Surrendering to the Penis...

It had been some time since I was attacked by Daniel, Charlie and Bruce. I Must admit that I sort of missed being sort after by the three of them and wondered what it would be like if I Could find one of them alone. Would I be able to entice one of them to have sex with me, with out him knowing I Wanted him to do so?

I fantasied about what would become of an encounter with any one of them, Bruce was the best looking one, Charlie was well hung, but vicious and Daniel was hung like a horse and had a sneaky violent side.

As luck would have it, I saw Charlie walking alone a running path one evening and decided to cross his path as if I had not seen him. I had on a pair of red swim trunks and a white t-shirt with tennis shoes and socks, Charlie was wearing blue jeans a white t-shirt and tennis shoes.

I made my way across the park and watched as Charlie approached, as he neared I started to walk at an angle to intercept. Just as the path turned and was obscured from the rest of the field I bolted out in front of Charlie.

At first Charlie said nothing, I looked over my shoulder and fringed fear. Charlie called out quick enough to me '...David, what you think you doing? Don't make me have to chase you down...!!!'

I stopped and turned to face him saying '...I Don't want no trouble, just leave me alone. I ain't bothering you...' Charlie closed the distance between us very quickly and took hold of my right elbow rather violently.

As Charlie pulled me to him, I noticed that his crotch was beginning to throbbed. I acted like I paid it no attention as he pulled me off the path and into a bunch of weeping willow trees.

I struggled briefly as if to dislodged my self from his grip, Charlie only managed to grip my elbow tighter and push me ahead of him. Once we were well into the weeping willows Charlie released my elbow and stood off from me looking at me from feet to head.

'Yeah I remember how good it was the first time, too bad we had to be so rough with you. You still turned out to be a good fuck...' Charlie said as he stroked his massive penis through his jeans.

I stepped back from him and acted as if I was going to bolt, Charlie cautioned me '...there's no one here but the two of us, you run and I'll get the boys and we'll track you down before you could get home!'

I stopped and asked timidly '...what do you want...?' Charlie answered ' ain't stupid, I want you to suck my dick or get your ass kick. Either way I get my dick sucked. Now get on your knees, do so now and I'll be nice to you...'

I looked at him as he undid his belt and reached into his jeans, I had not moved since his demand as he fished around and pulled out his nice size semi hard penis. I was some what transfixed as he stroked it back and forth, he was uncut and his foreskin moved freely over his massive purplish penis glans.

With each stroke his penis seemed to get firmer till he was stroking an fully erect shaft. He must have been eight or nine inches long and four inches in girth, I had second thoughts as to what I had gotten myself into.

I had never had a penis in my mouth and was not sure how to go about fulfilling Charlie's demand. Charlie wa sure as to what he wanted '...get on your knees, I said...' Slowly I lowered myself to my knees, moving some twigs out of the way.

Charlie stepped to me and placed his left hand on top of my head while his right hand stroked his penis. I was now on my knees starring an enormously huge penile glans a few inches from my face. Charlie pulled my head to his crotch and rubbed his penis across my clinched lips, smearing pre-cum as he did so.

Charlie moaned softly as his penis passed over my lips and he held my head firm as he pressed against my closed lips. Releasing his grip on his penis, Charlie took hold of my lower chin and throat and now had hold of my head and chin.

He pulled my face up till I was looking at him and he said sternly ' your mouth and watch out for your teeth. Bite me and you'll gum your food the rest of your life...' As I looked up at Charlie's eyes, I Slowly parted my lips and Charlie pressed his massive penile head into my lips.

His rubbery firm penile penile glans probed my lips and pressed against my clinched teeth. Charlie moaned and whispered hastily ' your teeth, remember what I told you. Bite me and I'll bust your teeth out...'

I barely managed to part my teeth before Charlie pushed his huge head into my oral cavity. I suddenly found my mouth full of Charlie's penile glans and it was starting to throb violently.

Without warning Charlie lunged deeper into my mouth causing me to gag at the suddenness of his movement. My eyes bulged and mucus swelled from my throat and flowed from my lips. Instinctively I reached up to grab his penile shaft, Charlie said seductively '...yeah, that's it, hold that dick like you want it...' With that Charlie moved his hands to the back of my head and started to grind slowly into my face.

Charlie's massively huge penile head throbbed so violently that I could not close my lips around his huge head and shaft. I could barely breath as Charlie worked his huge penis slowly around my oral cavity.

Without a word Charlie pulled his penis from my lips and glared down at me and demanded angrily '...I changed my mind, I want to fuck. Get out of those shorts now or I'll tear them off your ass...'

I stood up slowly and begin to remove my trunks from my hips. Charlie reached out and snatched me closer to him. With one arm around my waist Charlie pushed my trunks down below my waist and demanded '... now pull them off your ass...'

I wiggled my trunks down below my knees and kicked them off, I was naked from the waits down save for my tennis and socks. Charlie turned me around till my back was to his front, his enormous penis was throbbing between my buttocks as I trembled.

I don't know if I was trembling from fear or anticipation or both as Charlie slowly lowered his stiff rock hard penis down my butt crack and against my puckering anal opening.

Fear gripped me and I panicked saying ' Charlie, we can't do this here. Some one might see us or hear us we can't do this here...' WITH out saying a word Charlie reached down and gripped my flaccid penis and testicles and lifted me to my toes.

WITH a powerful lunge Charlie pushed his massive head into my anal opening meeting little resistance from my outer anal sphincter muscle ring. In pain I gasped as Charlie's huge gigantic head popped into my anal cavity. My outer anal muscle ring snapped shut around the neck of Charlie's penile shaft.

I was balanced on my tip toes as Charlie probed my anus with his massive member. His penile shaft throbbed savagely as my anal muscles gripped his shaft, Charlie moaned and whispered into my ear as he slowly pressed into my now penile sheath.

Charlie reached his other hand down and with both his hands he gripped my inner thighs and lifted me off the ground. As he did so he lowered me back down onto his rock hard python like penile shaft sinking more of his shaft deeper into my anus. All I could do was to attempt to get my feet back on the ground, my toes barely scrapped the dirt as he wormed his huge member deeper into my trembling body.

Tears begin to flow from my eyes as Charlie lifted me slowly up and pressed me back down on his impaling massive member. Unable to do anything else I wrapped my feet around the calves of Charlie's legs and tried to keep him from impaling me farther onto his huge tool.

This seemed to encourage Charlie even more as he lifted me up and down viciously panting heavily into my ear. Charlie maneuvered us towards a tree trunk, instinctively I reached out to keep from being smashed between the trunk and Charlie.

Charlie had me suspended between the tree and his hunching body as he rammed deeper and deeper into my aching bung. My back arched and my head rolling against Charlie's shoulder and neck, Charlie enjoyed his sexual assault into my anal canal.

Charlie gasped into my ear '...shit yeah, this is good boi pussy. It's tight and milking my dick just like a virgin cunt, damn I like fucking this ass..'
I slung my hands back and grabbed hold of Charlie's head as he seated his massive member into my anal opening. For another twenty minutes Charlie managed to ram into my butt till he stiffen and shot a huge load of his man fluid into my bowels.

With Charlie stuck firmly up my bung shooting his copious amounts of baby fluid into my rectum, it started to begin to leak out from around the huge piece of man meat lodged in my anus and streak down my thighs. Charlie grunted and groaned as he emptied his testicles of his baby making fluids.

Charlie caressed my stomach and chest as he lowered me to my feet, his massive member still firmly lodge in my bung and throbbing like it was going to explode again. Charlie gripped me about the mid section and pushed my shoulders down, bending me over at the waist and exposing my bung to his desires.

Holding me in such a fashion, Charlie begin to lunge in and back into my bung with such f***e that my head was coming close to striking the tree trunk. When Charlie stiffened and his penis exploded once again emptying another massive load of male spunk deep into my bowels.

Charlie pulled from my gaping bung and dropped me to the ground, I laid there in and fetal position looking up at Charlie as he picked up my trunks and wiped his penis. Charlie placed his limp penis back into his jeans and turned and exited the grove of weeping willows.

I laid there on the ground with Charlie's substance leaking from my throbbing anal opening.

Surrendering to the Penis...
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1 year ago
i hope you are going to continue this story, its soooooo hot
2 years ago
Great, I bet you enjoyed every last minute of it.
2 years ago
Hot. Wish he had fucked his throat longer.