Yes, there were Girls Too...

Cheryl was a cute girl that shared my fifth period History class, she was some what on the heavy side but not fat, I would say stout. No she did not have a body like a model and she was not obese, for a girl her age she was over weight.

Our Teacher paired us together on a home work assignment that would stretch some weeks into the school year. As we were leaving class our Teacher reminded us that we should work closely together and get the project done.

Cheryl looked at me and said 'let's get this over with as quick as possible, come go home with me an we will check out some of the books I have on the subject.
In days gone by, in our school district, city school did have school buses, In order to get to and from school you rode public transport, private vehicle or walk.

Thankfully Cheryl lived only a few blocks from the school, as we entered her home one of our class mates called "don't worry you'll be safe". Cheryl stepped to one side allowing me to enter than she closed the door and stood behind it saying 'you know what that's all about.' I looked at her and shook my head "no", Cheryl said 'there is a rumor that you sucked off the track team to make it.'

I looked at Cheryl, she continued 'it don't bother me, if that's how you made the team good for you. Now let us go to my room, we have to hurry my folks get home by six and you need to be gone.' I followed her to her room where she produced a number of books on the subject. It was about four thirty when we reached her home and it was now five fifteen.

Cheryl looked at me and closed the book she was searching saying 'David you've said very little and nothing about the accusation. Now I want to hear from you how you answer the accusation?' I looked at her and said 'Cheryl, I have no answer. I'm a member of the track team and how I made it is none of any bodies business. I work hard to get on the team and work hard to stay on the team. If you are uncomfortable with me as your team mate I will let Mr. Johnson know.'

Cheryl looked at me and stood up she walked around to where I was kneeling on the floor and said 'I don't care, we are on this history project together and we are going to pass. You need me as well as I need you now let us get down to business.'

Cheryl lifted her skirt and pulled her panties to one side and said 'I saw you sucking off the tack team. The price you will pay to be on this team is to lick my pussy when ever I want it to be licked. And you better do a damn good job, if not I'll confirm the rumors and spread one that you are afraid of pussy. Plus I'll tell Mr. Johnson you don't want to pull your fair share of the work load. Now come here and lick this pussy.'

Shocked, I froze for a second or two. Cheryl looked at me and started to lower her skirt. I crawled to her and buried my face into her crotch, she demanded 'stick your tongue out and lick my slit like a dog.' As my tongue touched her outer cunt lips, Cheryl shook involuntarily. She dropped her skirt allowing it to fall over my head, she cupped my head and her skirt in he hands and moaned seductively.

For nearly five minutes I licked and sucked her cunt, holding her underwear to one side. She finally pushed me away saying breathlessly 'we have to stop, my folks can't catch you here. This Saturday meet me at the school, we've got a lot of work to do.'

As I left her home I had not went three houses when a car passed by me I turned to see where it went and it pulled up into her drive and a tall man exited the car and entered the home, that must be her daddy I thought.

Saturday came and I met Cheryl at the school, she was sitting under the statue of the schools first principle swinging her legs. AS she saw me and stood and started to walk in the opposite direction.

As she rounded the corner I ran to catch up to her as I rounded the corner Cheryl was standing against the wall laughing hysterically. 'Thought you weren't going to get to kiss this pussy today did you.' I just stared at her as she took hold of my hand and said 'come on, let me show you whee we are going.' We rounded the building and crossed the parking lot to the axillary building.

Cheryl produced a key and opened the door calling to me 'don't stop now come on we got the whole building to our selves for the whole day.' We went up to the top floor and I was shocked to see that in one of the rooms, that had a commanding view of the parking lot and part of the athletic field, there was a small bed, a couch and recliner.

Cheryl turned to me and almost gleefully asked 'what do you think. It's just like home ain't it.' spelled bound I could only absentmindedly nod my head in approval. When I turned to face Cheryl again she was standing there in her bra and panties saying 'get out of the clothes boy. My cunny is itching for your tongue and I intend to enjoy every inch of it.'

Cheryl brushed pass me and climb up on the bed removing her panties and demanding 'come now my pussy is waiting.' I looked at her and said 'for a young lady you have a very vulgar mouth.' She smiled back at me and said it's not my mouth that's getting vulgar.' She spread her legs wide and took her fingers and pulled apart her cunt lips.

I crawled up between Cheryl's huge thighs and kissed he cunt, located her clit and sucked hardly on it, Cheryl squealed and shuddered. Then I had a diabolical thought, I licked my tongue from her anus to her clit and raised up saying to her 'I'll eat your pussy, you can't stop me until I am ready. If you do I'll get dress and tell every one I fucked you any how. Who do you think is more believable, your version or my version.'

Cheryl was still shuddering as she rapidly nodded her head in approval. Laid back down opening her cunt exposing her vagina opening I stuck my tongue deep into her vaginal canal and sucked hard till Cheryl groaned. I slid face up and found that Cheryl's clit was standing erect and firm. I slid my lips over her nip of clit and started to suck like it was a little cock.

Cheryl gripped my ears and ground her hips up moaning and groaning something awful. Her cunt exploded in a violent expulsion of cunt juices that covered my face and neck. Cheryl shook from head to feet her toes opening and closing in ecstasy from the violent orgasm she had.

Cheryl slowly released my ears and trembled as she relaxed back down on the bed. Her cunt still twitching around my tongue I slowly started to push my tongue deeper, Cheryl again placed he hands about my head. I didn't exactly know what I was doing, Cheryl's cunt was the first and only one I had seen outside of a magazine picture.

I thought I must be doing something right, she was treating me somewhat like my three teenage thugs did as I sucked their cocks. Cheryl tossed about the bed as the throes of ecstasy filled her body again. Pan-tingly Cheryl cried out to me 'eat my pussy, David, eat my pussy.' Cheryl pulled my head to her cunt trying to stuff my face into her vagina. She grind against my face so fiercely that she almost rubbed my lips raw. Once again Cheryl's cunt exploded and Cheryl screamed out in lustful astonishment.

This time I pulled away from Cheryl as she shuddered and convulsed, Cheryl slowly calmed down. She dreamily looked at me tears leaking from her eyes, she reached out and took hold of my hands and begged 'David, please don't stop. I just can't help it, you are so damn good, I can't stop.'

The diabolical thought crept into my mind again, I said Cheryl do you trust m.' She looked at me and nodded in approval, 'can I do what I want to you, long as I don't hurt you. I promise I want do any thing to hurt you.' Cheryl looked at me and squeezed my hand and said 'I trust you, do what you want.'

I dived off the bed and found a sheet and started to tear it into strips. Cheryl raised up and looked at me puzzled until I had torn enough strips to tie each wrist and each ankle. I moved to the bed and Cheryl looked at me pleadingly, but she laid back down and stretched out her arms.

I tied them to the bed feet and did the same to her ankles, Cheryl looked at me with apprehension. I finished securing her to the bed and laid beside her, I slid my hands under her back and released her bra saying 'you need to let these girls loose.' I kissed/sucked each one of her nipples separately and then I pulled her tits together and sucked them together.

My penis was rock hard and brushed against her thighs as I worked over her breast. I kept up my manipulations of her breast till I figured she could stand no more. Than I slowly and teasingly worked my way down her body, kissing and sucking as I went till I once again found my lips at hr churning vagina.

I could not believe that Cheryl was so wet as I licked her cunt juices from her slit. I decided to lick and suck Cheryl's cunt till she turned into a babbling idiot. Like I said before Cheryl is not a small girl, when she threw her hips up you had to hold on for dear life. Cheryl was also very strong, she pulled at her restraints so hard I could hear the fibers strain to hold together.

My jaws were so tired and face soaked from the constant flowing of cunt juices and struggling to maintain contact with Cheryl's cunt. After about two hours of constant sucking and licking Cheryl, the sheet was soaked and Cheryl was begging me to do what ever I wanted to just let her go so she could hold on to me.

My cock was so hard that it ached, I slid my tongue once again up the entire length of Cheryl's cunt and started to work my way up. Cheryl begged me 'David please release my arms, please.' I thought to my self "I'm in charge here, I'll do as I please." I took hold of Cheryl's left ankle and untied it and did the same for r right ankle. AS I untied each foot I would take it and massage the leg and suck her toes licking the bottom of her feet.

Once she would move the foot her self I left it alone and went to something else. I poised my cock at Cheryl's vaginal opening, once her mind recognize what was about to happen, Cheryl's eyes popped open. It was too late my cock head slid effortless deep into her vagina and stopped only once it met her cervix opening.

The look on Cheryl's face was priceless, her mouth opened in shocked as my pubic hair entwined with her pubic hair. I started to grind my hips into Cheryl's to my surprise Cheryl pulled at her restraints and they snapped. Cheryl's arms latched around my upper body with the strength of a vise her eyes rolled back in her head she let out a guttural growl and started to throw her hips back meeting each of my thrust with ones just as powerful.

In our rutting Cheryl managed to turn me and was straddle my body. My cock stuck deep up in her vagina Cheryl started to grind down on to my cock. She started to hunch like she was riding a bull or some thing. For twenty minute she rode my cock till she erupted again into a powerful orgasm her entire body shuddered and her vaginal muscle gripped my cock like many fingers on a hand.

We laid there enjoying the lust of our combined orgasms, Cheryl whispered you fucked me like I'm a bitch. Damn that was good, you probably got me pregnant too, I ain't on no pill and you didn't use a condom.'

We laid there in silence till Cheryl said 'I want you fuck me in the buck like crazy. Then I want you to anally fuck me till you bust my ass open.' I thought to myself "what have I gotten into."....
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