Sex After Run...

It was a late Tuesday afternoon session, coach had us run every relay and than do three miles on the 1/4 mile track. Needless to say we were exhausted, we staggered back to the gym and shower area. Coach came in and gave his usual thirty minute pep talk about the coming meet, he ended it by telling the team captains to be sure to secure the gym when we finished.

As coach left two members went as look outs and returned to say 'coach has left the building, and the building is empty and secured from the insides.' The team approached me and instructed 'strip your ass we are fucking till satisfied.'

I was tired and wanted to protest, the guys started to remove their clothes exposing young teenage cocks rock hard and standing at all angles and sizes from their bodies. a tube of lube was tossed to me with instructions 'you better use a lot tonight.'

The team was extremely rough this sex session, they wouldn't shower till they were satisfied individually. Some entered my butt more than twice and all wanted to be sucked before and after. My butt was worked raw and my jaws were aching from sucking so many huge cocks. My butt was so full of their cum that it oozed from my anal opening like thick syrup.

I was so tired when the last member finished I just laid there on the bench, my legs propped up in lockers. I must to have drifted off cause when I came to the night cleaning crew was entering the shower area.

Carlos, Enrico and Hector rounded the corner before I could adjust myself. They spoke excitedly Spanish 'Héctor Enrique, mira lo que he encontrado. Boi coño jodido y thats sido dejado para nosotros, es nuestro día de suerte te digo.'

I did not need a translator to tell me what was said. The three of them was naked before I could get my legs down and on me so quick I could not flee. My lips was caked in dried sperm and my butt hole was a reservoir of the past hours cum deposits from twenty horny teenagers.

Carlos and Enrico was the first to reach me, they seized my ankles and pulled them back over my head. I tried to yell but could only manage a weak croaking sound. Hector was at my tender butt hole his massive Hispanic penis head was probing my anal orifice opening and pressing through into my rectum.

With a mighty push Hector sunk his cock half way up my butt, my eyes bucked, my mouth opened into a silent yell as the sperm of forty or fifty deposits squished from around Hectors tightly fitted cock. Hector said to Enrico and Carlos 'Esto ha jodido culo tan bueno que todavía está viniendo de éxtasis. Es todavía lleno de jugo coño.'

The pain of Hector's entrance set my anus on fire, I was moaning and groaning as Hector worked his cock back and forth in my rectum. Tears streamed from my eyes as in agony I was savagely assaulted.

Hector's cock was huge thick, hard as a rock and as long as an arm. As my head tossed from side to side, Enrico and Carlos equally huge cocks slashed across my face and occasionally slipped into my mouth. Hector called out to my two restrainers 'Amigos voy a llenar ese coño culo maricas.'

Carlos and Enrico released my legs just as Hector rammed deep into my butt and emptied his testicles of his substance. Carlos flipped me over to my stomach and mounted my butt yelling 'esta perra está aún apretadito.'

Carlos was relentless for twice as long as Hector, his cock just as large as Hector's and possibly thicker. Carlos rode my butt spewing at least twice in my rectum. With a least plunge Carlos shot his load into my butt.

Enrico said, as he enter my ruptured anal opening, 'tienes pollas pequeñas. Mírame coger a esta perra derecha.' I could only grunt as Carlos slamed deep into my tenderly raw butt hole. I feebly begged 'please let me go, I can't take any more.'

Carlos said to Hector and Enrico 'él pide "por favor, déjame ir, no puedo más". They all laughed as Carlos grind his cock deeper into my helpless butt and fill it with his load of sperm.

The three of them find face clothes and clean their cocks talking to among their selves as if I wasn't evening there. 'Ha pasado mucho tiempo desde que me cogí a un niño que coño apretado. Usted dice que la causa de que tienes un pene de elefante. Sí, estaba lleno de semen apestando cuando llegué allí.
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2 years ago
Fucking hot
2 years ago
Very hot stuff but I don't understand a word of Spanish.
2 years ago
Fucking hot ;)
2 years ago
Another good story.
2 years ago
I like this story, I would have enjoy that, I would be the last to leave after every practice.