I Seem To Always Do the Wrong Thing...2

With a powerful push of his hips Bruce pressed against my inner muscle ring till his cock popped through. I caught my breath and gripped the bed covers in my fist, bit into the mattress with my teeth and tried to hold him back with my feet over his calves. Bruce slowly grind his cock farther up into my bung till his pubic hair was pressed into my buttocks.

Panting and gasping for air as the pain increased I begged 'get it baby, bust that ass, fill me with your seed baby. oooh please hurry and come, please'. Bruce didn't speed up he took his time and worked every inch of his penile shaft up into my rectum. The two of us worked our bodies into a sweating mass of meat as we got lost in the throes of passionate lust.

This time, when Bruce shot his load, he went buck wild and rammed into my butt with abandonment, till he had emptied all his fluid into my anal canal. Bruce collapsed down on my back and his cock twitched and throbbed in my butt like a fire hose.

Bruce and I laid there for what seemed like hours, in reality it was probably no longer then ten or twenty minutes. Bruce slowly pulled his cock from my anal cavity, I laid there on my stomach as Bruce made his way into the hall. He returned and tossed me a bath towel and face cloth, he said 'you can use the toilet in the hall, I'll use the one in Johnny's and Gail's room'.

I started to raise and felt the seminal fluid in my rectum start to seep out. I placed the face cloth between my buttocks to catch any of Bruce's substance from falling to the carpet. I went into the shower and looked at the face cloth as I purged the semen from my rectum. I saw mingled with the stains of sperm traces of bl**d and could not bare to look myself in the face. I was so ashamed that I got into the shower and tried to wash all the filth from me.

The warm water cascading over my body felt so good, after I had thoroughly washed. I went back to the bedroom and looked for my clothes. I had just left them there crumbled in a heap in the floor. Bruce had finished showering and was laying on the bed with a towel strewn across his mid section.

I could not look him in the face, but took noticed of the shape of his cock through the towel. Bruce had folded my clothes neatly and placed them in the chair by the window.

Bruce said to me 'David, come over here and sit on the bed', I said to him 'I have to be going'. Bruce persisted by saying 'I need to talk to you before you leave, you got a look on your face that bothers me'. Bruce patted the side of the bed and said 'come sit here'.

I moved to the spot where he had indicated and stopped short, I sat down lower then he wanted me too. I could see his upper torso and his cock as it twitched under the towel. Bruce said to me 'their ain't no reason for you to feel bad. What we did was nothing but sex, just like I would do with a female.

I know you don't like for me to call you a bitch, but I don't want to call you my fuck buddy either. I'm not being mean when I call you my bitch, that's just what you are. If there was any shame to what we did I would not have started it by sucking your dick'.

Bruce raised up and reached for my thigh, I moved away and Bruce reached over any how. He took hold of my thigh and stroke it saying 'you ain't never sucked a dick before have you. I bet before we took your pussy you had never had sex, right'. I nodded my head in confirmation, tears started to flow from my eyes again.

Bruce moved closer and slid his hand under my towel and squeezed my cock saying 'don't cry, lay down I'll show you how to suck a dick right'. Bruce pushed my back to the mattress and pulled me to my side. He slid his body down till his cock was across from my face and said 'do just what I do'.

Bruce took my limp cock into his hand and stroked it a couple of times, when I didn't move he said again 'do as I do, take hold of my dick, it want hurt you'. Timidly I reached out and held his cock gingerly, Bruce said 'go on hold it like i"m holding yours'. I

I closed my fist around his cock and it throbbed fiercely, then Bruce moved his face to my cock and kissed my penile glans. Bruce reminded me 'go on David, kiss my dick, than lick it like I'm doing yours'. I stuck my tongue out and licked across Bruce's cock head. His cock throbbed again and begin to firm up.

Bruce enclosed my cock head in his lips and sucked on it, I followed suit. Bruce's cock came to life twitching and throbbing. Bruce said to me 'this is called a sixty-nine, we both can suck each others dick at the same time'.

Bruce's cock was getting rock hard, he was beginning to exude pre-cum, it had such a salty taste, yet some what sweet. Bruce stopped sucking my cock and said 'you aren't enjoying this as much as I am'. I pulled his cock from my mouth and said 'no, I have to go'.

Bruce turned around and I tried to get up but he pushed me back down and laid across my body. One of his legs was over one of mine and parted them, Bruce rubbed my stomach and said 'don't worry, in time you'll be sucking my dick like a pro'. I repeated my self 'I have to go'.

Bruce moved his body on top of mine, I put my hands between our chest and tried to hold him back saying 'no Bruce, I need to go home'. Bruce ignored me saying 'David, you are the best fuck I've had in a long time. I told you I have the house to myself. I don't want you leaving just now, we gonna fuck some more before you leave'.

I panic and cried 'nooo, I've got to go. I don't want to do that again'. Bruce pushed down to my face and kissed away my tears saying 'your tears are sweet as sugar'. He lowered his face to my chest and started to kiss across it till he located my nipples and sucked gently on them.

I Bruce's hand slipped down to my thighs and lifted them up, I protested. 'Bruce, don't...let me go please'. Bruce adjusted himself pushing against my body till his rigid cock was once again poking at my buttocks. Bruce adjusted his left hand till he could take hold of his cock and guided it to my anal orifice.

I pleaded 'please Bruce, don't do me like this, let me go, please'. Bruce continued to press his cock against my anal opening till my muscle ring relaxed and let his cock head in. I cried 'ooooohhh nnnnooo Bruce, don't...don't...' Bruce cut me off saying 'what you don't want me to do, you've got to tell me if you don't. I'll do what I want to do'.

Openly crying and whimpering I said 'don't fuck me Bruce'. Bruce looked at me and said 'that's just what I'm going to do, my dick is already in your tight ass cunt and I'm going to breed this ass once more before I let you go'.

In one quick move Bruce raised up and pushed my knees back to my shoulders, lifting my butt into the air and sinking his rock hard cock shaft deeper into my rectum. I whined 'nnnnoooo, I'm to sore, please stop you are hurting me'. Bruce replied 'you need to be fucked often so you can get use to having my dick in your ass'.

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