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I had been away to college for two years and had not been home for some time. As I drove down familiar streets, I found my self wondering about those I knew. As I reached a certain intersection, I turned into the side streets and passed slowly by Charlie's uncle Harry's home. As I passed I wondered what young piece of boi pussy uncle Harry was servicing.

At the next corner I stopped and turned around and parked in Harry's driveway. As I sat I remembered the sex sessions I had with Harry and how vicious he could be with young boys. I thought of how it felt having Harry's rock hard cock invading my young tight neither region.

Harry had a cock that was close to f******n inches long and five to six inches in circumference. His penile glans was like a solid rubber tennis ball, I could still feel my anal muscles spread as his massive cock searched my rectum for a nesting place.

I opened my door and walked briskly to Harry's front door, as I reached fro the door bell I heard movement inside. I moved over to the window on the porch and peered inside, I saw Harry and a young mans, he could be no more than in the tenth grade, half naked wrestling on the floor. The young man had a look of desperation about his face, I could see Harry's cock rigid and stiff as they tussled across the floor.

The young man broke loose from Harry's grasp, he started to run for the door Harry tripped him. The young man tumbled across the floor Harry pounced and was astraddle the mans prostate body. The young man was frantically trying to free himself, I could see the action well as they laid across the length of the window.

Harry positioned his stiff cock at the boys butt crack, working deliberately Harry lunged forward his cock sinking past the boys glutenous maximums. The look of horrific terror on the young mans face and agonizing grimaced as Harry's cock sunk deep into the young mans rectum.

Th boy's mouth opened in an ear splitting scream as Harry's obscenely huge cock pushed up into his anal cavity. The young man clawed at the carpet with his fingers dragging Harry as Harry hunched deep into the howling boys anus. "HELP, SOME BODY HELP ME, HE'S KILLING ME HELP. TAKE IT OUT, PLEASE TAKE IT OUT YOU'RE SLITTING MY BUTT OPEN."

I could not help but get excited as I watched Harry savagely assault the young mans butt. The young man either gave up or surrendered to his fate, he stopped clawing and dropped his head to the carpet as Harry rammed deep into his butt.

Harry looked up and saw me standing there in the window, there is no doubt that he recognized me. He raised up far enough so I could see his cock lodged deep in the young mans rectum, Harry parted the guys buttocks and pulled back, just till his head was lodged in his butthole, than he rammed as far into his captive butt as he could. The young man stretched out and screamed in agony and settled down whimpering and convulsing and trembling.

Harry slammed into his captives butt till he passed out form the intense pain of having f******n inches of enormously huge man meat pushed deep into his bowels.

Harry laid there for a while, he rose and looked at the window, I moved to the door, Harry opened the door. I walked over to check on the young man as he panted and gasp for air. I turned to look at Harry, he was standing behind the door stroking his obscenely huge cock.

He smiled at me and said 'Well, well, well if isn't my little dick pleasing bitch David. Think you can help my new bitch out. He seems to pass out rather quicker than usual.'

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2 years ago
Oh yes, I do like this, keep going and don't spare the details.