Clarence C. took what he wanted...

Clarence C. and his folks moved into our neighbor, in fact just in the next block six houses away from mine. Clarence was a brute and always bullied the rest of the k**s that played on our street.

There was rumors that his father was in prison and his b*****rs beat him for no reason. Being cautious I stayed out of his way, always going the opposite direction of his route and running like crazy when out of his sight.

I t was on a dreary days in April that I made a big mistake and found myself at Clarence C. mercy. I saw him as he was walking in my direction and saw him go up a path through what we called the jungle. Thinking I Was safe I continued my route past where he had entered and was not far from my street when I heard a rustling in the bushes.

Thinking that it might be a dog I picked up a stout tree limb and walked cautiously forward. As I past a clump of bushes Clarence C. jumped out behind me and challenged 'what you doing on my street. Turning around quickly I raised the limb, Clarence C. looked at me and smiled saying 'you gonna hit me with a tree trunk.'

He laughed wickedly and stood off from me saying 'if I wanted to I could take that stick, but I would have to beat your ass for threatening me.' I moved slowly back from him as he stared me down, than with out a word he lunged at me. I swung the stick he ducked, I missed.

He sprung up in my swing and seized me in a powerful bear hug, he squeezed so hard that I could barely breath. I dropped the limb and tried to strike Clarence C. with all my might.

Clarence didn't even feel my blows as we struggled along the side walk. Clarence C. tripped me and we fell over into the bush and down a ravine. Clarence C. landed on me and the wind was knocked out of me as well as my attempts to fight.

Clarence C. looked at me as he knelt over me saying 'I'm gonna beat your ass good. You think you can fight me on my street and throw me down a hill.' I protested 'I didn't want to fight you. You attacked me and I hit you back. We fell cause you pushed me down the hill.'

Clarence slapped me twice across the face ordering me to 'stop telling you damn lies.' I tried to struggle free and Clarence C. grabbed me by the throat, choking me so hard that I tried to pull his hand away from my throat. Clarence C. looked at me and said 'what you trying to do, you hunching my ass, you trying to make me your fuck boy. Now you gonna get it.'

Clarence C. struck me in the face a few times, I tired to block most of his blows. Clarence C. stopped and stood up, he reached down and grabbed my jacket by the collar and pulled me violently to my knees and start to drag me across the ground.

I tried to resist only to have him yank me so hard I fell down and was pulled through the ravine and deeper into the thicket. I Was afraid that he was about to issue me a beating that I would regret, I was close to right but it was not going to be how I thought it to be.

Once we were in a small clearing shaded by a weeping willow tree, Clarence C. slammed me to the ground. He stepped back and demanded 'so you think I'm a fuck boy and you can hunch me in the ass do you.'

Stammering I shook my head saying 'no I was just trying to get...' he cut me off saying 'you just trying to do what...????? Than a smile came across his face and Clarence C. knelt down over my left leg and took hold of my face by the chin.

He leaned in to my face and hissed 'oh, I get it know you want to give me some of that pussy you think you got.' Panicking I tried to push him away, Clarence slapped my hands away and pushed me back to the ground. Clarence laid on top of me and started to grind his body into mind and demanded.

'You want me to fuck you, than that's just what I'm going to do. You're gonna suck my dick or take the beating of your life and than suck my dick. You make the choice, my dick gets suck either way.' Clarence Shifted up tell he was straddling my chest and undid his pants.

His penis was uncut and fat as he tried to push it into my face. I struggled and twisted as he tried tossing my head from side to side to avoid his smelly appendage. Clarence C. grabbed me by the hair and slapped my face viciously ordering me 'open your damn mouth and suck this dick.'

Having no luck in fighting my way free I just stared at him as he pushed his penis against my clinched lips. His penis oozing pre-cum across them and smearing the substance over my lips and chin.

Clarence took hold of my throat and started to choke me so viciously I finally gave in and parted my lips slightly. Clarence C. ordered 'open up your mouth and suck this dick before I get really mad.'

His penile glans we in my lips and against m teeth as he worked his penis around my oral orifice. Clarence C. stopped and raised to one knee and violently rammed his other knee into my stomach. I Almost folded double in pain as the air rushed from my body.

Clarence C. moved quickly and turned me to my side and yanked my pants and underwear down from my buttocks. Kneeling over me he he twisted me to my stomach and started to probed my buttocks with his penis.

I tried to reached down and pull my pants up, only to trap my hands beneath us. Clarence C. was sure with what he was doing and pushed my face and head into the cold ground as he guided his rigid tool between my buttocks and probed my anus.

He knew he had hit the spot when he heard my muffled cry 'NNNOOOOO, LET ME UP!!!' My mouth filled with dirt I tried to spit it out only to feel the head of Clarence C. solidly rigid penis begin to part my outer anal muscle ring.

I fell my anal opening begin to open and the girth of his enormous penile head
slide slowly into my rectum. My butt hole was being pushed apart by the weight of his body and his penis oozing pre-cum to lubricate the entrance way.

His penile ridge popped through and my anal sphincter muscle ring snapped shut around the neck of his invading tool. Clarence sighed and continued to push his rigid man hood into my bung hole, my aching anal opening slowly gave way and received the invader allowing Clarence C. to push more and more of his tube of man meat deeper into my rectum.

Clarence stopped his forward momentum and slid his meat tube back and lunged more into me. I had stopped struggling now, more from the pain of the assault than anything else. Clarence C. started to saw back and forth in a methodically vicious way, seeking his entire length of his man meat.

I Could feel the huge penile head as it slid back and forth and my anal muscle gripping the penile shaft of Clarence C. massive sex tool. Like a made man, Clarence C. slammed into my butt moaning and grunting with each thrust rhyming my grunts of pain with his grunts of passion till I fell him stiffen and grind deep and than the flood of fluid shooting from his penis.

Clarence C. panting heavily over me slowly undulated his hips and and laid down against my prostate body emptying out his testicles of all his baby batter. I Laid beneath him moaning as he rotated his still rigid tool around the insides of my rectum.

It wasn't till we heard voices headed our way did Clarence C. pull from my ravaged bung and up his pants and hurry away. I pulled up my pants and stood, the deposit of sperm in my bung begin to seep out and slid down my thighs as I made my way away from the sound of the approaching voices.

I reached the street to see Clarence standing on the corner looking my way, the insolent bastard blew me a kiss and walked away looking backward at me as I hurried across the street and down the alley leaking baby making fluid from my ruptured anal opening.

Clarence C. took what he wanted...
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2 years ago
right more plizzzz. love the storie