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Barry took what he wanted...

I was walking through a passage way by the high school stadium, Barry one of the twelve graders, six feet tall and two hundred pounds, was walking towards me. For some strange reason I became very fearful.

As soon as Barry was abreast of me, he lunged out viciously and violently. Seizing me by the throat and slamming me against the wall, I kicked out as he pushed me up the wall causing me to stand on my tip toes.

Barry was far stronger than I expected, as he held me up with one hand against the wall he undid my pants with his other hand. I was trying desperately to free his hand from my throat, I kicked and tried to call for help.

Barry had pushed my pants down below my knees and had taken me by the throat with both hands and turned my face to the wall. Pressed viciously against the wall of the tunnel I could barely stay consciousness.

Barry's solidly stiff penis was sliding up and down the crack of my butt, till it found the spot it sought. With a powerful lung, Barry sunk his massively thick penis head into my painful anal opening.

Choking on my on spittle, I tried to cry out in fear, agony and pain. For ten minutes Barry savagely sexually assaulted me, slamming me against the wall with each thrust of his pelvis till I felt his penis firm up and he grind me against the wall.

His penis erupted with a powerful stream of cum that struck the walls of my rectum and caused me to fear that he had ruptured something inside of me. For what seemed like forever, Barry grind me against the wall of the tunnel only grunting as his enormously huge penis throbbed in my anus.

Barry breathed a sigh of relieve and release his grip on my throat and I slid down on his massive penis as he stepped back and let me fall to the ground. His huge penis slurping from my bung and springing up like a limb.

Barry zipped his pants and walked calmly away as if nothing had happened. I struggled to get up on my knees as I watched him walk away and felt my butt hole pulsate and tremble from the uninvited assault. Streams of cum ran down my thighs as I tried to pull up my pants and underwear and get out of the tunnel.

Barry took what he wanted...
Posted by d4david 2 years ago
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