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Friends Become Lovers...

I ran into a class mate at a local bar and he had one too many. His speech was slurred and unsteady on his feet, I noticed a number of the locales scoping him out and thought that the best thing I could do was to get him back to the dorm and safely in his bed.

I did manage to get us out of the bar and into a cab, getting across campus was a little challenging. My class mate wanted to go some where else and not back to his dorm room. However I was sure that the safest place for him was in his dorm room.

Once in his dorm I managed to get him to his floor and into the toilet so he could relieve his self, that is where it all went wrong. Needless to say, my class mate was in no way able to fish his penis out or to direct the stream of urine.

Being a helpful mate i aided him in retrieving his penis from his pants and holding on to it as he relieved himself. Even though he was flaccid and soft his penis was still eight inches long.

My class mate was resting his head on my shoulder as I guided his stream of urine. Holding such a massive piece of meat as it emptied it's load was some what new to me.

I found myself slowly stroking his elongated penis as he finished only to have him snuggle my neck. Seeing that he was almost u*********s and unable to make it to his dorm room I decided to have some fun, besides I could always claim it to be a dream.

I aided him in reaching his room and laid him on his bed, I removed his shoes, trousers and underwear. His penis was still flaccid but almost to his knees.

I lifted his penis gingerly and slowly stroked his manhood, even though he was u*********s his penis responded, there was a slight throb as I stroked him. I looked at him and noticed he had a slight smile on his lips...

Friends Become Lovers...
Posted by d4david 2 years ago
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