I Seem To Always Do the Wrong Thing...3

Openly crying and whimpering I said 'don't fuck me Bruce'. Bruce looked at me and said 'that's just what I'm going to do, my dick is already in your tight ass cunt and I'm going to breed this ass once more before I let you go'.

In one quick move Bruce raised up and pushed my knees back to my shoulders, lifting my butt into the air and sinking his rock hard cock shaft deeper into my rectum. I whined 'nnnnoooo, I'm to sore, please stop you are hurting me'. Bruce replied 'you need to be fucked often so you can get use to having my dick in your ass cunt'.

Bruce tenderly worked his rock hard cock in and around my inner anal canal, whimpering, whining and moaning I caressed Bruce's shoulders with my fingers as he kissed/sucked my neck and ear lobes. My body tingled and trembled with passionate lust as Bruce slowly sexed my butt.

Panting and gasping in lustful desire, I barely paid attention to the sound of the door bell ring. Bruce sped up his manipulations till his cock was twitching and throbbing deep in my anal cavity. My anal sphincter muscle rings, inner and outer, was milking his stiff cock cock as it exploded and filled my rectum with another powerful orgasm. His fluids striking the walls of my rectum like a powerful stream of water.

Bruce pulled from my rectum and rolled off the bed, he pulled the covers up over my chest and said wait here, I'll get rid of who ever it is. I decided it was no use to protest and pulled the covers up to my neck.

I laid there feeling my anal muscle contract and release as if Bruce cock was still lodged in my rectum. I barely heard two voices out side the door, some distance but moving closer. I pulled the covers over my head and turned my back to the door.

I heard the door knob shake and the door squeak as it was opened, then my bl**d chilled as I heard a familiar voice say 'so you weren't lying, you do have a piece of ass in here'. Bruce said 'now that you see I'm busy how about leaving', the voice I recognized was that of Daniel.

Daniel said to Bruce 'naw, I want to see who it is first', Bruce said '
I told you that you know who it is and that we all have hit it once or twice before, now get bout of here and let me finish what I started'.

Daniel answered 'now you know, if we all have hit it once it's free pussy for for when ever we can get it'. Bruce said to Daniel 'you don't get it, I'm making this my bitch. I'm gonna be the one that fucks this ass from now on'.

Daniel started to laugh and said 'so it's not that whore from gym, then it could only be the last piece of ass we all fucked'. Daniel snatched the covers from my body and called out 'I was right it's our sissy bitch David'.

Trembling I turned over cover my crotch as I noticed Daniel unbuttoning his shirt. As he removed his shirt, Bruce closed the bedroom door. Questioningly I looked at Bruce, Bruce shook his head and said 'David I'm sorry, but Daniel is right, your ass is ours and when ever one of us can get it we have to share with each other'.

Daniel laughed as he removed his pants and said 'to bad Charlie is out of town, but not really, the two of us can have more time with this prime ass'. Daniel looked over his shoulder to Bruce 'how long you got the house'. Bruce answered and said 'for another week at least', 'good', said Daniel after I hit this ass we'll let David call his folks and tell them he's spending the night here'.

I started to slid back across the bed and get up, Daniel quickly got on the bed and pulled me back to the middle. His enormously huge cock bobbing and waving as he moved. Daniel slid his hand under my testicles and probed my anus, as he pulled his hand back he said 'good, you're already lubed up for me. Now lay you horny ass down'.

Bruce said to Daniel 'you don't understand, I ran in to David at the park...' Daniel cut him off and said 'I'll tell you just where you saw him. He was coming out by the old showers and crossed your path, didn't he'.

Bruce said 'yeah, some where near there, where was you, hiding in the bush watching'. No', said Daniel 'I just know that every piece of ass we get they all seem to like letting you fuck them. And this bitch ain't no different, you hit this ass last month and he's been trying to get to you again. Ain't that right, bitch'.

I shook my head, Daniel pulled my legs from under me and pushed me to my side. He moved up behind me his massive cock stabbing me in the back. I tried to struggle only to hear Daniel warn me 'bitch we gonna fuck and you gonna let me or I'll rip that little ass wide open'.

I stopped and cried as Daniel guide his enormous member4 to my buttocks. His huge cock head sliding roughly up the crack of my butt. Pressing viciously against my leaking tender butt hole. I begged 'Daniel, please, my butt is sore. Don't do this'. Daniel snickered and said to Bruce 'you done fuck the bitch raw or you just tickled this ass/pussy'.

Bruce and Daniel both laughed as Daniel pressed his cock head against my extremely tender anal opening. I cried out in pain 'oooowwwwhhhhuuuhhhnnnnnhhhuunnn, please take it easy'. Daniel's huge penile glans probed my tender opening till it started to part. I could not help it, as Daniel's cock head pushed farther into my rectum the pain intensified.

It felt like he was splitting my butt apart as he slowly inched more and more of his cock into me. Daniel's cock was at least twelve inches long and his cock head was the largest cock I had ever seen. And even though Daniel had entered me once it was only after Bruce and Daniel both had sexed my butt against my will. Daniel's enormous penile glans was huge but his penile ridge made his cock some what larger.

As soon as Daniel's penile ridge had passed my outer anal sphincter muscle ring it closed tightly around the neck of Daniel's penile shaft. Daniel groaned 'damn, this pussy is too tight, it's like a vise gripping my dick'.

I was gasping taking extremely short breaths as he moved his mid section back and forth. I reached back and dug my fingers into his thigh and gritted my teeth as hard as I could to keep from yelling. Daniel didn't pull out, maybe cause he couldn't or he just didn't want to the grip of my anal ring on his cock.

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