollow of Willie E. elbows as he rocked back and forth. Willie E. had a glean in his eyes that made him look like some crazed maniacal monster.Willie E. gripped my shoulders in his hands and rode my butt till the door bell ringed and he cursed and cautioned me '...keep your ass in this bed if you know whats good for you.'

Wilie E. slipped his pants back on and went to the door, I heard voices and laughter. Than foot steps and the door opened to the room I was in and three other teenage boys entered along with Willie E.

Willie E. removed his pants again and said to no one particular '...I'm gonna finish what I started y'all can get sloppy seconds.' I held the covers to my chest only to have Willie E. snatch them away and glare sternly at me.

Willie E. lifted my thighs and snuggled between them till he was at my bung again and pushed his rock hard penis back into my aching bung hole. I was so tender I could not help but reflectively reach up and grip his arms as he slid his huge member back into my bung hole.

My knees were pressed tight against the trunk of Willie E. body as returned to sliding his massive member back and forth into my bung hole. I was trembling with trepidation and pain as Willie E. enjoyed his act of sexual deviation.

My mind was racing thinking of how I was going to live this humiliation down, I did not now the three other boys and only glanced feelingly at them as Willie E. continued to slid his member back and forth in my bung. THEY would glance between Willie E. thighs and comment to each other '...yeah he's up in that ass...look at them they show like what they are doing...come on Willie bust that nut and let us have a go at that ass pussy...'

I saw them start to undress and stroke their penis in different stages of being erect. Willie E. was near eight inches long and three inches in girth and the three others were all near the same size. Willie E. and I was grunting and groaning in unison from different aspects of the sex act.

Willie E rammed deep into my bung and I felt his penis explode and he flooded my anal canal once again with his seed. Willie E. laid there on top of me for a couple of minutes allowing his penis to empty of it's load and kiss/suck my neck and shoulders.

One of the guys pulled at Willie E. feet saying '...come get off that ass it ain't no real pussy, let some one else get in there.' Willie E. grunted and raised up looking down in my teary eyes saying relax and let the guys have their fun and you'll be alright. No body wants to hurt you, we just want to breed this ass good.'

AS soon as Willie E. was off the bed one of the other guys climb on and flipped me over to my stomach and mounted me from the rear. He had some trouble finding my aching bung hole and kept getting near but not at the right spot finally he raised up and parted my buns and located my puckering bung hole and made entrance.

He was crude and rough and slammed into my butt like it had no bottom causing me to cry out in agony. He then reached under us and lifted me to my knees and held my hips so tightly I could not move away from his assault. He rammed into me with no regard as to how much it hurt, I was howling and crying out in pain as he rode my butt.

His penis was so hard I could feel the veins of his penis as they slid back and forth. I could hear the obscene sounds that our sexual act was making as his penis slid in and out of my butt. I felt Willie E. substance forth up and ooze from my ruptured anal opening down my thighs and hear the guys say '...look at that...that ass is cumming...'

My inner and outer anal muscle ring had surrendered to the invading organs and put up little resistance to their invading action. The guy in my bung soon shot his load in my butt crying out '...I'm breeding this bitch, I'm breeding this bitch...' He pulled from my butt causing a huge amount of air to escape making an obscene sound.

As he pulled from me he pushed me away from him so violently that my face was buried into the pillow of the bed. Before I could raise up another boy mounted the bed and pushed me down by the small of my back and had no trouble inserting his penis into my very sore bung hole.

I grimaced and groaned as his penis made entrance into my bung hole, his penile glans felt twice as large as Willie E. and the other boy, I guessed that my butt hole was so sore that it was extra sensitive to the touch.
He was some what more gentle than his predecessor.

He prone his body on mine and slid his hands under my chest and found my nipples and twisted them just hard enough to get me to groan and he whispered into my ear '...throw that pussy back now throw it back let me feel it and I wont be long. That's it throw that sweet ass pussy back to me, yeah that's it, that's it...'

He was right he didn't last long as Willie E. and the other guy but he lasted long enough. My nipples were so sore that I forgot about the pain in my rectum till he lunged powerfully into me and unloaded his substance into my bowels. He kissed the back of my neck and whispered '...yeah baby you got some some good pussy, I enjoyed that fuck. I'll be better next time.'

He pulled from my butt and I stayed still till the last guy crawled up on my back and kissed me in the small of my back and whispered '...turn over, I want you to wrap your legs around me like a real bitch.' He raised up and helped turn me over and lifted my legs up to his waist. He looked in my eyes and lifted my ankles to his shoulders.

I glanced between my thighs and saw his penis waving up and down and got scared. His head looked like it was twice the size of the others and was already dripping pre-cum. It was then that I thought of the fact that all of them had entered me with out a rubber.

Before I could saw any thing my assailant was entering my bung hole, he wasn't in a hurry nor was he taking his time. He went straight to work as he held my elbows down and use them to pull me to him as he entered my upturned bung. I could do no more than moan and groan and toss my head from side to side as he worked skillfully in my butt.

The rest of the afternoon the four of them let me stay on my back and had me enclose my leg around their waist as they had sex with me and kissed my lips and neck. Some even sucked my nipples as they rammed into my anal opening, they took time and turns with me for maybe three or four times each, my rectum was so full of their seed that they had no trouble at all entering me.

When they had their full they joked with Willie E. saying '...if the bitch is pregnant it's all yours big boy...' Laughing they all went to the door leaving me their on the bed in a fetal position crying softly into the pillow.

Willie E. came back and laid next to me nestling me in his arm saying '...come on now it wasn't all that bad. You had some fun we had some fun and now you know where to come when you want to skip school. I'll call the guys and we'll have some more fun.'

Willie E. rolled me over to my back and crawled up on top of me and lifted my right leg slightly and entered my dripping bung once again whispering '...yeah, I love a wet, wet pussy. We've got to hurry and finish so I can get cleaned up before the people get home. Give me this pussy one more time now and make me feel good.

With that Willie E. lowered his lips to mine and kissed me solidly on my lips till his tongue parted my lips and found my tongue. He sucked on my tongue as he sexed my bung till he unloaded once again in my rectum and held me as tight as he could whispering into my ear '...shit this some good pussy you've got. I hate we waited so long to find out how good it is...'

Willie E. laid on top of me his penis throbbing as he shot spurt after spurt of his baby making fluid into my ruptured anal orifice.

All Day Sex Session...
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2 years ago
wow i came big time just pretending that was me being turned into an anal luving slut