An Unwanted Intrusion.

Gabriel, was the youngest male member of the janitorial staff of the high school I attended. Gabriel had also been spying on me and my fellow track team members and had had his way with me after one sex session he witnessed.

Gabriel taken my body on more than one occasion and had made arrangement with me to meet him each Wednesday in the gyms shower. On Wednesday's, Gabriel had to work late and secure the school, normally there are no after school activities going on that day of the week.

I would leave school than return after the campus was clear of students and faculty. I would make my way into the gym and go into the shower, when I heard Gabriel whistling in the locker room I was to come out with a towel wrapped around my waist and submit to his will.

On this particular day, Gabriel had been rather viciously attacked me. He had thrown me across the massage table and savagely entered my anal cavity. For nearly 45 minutes, Gabe had rammed and slammed his thick fat cock into me merciless.

I was in tears with Gabriel verbally taunting me 'Yeah bitch, you let your young friends fuck you and not put up a whimper. When I want to fuck you you cry like real bitch. Well, get used to it, from now on I'm gonna fuck you just like this and you better not miss a Wednesday.'

I didn't want to have sex with Gabe, he told me that he had pictures of me and my track team engaged in sexual contact. He had threaten to go to the principal and get all of us expelled if I did not surrender myself to him on Wednesday's.

Gabriel rammed deep into my rectum and shot his load of sperm deep in my butt. He pulled out exclaiming 'that boy pussy is damn good, but bitch I got to finish my work. You get your ass cleaned up and get out of here, don't let me have to come back and hurry you along.'

I stayed across the table for a few minutes, trying to muster up the strength to get up and shower and leave. Our sex session had drained me of most of my strength. I finally managed to stand and start to amble my way towards the shower when I heard a noise behind me.

I spun around expecting to see Gabriel, to my shock and horror there stood two of the school bullies and they were as naked as I was. Johnny and William was standing there stroking their rock hard youthful cocks.

Johnny was nearly 9" long, thick and cut, William's cock was about the same size, uncut. William's cock was also two toned, it was black with a spot the color of the palms of your hand. Johnny was a tanned taught 5'9" tall close to 175lbs, William was a little taller maybe 5'10" or 5'11", about the same weight.

Johnny spoke first 'so you like letting old men fuck you here in our gym do you?' William added 'maybe he just couldn't find any young dicks that could please him. Anyway I want get some of that tight ass and see if I can make the bitch moan like old man Gabe.'

They both laughed and came towards me, I tried to talk my way out of my predicament. 'Look guys, Gabriel made me come down here and give him sex. I never wanted to let him enter me or anything else.'

Johnny looked at William 'did it look like that to you b*o, it show looked like the bitch was enjoying himself.' William stared at me and answered Johnny 'yeah, I liked the way he just walked up to old man Gabe and took his dick and sucked it like it was an all day sucker,' the two of them snickered.

Johnny said 'enough of this shit, let's get the bitch and go into the girls locker room. Gabe might come back to see if his bitch has left the building.' William and Johnny seized my wrist and pulled me along with them to the other side of the gym.

It was unreal being d**g across the gym floor stark naked by two naked fellow students. I cried out hoping that some one would hear, but the building was deserted. Gabriel must have been on an upper floor or had the buffer going.

Once we were in the girls locker room, Johnny and William tossed our clothes into one of the hampers. They pushed me back into the shower area, which was down a small hall way and under the stage. Only the emergency lights were on in this part of the building, no windows, just one way in and one way out.

Johnny said to no one particular 'it's practically sound proof down here so if you want to yell or scream, no one will hear you.' 'That's right,' said William, 'no one can bother us in here.'

As I back away from the two of them I said 'once Gabriel lock up you can't get out. The alarm will sound and the police will come.' William laughed 'that may be in the main building, but not here in the gym. You see we know how they did not connect the alarm over here because of the away basketball games.'

Johnny said 'I think I'll let this mouthy bitch suck my dick some then fuck that ass.' William said 'that's a good thought, get on your knees bitch. If you want to keep your teeth you better do a damn good job.'

I pleaded 'look guys, if I suck you both off will you be satisfied and let me go. My butts too sore to let both of you have sex with me.' They both laughed 'we gonna fuck you if you want use to or not,' demanded Johnny. 'We gonna fuck you and you gonna let us fuck you till we get enough of your stinking ass,' growled William.

With my options laid out I slowly sunk to my knees and prepared to start sucking both my assailants cock. William was first, his rock solid cock filled my oral orifice to it's max. I could barely close my lips around his penile glans and suck it. I gagged as William took hold of my head and started to grind his cock around in my mouth.

Johnny rubbed his stiff cock across my face smearing his pre-cum over my eyes and in my ear. William told me 'suck his cock at the same time, do us both. Suck his than suck mine just like that.'

I alternated between both cocks trying not to make either of them upset. Johnny asked William 'say b*o, how you gonna fuck this bitch.' 'I want to put the bitch on his back, let him wrap those legs around me while I bust a nut in his boy cunt.'

Johnny said 'you can fuck a sissy like that. I thought only girls could be fucked like that.' William answered him 'you can fuck a pussy any way you want to long as you get your dick in the hole.'

William pulled a mat from the corner and said 'you heard me bitch, on your back legs up in the air. I'm gonna fuck that pussy and you better make me enjoy it or Johnny here will stomp your ass.'

I slowly moved to the mat, Johnny took his foot and pushed me down, placing his foot on my throat he glared at me and said 'lift them legs bitch, my buddy wants some fake pussy.' I had hold of his ankle, trying to keep him from choking me.

William pushed Johnny's feet away saying 'don't do that yet, lets see if the bitch will cooperate. Johnny lifted his foot, William, on his knees, moved between my feet and pushed my legs apart. He leaned down kissing my nipples and lifted my left leg up. William whispered 'come on whoe put your legs around me I want to get in this pussy now.'

I slowly complied and lifted my legs embracing Williams body. William placed his hand between us and guided his rock hard cock to my already sore bung hole. I took a deep breath as William worked his cock into my well lubed butt hole. William said to me 'moan like a bitch, it might help me get a nut quicker.'

There was nothing fake about my groaning and moaning, Gabriel had worked over my young tender butt hole so savagely the the lest touch caused me to groan in pain. When Williams fat cock head popped through my tender outer anal muscle ring, I gasped and instinctively clutched his shoulders with my hands.

William said 'yeah baby, that's it make me feel real good.' William hooked his arms in the hollow of my knees and slipped his hands under my shoulders gripping them from the back. He had me tied up in a nice little package as he worked his youthful cock around in my rectum.

As William grind his cock into my butt I could not help but whimper and whine in agony. Johnny encouraged William 'fuck that ass b*o, fuck that ass.' Tears were freely flowing from my eyes as William worked my butt.

William started to hunch up in to me, causing me to grunt and groan with each thrust of his cock. Finally, William, lurched his stiff member deeper into my rectum and I could feel him shoot an enormous load of sperm into my butt.

William laid on top of me breathing hard as his cock twitched and throbbed in my rectum, emptying out his huge load of sperm. William slowly raised up and pulled his cock slowly from my anus.

I could feel each inch of his cock as he extracted it from my bung hole. He stopped just before his head exited my anus, his cock throbbed and twitched violently as it expelled the last of his cum.

My tenderly sore anal muscle ring reciprocated and snugged around Williams penile shaft. I moaned passionately as William pulled his cock from my butt and held him by elbows as William slowly raised all the way up.

Johnny knelt between my up raised legs and took my ankles in each of his hands. Johnny looked at me and said 'take my dick and place it in your ass bitch.' Sniffling I reluctantly reached between my thighs and took hold of Johnny's throbbing male member and guided him to my bung hole.

As Johnny's cock head touched my tender butt hole I gasped and parted my lips sighing in pain as Johnny pushed his cock head into my anal canal. I thought that if I held on to his penile shaft, hoping I could prevent him from entering too far into my rectum.

This only seemed to encourage Johnny, he smiled down at me saying 'oh shit bitch, you know how to make a man feel real special.' Johnny was feverishly working his cock back and forth. I had hold of his cock shaft, butt Johnny kept pulling his rubbery rigid cock head out of my butt and pushing it back in.

After a little while, my butt was in so much pain, I released my grip on his cock and allowed him to slid all of it up into my neither region. Johnny pushed my feet back lifting my butt up higher and pushing my knees into my shoulders.

I was totally defenseless as Johnny grind his man hood deep into my butt, I grabbed Johnny about the waist as he grind violently into my helpless butt. It wasn't long before Johnny started to shoot his substance into my butt. Johnny collapsed down on me still slowly grinding his throbbing twitching cock into me.

Johnny and William dressed and tossed my clothes to me, they said 'this Saturday morning you meet us at the south entrance to Wilderness Park about 9:00am. Th two of them left, I showered and exited the building, surprised to find it late night and not a soul in sight.

An Unwanted Intrusion.
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i am so hot now..great story