A Group Shower...

It was late Saturday night or Early Sunday morning, you decide, I returned to Grants Hall. Yes I was some what intoxicated and staggered to the shower with my robe barely on, normally their is no one woke or around that gives a damn what you are wearing.

I managed to get into the shower room and start the water when I heard the out side door open and close multiple times. I was very much intoxicated and cared less as to what was going on with the door, I should have payed more attention to what was happening.

As I lathered up and rinsed off I turned under the cascading water fall, maybe three turns, when I realized that I was no longer alone. I stopped and staggered, almost losing my balance. Strong hand s reached out and gripped me, restoring me to my feet.

I tried to focus and make out the faces of the four guys that was standing around me. Powerful hands squeezed my buttocks and strong fingers probed my anus, I tried to swat away the invading fingers and break the grips of fingers that held my arms.

My words were slurred and made little sense to me and possibly none to my assailants. I was pushed and pulled back to the shower wall, hands took hold of my penis and worked the foreskin back and forth. Lips and a warm oral orifice engulfed my man hood and begin to suck my penis.

My knees became wobbly and my legs grew weak, I begged feebly 'please don't do this...I don't want you to do this.' Who ever they were I was now in their control.

The lips pulled back, slowly sucking my manhood to it's maximum girth, I moaned in ecstasy as the lips parted my penile glans. I was led from the shower room to the dressing area and laid over a bench. Hands gripped my face and lifted it up as a huge penis brushed my lips.

At about the same time an equally large penile glans probed my neither region and pushed steadily against my yielding outer anal sphincter muscle ring. I knew I could not hold out much longer, as the massive penile head entered my anal opening I gasped in pain.

The penis at my lips took advantaged and entered my oral orifice and started to work back and forth. I was slowly rocked back and forth, like meat on a spit, as both man tools worked their way into my body.

Barely able to gather breath, I was tormented by both tubes of man meat. The tube of man meat in my mouth exploded first and flooded my oral cavity with an enormous amount of man spunk. Gagging around the huge cock head as it unloaded it's substance, I couldn't swallow and most of the fluid spewed from my mouth around the huge penis.

The penis in my bung rammed so hard into me I cried out in anguish as the pain of it's entrance flooded over me. The guy in front of me stepped aside and some one else replaced him. This one was not as huge but much longer and had no trouble sliding deep into my oral orifice.

The head struck the back of my throat and my eyes bulged as he grabbed the back of my head and bottom of my chin. With no concern of my comfort he rammed his skinny penis into my throat, my gagging reflex milked his man meat like a milking machine would do a cows teat.

He moaned as the penis in my anal canal erupted and flooded my bung with it's substance. I gripped the thighs of the invader in my face and tried to push away from the invading pole of man meat.

Another blunt object pressed against my well lubed butt hole, I panic as I came to the realization the this penis was twice as huge as the first one. Helpless I dug my finger nails into the thighs of the guy sexing my face and tried to scream from the pain.

This only aided the slim penis to go farther into my throat and choke me into semi u*********sness. Whimpering as I blew mucus from my nose and tears fell from my eyes, sperm and my saliva dripped from my lips as the two brutes had their way. When they both explode, almost simultaneously, I thought that my ordeal was over.

It wasn't, I was flipped over and my feet pulled up in the air and back over my head. My bung was poked up in the air exposing it to who ever wanted to enter, it wasn't long before I felt a penis enter and go to work. Once he had shot his load, the others entered my neither region just as quickly as one would shoot and exit.

The four of my attackers took great liberty with my bung and exhausted their loads of sperm into my anal cavity till it ran like ropes of congealed mucus from a runny nose. The four of them had flooded my rectum with multiple amounts of male baby making fluid.

My thighs ached and my bung hole was on fire, spent sperm leaked from my ruptured anal opening as if it would never cease. I was more intoxicated now than when they started. I could barely make out their shapes as they exited the room laughing and high fiveing each other.
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2 years ago
wow wish that had been me love being gangbanged